power pivot

  1. G

    Power Pivot: Working on corresponding values of pivot max value with row field

    Hi, all. This question is related to my previous question, but a bit more complex. I am working on data more than 1 million rows, so I need to do this in Power Pivot. The screenshot below is an example on how to do it in normal excel sheet. Let's say I have 3 columns: A, B, C; and there are 3...
  2. G

    Power Pivot: Working on corresponding values of maximum values

    Hi all, new here. I am working on a data more than 1 million rows, so I need to work it on Power Pivot. Let's say this data has column A and B. When I make the pivot table of this data, I can get the maximum value of column A. Let's say column A has 4 cells containing this value. I want to get...
  3. K

    Ordinary Pivot Table vs Power Pivot table group by dates

    Hi all A pivot table using power pivot isn't letting me group by dates properly. (If I create the pivot table from the same data using the ordinary pivot table, everything works properly, but If I create it using power pivot the dates are not handled properly.) Creating the pivot table from...
  4. S

    Calculate a Measure using a constant from an unrelated table

    I have written a measure that calculates the volume of a number of items for an order. I now want to write a measure that would calculate how many cartons would be needed for that order. There are three carton sizes which I have defined in a separate, but unrelated table. In essence the...
  5. Bagharmin

    Error using CUBESET with date range

    I've been using this CUBESET function without issue for a couple of weeks to calculate a sum between two dates, but today it's giving me an #N/A error...
  6. A

    Measure prevents fields from being selected, and viceversa.

    Hi. I have a weird problem. If I add a measure to the values, it prevents me from selecting fields. If I add fields, Excel will not allow me to add the measure to values. And the weirdest thing is that it was working, and then said the original pivot table could not connect and became unusable...
  7. S

    Power Pivot Running totals

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to build a calculated column with a running total of payments against an invoice. So below is an example: Invoice #3322999 is for $14,387.86. We have 2 credits against the invoice. CN3325633 $167.44 and CN 3326818 $229.32 I'd like to see the Original amount...
  8. N

    Bad performance updating Pivottables

    I have created below model. Sales-data containes 600K rows, Dcalender 750 rows, Item info 1700 rows, Customer info 2000 rows, and remaining dimension tables app 25 rows. 2 calculated columns in DCalender, all other calculations have been created with DAX measures or M language custom columns. I...
  9. A

    Calculated item greyed out?

    Can anybody help me why calculated field / calculated item greyed out?
  10. D

    PowerPivot - Measures & Calculations - Reference sum of value for variable in column

    Hello everyone. I'm not good at explaining stuff, but I'll give it a ago, since I'm stuck - I've included pictures, since it's troublesome to describe in text - I hope that's okay :) I have a data-sheet, from which I've created the pivot table shown below, displaying amongst other things...
  11. H

    Excel Power Pivot: Reporting Packages to include different companies

    Hi I would like to create some reporting packages that include different companies, but I cannot get it to work. In my example, I have: A sales table with two columns: CompanyName and SalesAmount A Company List: Company A, Company B, Company C and Company D A Reporting Package List: Package...
  12. D

    Help with filtering a table based on another table's context

    I am working on a budget project in Power Pivot. I have four tables. Simplifying a bit Table 1 is tblTransactions. Fields are Date, Transaction, Amount, Category. Table 2 is tblBudget. Fields are Date, Amount, Category. Table 3 tblDate. Fields are Date, Month, Year, MonthNum (for sorting)...
  13. C

    RELATED lookup with text values

    I am struggling to set up a measure in Excel to look up a text value from a dimension table based on a key in a fact table. I am using Power Query to import tables from a variety of data sources as connections, so there is no literal table in the spreadsheet. My fact table is CourseCompletions...
  14. J

    Grand Average of different time period

    Hi I am struggling with the measure 'GrandAverage_LastYear' in the attachment below. I would like to replicate the 'GrandAverage_Selected' measure, but for 'Last Year Count'. In the workbook I have two tables, one containing unique dates and the other containing dates and a category. The aim...
  15. M

    Need Help with Power Pivot formula

    Hello, I need help writing a formula for excel power pivot table please, that will subtract two calculated items from the same data table column in the pivot area. The formula will subtract "Past 4 Weeks" from "Prior 4 Weeks" as a calculated item column that will display in Column "D" and apply...
  16. G

    Daily average of previous 5 Years / Problem with leap year

    Hello everybody! As a newbie, I'm approaching Power Query and Power Pivot. After the initial successes, I am now stuck with a problem and hope for expert advice. I've already added my data to the Power Pivot data model. Date StorageLevel 01/01/2015 165.31 01/02/2015 164.98...
  17. M

    Diagram View in Power Pivot Now Showing All Connections/Tables

    Very strange -- Power Pivot will not let me view my entire workspace in the Diagram View. I've saved the file, closed it out, reopened it and the "gray" area won't go away. I can't drag it back or seemingly find any way to decrease the size. The +/- zoom doesn't do anything. I've switched back...
  18. A

    Loss of number formatting in Pivot Table

    I am working in Microsoft Office 365. ABCDEFGHIJ3Part NumberPurchase DescriptionSupplierOEMOEM Part NumberCostOn HandBldQtyPurchase RequirementsExtended4010-001Cord, power, 18 AWG, 5-15P, 9.84 ftDigi-KeyQualtek312010-01$7.00 4.0051 $ 7.00 5035-001Switch, pushbutton, SPST, 3A...
  19. alansidman

    Want to Put Text into a Pivot Table instead of numerical data

    Have you ever wanted to put Text into the fields in a Pivot Table instead of Values. Well, I found this link where Bill Jelen shows you how using Power Pivot at the site Strategic Finance. Fairly easy to follow. https://sfmagazine.com/post-entry/ju...a-pivot-table/
  20. P

    Stuck, Need Help (please). Trying to export unstructured text from PDF to import into Excel separating/placing text into specific columns

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help with this work project. I have experience with formulas and pivot table and am somewhat familiar with Power Query but apparently not enough for it to help me with this work project. I've been trying to find an Excel work-around for this project to simplify it...

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