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    Power Query - Calendar Table

    Good morning - I have a fiscal calendar that my company creates which I pull into Power BI. Columns include date, fiscal year, fiscal week, day of week, work day, holiday, holiday name, week of month, and fiscal quarter. What I want to do is creat a few custom column in power query that will...
  2. D

    Power query - Updating files before getting values

    I have a query that retrieves information from multiple excel files in a folder The problem I am running into is that those files have formulas that depend on the current date Seemingly, when power query retrieves the data, it doesn't allow the formulas to update first This results in incorrect...
  3. L

    i need to replace some values in a column

    Hello, first that all excuse me for my bad english ;( I need your help, im new with power BI I have a table named LECTURA that contains a column named SMS. The column SMS have a lot of values, and i need to change the value of a part of it. The values i need to change have the structure...
  4. B

    Weighted Measure - Different Criterias

    Hello, I'm looking for help on creating a measure that give me an overall score based off of other score Metrics. I have 2 tables: First table provides the employee scores for the metrics being measured: <tbody> dDate RankGroup Full Name Production% Quality% Adherence% Friday, June 28, 2019...
  5. B

    Matrix Table - Add Column to the end of the Matrix (not on every column)

    Hey Guys, Looking for some help here - I havent been able to find a solution anywhere. I have a matrix table that provides a view of aging inventory. For each client they have a number of days to work the ticket before it is outside of SLA. I want to add a column that shows when those...
  6. K

    DAX Measure to compare against prior update

    I need a DAX measure that compares latest version of financial data against prior version My data table has an'asof' column to tag which version the data originates from (100K+ rows) For example, I would like to compare the full yr 2019 cash number asof Sept 2019 vs. the full year 2019 cash...
  7. S

    What is the Substitute for COUNTIFS date based formula ?

    So I have this formula in excel in my raw data =COUNTIFS([Date range],">="&(EOMONTH(Date,-1)+1),[Date range],"<="&EOMONTH(Date,0)) Power BI however doesn't have this function. I tried to use Calculate, but it is still confusing for me to understand some of these formulas. Can you please show me...
  8. M

    PowerBI: How to calculate/convert Time into Percentage using DAX/Measure

    Hi to all, I managed to get in Excel desired % of time difference from column E, easy job just changed the Data Type to Percentage. What are we calculating is % of these TimeDifferences, one per one (other columns inconsiderable). The calculation I used is: MOD(D3-D2;1) and Column F (%) is just...
  9. S

    Is it possible to teach Power BI a Text mining/analysis without using any platforms.

    So far throughout my searches I always end up being offered MS Cognitive or Azure. Is it possible to somehow teach Power BI to recognize phrases with Python/R (or any other accessible tool) or build some neural network in Power BI to recognize them. Word Cloud is not helping much, as it...
  10. I

    Power Query / DAX solution to Excel formulas (or if this is even appropriate)

    Hello, I've been using Excel for years but have recently been seduced by the appeal of Power BI as a means of providing more 'visually friendly' reports for other users to view and analyse. Whilst I can generally get Excel to do what I want to do (possibly through horrendously inefficient...
  11. O

    Employee turnover calc

    I am trying to find Employee turnover by Year/Company I have and employee table and I have created a Calendar table The employee table has the following columns ID Hire Date Term Date Company Active Status I would like to createa dashboard to show by Company turnover % by Year (2018 &...
  12. J

    Building a dynamic “Top N” Group and “Other” based on Last 12 Months Revenues

    Hello dear Power Bi Community, I'm pretty new into Power BI, so please excuse if I might need some pretty basic help here. I was trying to find some help here already and eventhough similar posts exist, I didn`t find anything yet which would cover my specific needs. I would like to...
  13. R

    Power BI If statement from another table

    Hello.. I' am hoping you can help, below is my code for a PowerBI Query..... the sales data is my main table of data and the "AndCriteria" are filters such as dates names referenced from a cell... for example if someone enters date 01/01/2019 in cell A2 then it will return data from that date...
  14. S

    How to make/create OR operator between fields in Power BI ?

    So I have 2 fields Problem Work Performed Both can contain similar information, thus both can contain specific info. So far apps provide only AND operator. If I create filter for Problem and Work Performed. I will either miss information if one of the fields doesn't contain keyword, or I don't...
  15. D

    Power Query Merge Issue missing Data

    Hi Guys I need some help with a PQ Merge issue i have to tables that i merge with the simple idea via a SKU it collects Categories from another table. All SKU's are present and the Cats are also listed. THis worked but when i add new items the Categories are not being picked up. I have added...
  16. G

    How to create new measure that calculates occupancy per month between two date columns?

    Hello experts of Power BI, I have a table that has three columns, one is the name of the person, one is the date they entered and the last column is the date they left. I am trying to create a new table or measure on Power BI that calculates the occupancy for each patient per month. For example...
  17. C

    Assign a characteristic to a measure Power Pivot

    Hello, I have many measures (f.e. GDP:=sum([total rev])...) and I want these measures to have assign a characteristic (f.e. CF, or PL, or BS). Is there a way to map a measure to a characteristic in a data model? Thank you in advance
  18. H

    Microsoft Query > Power BI

    Hi all, Hope all is well Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have recently started with Power BI, previously relying on Microsoft Query to pull data into Excel to manipulate. Looking for any guidance to getting Power BI set up to replace / refresh Microsoft Queries. In principle I...
  19. N

    Best Way To Update Data from CSV in Power BI

    Hi, our software supplier is going to send us via FTP a list of 20 CSV files with our data. The software supplier will send us an updated copy of each of the 20 files each day to our FTP folder. I'm going to set up Power BI to create visualizations using the daily data dump. The 20 files will...
  20. C

    Maximum Miles (Power BI)

    Hi - hope you can help I have two tables. A fact table - Table 1 <colgroup><col style="width: 25pxpx"><col><col><col></colgroup><thead>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] B C D </thead><tbody> 6 Date Booking Number Post Code 7 01/03/2019 578908 GH 8 01/03/2019 578908 DG 9 01/03/2019 456782 PH 10...

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