power bi

  1. A

    Power BI Performance

    Hello Everybody, I am seeking for answer about Performance of Power BI. Originally I had 2GB Access database, converted into Power BI, with some other small tables it give me 130MB PBIX. After creating the model I realized it is too slow, does not pass "3 sec" test. I did following steps: 1...
  2. V

    Most recent price in a data set

    Hi I was going through some sale data which had customer name, item code, item description, cost/unit, quantity and value. <colgroup><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> Date Customer Item code Item Desc Cost/unit quantity value 01-02-2013 BAM A3 three 14 370 5180 02-02-2013 CAM A1 one...
  3. D

    Calculate distance in Power Pivot (Power BI Desktop)

    By using the new trigonometric DAX functions available in Power BI desktop, straight-line distance on the Earth can be calculated. The new DAX variable feature also comes in handy in constructing this useful formula. See...
  4. M

    DAX SUM function per group

    Hi Guys! I am working in Power BI Desktop (Similar as Power Query) which uses DAX. I have 3 columns:, Response ID, Brand and Volume. Since I have around 50 brands per ID, the Response ID is shown 50 times. Now I want to summarize the total volume PER Response ID in a separate column, but when...
  5. S

    Linking Data for Drill Down in Power BI

    I'm very new to Power BI. My goal is to do the follow. I work for a transportation company and we have the follow objects. Load : 1 Truck Load - (Consists of Shipments, each Shipment contains Items) Shipment : 5 -6 on a Load (Each Shipment represents 1 pick up at a new address) Item: Each...
  6. B

    SUMIFS functionality using Power Query M advanced editor

    Hello all, in need of some "M" wizardry to recreate the functionality of this SUMIFS formula. My current skill level with "M" consists of hastily key-word searching the M formula language .pdf so a SUMIF is way over my head. I'm using this SUMIF to compute a running daily balance based on each...
  7. P

    Time series, medium size numeric data (lite to none RDBMS/relationships) visualization and reporting

    I work with generators and 100MB time series CSV data files are generated every day (250K rows), as shown here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d57qcdkx6087u72/AACv4MqXDmpVrxN-Qci0Pjida?dl=0 I am interested in zooming in/out of chart that has 4 variables plotted against time. Then consolidating...
  8. N

    Power bi - power bi designer -

    Hello all, I am creating a Dashboard. Dashboard is feding from 3 Excel Shets. Those excel sheets have same variables and only amounts changes. I am doing all dashboard againts the last sheet (more recent) but i would like to introduce an overview of how the amount changed...
  9. S

    Query Remove Rows - Null

    How can I remove rows based on cell contents being 'null'. I could manually do it in excel by using special to delete them but would like it as part of the query. My column which appears about halfway across my sheet is this. edit: number4 is the column header. <tbody> number4 null...
  10. P

    Lastdate and SUMX

    Hi, I have two tables with property information. Both tables have effective dating (from and to date). They are related through a property dimension table (lookup table). The first table (PropertyFact) stores the size of the properties and the occupied space. A new record is added when the...
  11. C

    DAX LOOKUP syntax vs. Calculated Column sytax

    I'm able to create the value I need using a calculated column and the following formula: "=LOOKUPVALUE([Total Volume],[Time],"YTD Dec 2014",[Location],[Location]" I'm trying to create the same result for each record using the "Calculated Field" functionality to conserve space and not create a...
  12. M

    Update Power Map to use Filter feature?

    Hi I am curious how to update my Excel/Power Map to take advantage of the new filter feature. When I go to Excel/Account/Update.. it tells me I'm up to date... but no filter in the map.. Is this the right path to update Power BI?
  13. Z

    Dynamic Custom Column in Power Query "M"

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a dynamic tool that references end user input in the query and performs operations on the source data. Right now I have a table on a spread sheet where a user can provide input which is then called in the query to create a custom column. The inputs correspond to...
  14. MrExcel

    What is Power BI

    If you are looking for a good introduction to the tools in the Power BI stack, start here: What is Power BI? « PowerPivotPro

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