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    Import data from other workbook where the import to and from are both variable

    I'm looking for a way to automate some daily tasks. Right now I have about 30 different workbooks, each for a different company for personal property tax returns for 2017. I'll now be starting new workbooks for 2018 personal property tax returns for those same companies. I'm wanting to be able...
  2. S

    Looking to set up Quarters, Starting in Feb not Jan

    Hi, I'm looking to create Quarters starting in Feb-Mar, Apr-Jun... I have a calendar table, what formula would be best to calculate that? And should it be 2018-Q1, 2018-Q2...? Thanks
  3. A

    [Excel 2016] - Proper way to regularly update data with Power BI (Get & Transform)?

    Hi all! Recently I learned about the PowerBI features (Excel's data-model, Get&Transform, etc.). This seems like THE thing I need in my regular job, as I keep compiling reports from different data sources and updating them. My question is: What is the proper way to regularly update data if...
  4. H

    Slicer Filter to exclude

    Hi, I have big data I want the opposite values from the slicer filter. Example: I have all Players name for Spanish League When I filter (from slicer Filter) Real Madrid I Get all players name except Real Madrid Players names My Other concern is how to use this Slicer Filter to exclude in...
  5. T

    Power BI - How to Average a Sum

    Please help. I am working in Power BI. My primary data table has a variable called "Distance" which is recorded within three levels: "Session", "Athlete" and "Drill". In other words, within each Training Session, multiple Athletes participate in multiple drills, all of which have an...
  6. C

    Hów to create a loop in Power BI, using Power query?

    Hello everyone! I have a query here wich contains 10 different columns. I need to create 4 other columns (A B C D), with formulas that contains values from this 10 first columns. One of my inicial columns is called "Period", and it starts in 1. So, when period is equal 1, colunm A is...
  7. H

    Find out what sold more with each product

    I have sales data and products table And I want to find out what is the best product sold with each product Like: If market have tea, sugar, spoons, plates and cups After some bills come he found out there is relation between tea and sugar and cup So he'll make an offer of tea, sugar and cup...
  8. S

    buying a powerful pc

    Hi. I’m looking to replace our computer at the office. It is currently a Xeon processor with 32 gigs of RAM. We connect to a sql server that is located on site and the current Excel file size is 100 MB. I’m looking to get a very powerful system as we live inside excel numbercrunching. What would...
  9. S

    Working out minutes difference between two dates/times

    Hi, We operate Mon-Fri 9:00 to 17:30, I have two fields called [Request date] which is the start and [Assigned date] which is the end. I wish to compute the difference in minutes, however bearing in mind business days and hours mentioned above. So, (probably not a good example)-if a ticket was...
  10. M

    Year end store number should be equal to fourth qurter of the same year.

    I have following table. <tbody> Date Segment Quarter No of stores No of sales 31/12/2017 America Q1 100 45216 31/03/2017 America Q2 200 6589 30/06/2017 America Q3 300 2388 30/09/2017 America Q4 500 6358 </tbody> I want to display year end figures in the pivot table. I have created a...
  11. A

    Merge and consolidate Multiple Excel Workbooks problem

    Hi, I’ve been trying to make a power query to merge two tables and keep them updated with new inputs every month. Hope that its not too confusing. The idea is as follow: 1. Two separate tables, with one common column (EAN number), is imported into to individual queries by adding a custom...
  12. Y

    Power Pivot/BI Market Research Survey

    Hi everyone, I am conducting a marketing research survey on the needs of individuals who use Microsoft's Power Pivot/BI products. This survey is very brief and completely anonymous. My goal is to better understand what resources people are looking for on excel and Power Pivot/BI, and what...
  13. S

    Power Pivot Strange Data error

    Dear all , i am experiencing this problem in power pivot where the power pivot is showing the " ; " symbol instead of the actual data in power pivot which is Pepsi Cola. Any body knows why this is happening , Thanks Failed image removed by moderator
  14. S

    Help writing a cube function

    Hi I'm trying to write a cube function that has just todays sales. Currently i have a slicer for month and year. =CUBEVALUE("ThisWorkbookDataModel","[Measures].[SALES TOTAL NET RETAIL]",Slicer_MONTH1,U$6,Slicer_YEAR1) But I would like to have just today. IE TODAY() I've tried this but that...
  15. S

    CUBEFUNCTION problem. #Value

    Hi I have a cube function with an issue. How do I handle any part of the equation where there is not values. There are 3 formulas and i receive a #Value if there is nothing for any part of the formula. =CUBEVALUE("ThisWorkbookDataModel","[Measures].[1YR AGO OH RETAIL]",'MONTHLY...
  16. S

    Datesbetween, dates taken from a cell

    Hi I'm wondering if it is possible to use the DATESBETWEEN function using dates from 2 cells. I would like to run my inventory as of a date last year. I will be taking the current on hand, + units sold today to last year, - units received since start date. I would like to have a cell that the...
  17. S

    Is 100 DAX Excel measures to many.

    Hi I've created an Excel sheet with 100 or more DAX measures. When I update they all get calculated and it takes about 5 minutes. Will more measures slow it down even more? I've also converted some PIVOTTABLES to OLAP CUBEFUNCTIONS. How does that effect the speed and processing of the sheet...
  18. J

    Several variables but few resources of addresing

    Hi guys! In PBI, we have very few ressources for work with addressing/variable/dimension. Basically, we have 2: Table and Colommun. Example: Table1[Colommun1] Table1[Colommun2] Table1[Colommun3] Table2[Colommun1] Table2[Colommun2] Table2[Colommun3] Table3[Colommun1] Table3[Colommun2]...
  19. S

    Dax formula for calculating last years sales. HELP!

    Hi I need assistance on a DAX formula. I would like to total last years sales to add back to my OH as of today. This is what I have for calculating last years sales as of today. But I want the start date to be able to move as the month advances. UNITS SOLD LAST...
  20. 2

    IF search at Dax

    Hi, it is possible to search for specific value\data string at row and if I find it to run search on column for different value? till now I did not find any way to combine column & row search at Dax.

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