power queries

  1. K

    Power Query - data entry into Queries that also writes to Source Data?

    Hi So I would like know if this is possible or if there was another way to do this. I have a very large data source (750,000+ records) in an excel file. I would like to create subsets of this data based on which team it is allocated to. This is the easy part for me. So I have Team 1, Team...
  2. M

    Sumifs and power query Sumifs

    I wonder why in the normal Sumifs formula it will ignore the zero at the beg. of an invoice no., while sumifs in power query using aggregate won't ignore it For Ex. Sumifs between bank Data and ERP Data will show the below invoice as matching although in the Bank data the invoice doesn't have...
  3. F

    Power Query IF Time is

    Hello, Is there a formula to use in Power Query for (If time is between 7PM and 7AM then After hours, if not then Business hours?
  4. N

    PowerQuery Automation

    My question is this, is there a way to automate power query in vba, for example if I record a macro of me getting data from a PDF I open the pdf in power query I choose the option select multiple in the menu, I choose two pages and then I load it to a table. But when I go back to the macro, all...
  5. S

    Connecting A Power BI Dashboard to Excel

    I have been able to connect data to excel using publically available APIs and Power Query. Stuff like data from this page and an API like the equivalent downloads for UTLA API. I get data from a Power BI dashboard but they don't have a publically available API like the data above but copying...
  6. N

    Copy/Record Table Data to New Sheet after Power Query Refresh

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing well! Just a quick question, I have a table on Sheet 1, with data that is populated using power query SQL source. My apologies if my question is a little confusing, I wasn't really too sure how to word it. What I'm needing help with is somehow making it so...
  7. V

    How would I go about copying a value from a cell given certain conditions?

    I have a table with a customer and a bunch of line items tied to the customer, and then the next customer and a bunch of line items. Due to the way the information is received there are blank values between customers. I Have CUSTOMER PRODUCT QTY Customer A ABC 20 XYZ 5 LMN 15...
  8. S

    Create Multiple table from 1 table

    I create a table (Table.A) from web source. I want create table.B not from web source, but from exact data in table.A, so when refreahing table.B, it get content from table.A. P.s: I tested connection reference, but every sub connections use Internet as source of data and just get structures...
  9. S

    Filter Table.SelectRows from cell rang in sheet

    I Imported some data from folder. folder has 100 txt file. I need select txt file based on names listed in column2 at sheet2. Originally they are selected manually in power query and code is like that: let Source =...
  10. K

    Party name According how many invoice to Show count , But Not Show count Total Invoice

    Show Result : 3 (Pleased Show this Query........................................)
  11. T

    Links failing to update when power query is refreshed

    Hello Mr. Excel Friends, I have a few sheets linked to a master data sheet via power query. I had added some columns to the master sheet, but when I refresh the queries on the other sheets they do not update to include the new set (for example there was a table that initially had 23 columns...
  12. R

    Should I connect to 195 external data (excel files)?

    Hi I am new to power queries. I am a teacher and try to accumulate all the score for the whole school. I have 15 subjects and each subject have 15 classes to pull the score in. My goal is to be able to receive all the subject scores for each classes(15 sheets in 1 excel). Something like this...
  13. J

    EXCEL: Extract 5 Specific Cells from Multiple Files From Multiple Folders Into One Master Excel Table

    Hi there. SCOPE: I have automatically generated reports that need to have 5 specific cells extracted from hundreds of workbooks, in multiple different folders. All values must be formatted as one row with the source information included, such as filepath and filename, into one master list...

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