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    Cross reference multiple tables

    I want to relate multiple table together to a single field, and that way I can use data from multiple tables in a single visualization. Can someone please tell me if this is possible and if so, how? Thanks. The tables |I have contain duplicates.
  2. N

    How to connect an SQL Database to Power BI

    I wish to know how can I create an sql database to powerbi, to use it as my data source to make further analysis on the data. Can someone please help me?
  3. A

    Question Hide fields(table columns) from Pivot table Fields

    Good evening everyone, I have a model from powerpivot which its fact table has many colums. I wish to insert multiple pivot tables, each with unique columns. I know I can hide tables and columns from client tools, but this will hide the columns or tables I select for all the pivot tables I...
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    How to display multiple lines of a single string in a vcard or multirow card`

    I have a long string of text and I want to display the whole thing, without getting the ..., at the end. Is this possible, and if so, how? Thanks.
  5. E

    Help with DAX Filter condition

    Hi, I am trying to create a dax measure by doing the following: - 1. I have a measure named "Consumed Data" that gives me the amount of data consumed since the start of the month. 2. I have a city names in a column "City" of table "Location". I want the city to be "London". So basically...
  6. N

    R visual filter inside Power BI

    I want to filter data inside the R script in the R visual, so I can make and display calculations such as covariance and others based on the years the data was collected. I tried this: library(plyr) filter2015<-dataset$yr==2015 filter2016<-dataset$yr==2016 filter2017<-dataset$yr==2017...
  7. N

    Import Json to Power BI

    I am trying to subset some information imported from a json into power bi. I tried the code in RStudio and it worked, but when I imported this code in Power BI, it didn't show any results. I converted the data into a data.frame, but that didn't work. can someone please help me. the code I used...
  8. N

    Use R functions in Power BI

    I was wondering if its possible to use R functions to obtain numeric results in Power BI, with information already imported in Power BI? I know that there's an option for R script in Power BI, but that is a visual and there is another one but that makes me paste a script that pulls the...
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    Google sheets formula in Power BI

    I want to use a google sheets formula in power bi, but I am unable to use it, since there is no image function in power bi. This is the function I need to use: =if(LEN(celda)<1;"";image("https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=250x250&cht=qr&chl="&celda)) Can someone please help me find a way to...
  10. N

    Multiply columns that match in 2 tables

    I have generated an excel sheet in google sheets, that gets the history of currency rate changes from some coins to USD. What I want to do is compare the date of the column in google sheets with a dummy table with dates and if they match, then multiply the value from the rates column to the data...
  11. A

    Divide With a Sum and Filter on average column

    I ask to compute attrition rate from two different data sources. I have 2 different sources: 1st: employee headcount (one row per employee) which has all employee details such as Name, ID, Date of Joining, Supervisor name, Department etc. 2nd: showing data for employees who resigned I need...
  12. J

    Power Query: Edit Rows, not Columns

    Apologies in advance for my PQ ignorance as I'm fairly new to its use. I do, however, feel I've combed the internet in search for an answer to my question, have not found it, and, thus, have landed here :) 1) I "Power Query" a local unedited excel corporate-provided report and begin my edits...
  13. B

    Calculate value for missing record (DAX)

    Hi everyone, I have a problem which I'm hoping one of you will be able to assist me in solving. My dataset consists of hourly sales by sales rep. The relevant columns are: ID (as Integer) <-- This is a unique identifier representing a sales shift. For a given rep on a given date, there should...
  14. C

    Add named range from individual files to Folder source in Power Query

    I have a folder of files that I am querying for the files' date modified, file size, and a few other attributes. Long-story-short we have multiple versions of these files in subfolders and each "release" we make a new folder and copy the Excel files into them. So I created this query that can...
  15. F

    Power Maps Radius Circles

    Hi, I am using power view (power maps) to plot plants and supplier location. I was successfully able to do so using city and state. Next, I would like to create radius circles based on distance (miles) around each supplier to identify what the closest plant is based off a 50 mile radius. Does...
  16. B

    DocumentDB vs SQL db

    My company works with a crm system that is not in-house. I have tried to convince the supplier to give me access to a “real-time” copy of the database. I would like to access all our information to work with in Excel/PowerPivot and in Power BI. I have 3 questions I would need some help with. I...
  17. S

    Iterate through API and extract fields in Power Query in Power BI

    I’m trying to get all work items related to a Visual Studio Team Services board. I’m surprised there is no “Get all work items” query in the API that Microsoft has published here: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/docs/integrate/api/wit/work-items So therefore I made a custom query in VSTS...
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    Power BI enterprise gateway with google analytics

    Hi, I have created a model in Power BI desktop, published it to power Bi online. Everything works fine with my personal gateway. But, I can’t switch to use my company’s enterprise gateway. I have a couple of different sources in the file. Mainly mysql-databases. But I think it is Google...
  19. D

    DAX COUNT function with 2 conditions/filters

    Hi. My data is below and I need to COUNT where Area Name = Area 1 and Month Tagged = May-16? Table Name = 'rawdata' <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Area Name Month Tagged Area 1 May-16 Area 1 May-16 Area 1 May-16 Area 1 May-16 Area 1 May-16 Area 1 May-16 Area 1 May-16...
  20. R

    Drill down levels on pivot chart

    Hello, I am having trouble setting up a pivotchart and was hopin to get some input. My data consists of the following: 1 column of US Regions (South, East, etc) 1 column of US State 1 column of State's population. The chart is just a standard bar graph. I want the chart to display the 4 US...

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