power query 2016

  1. R

    Get data from external workbook/Power Query

    Experts, I have a macro, GetExcelData (), that retrieves the contents of a single worksheet from a workbook located in a network folder. User clicks a button and, presto, the needed data is deposited in a new worksheet in my affected workbook. Works famously. However, because the macro, based on...
  2. J

    Power Query - Multiple several columns with value obtained via Paramater

    Hi, I have a table containing budgeted foreign sales data by month and want to convert this to a home currency (the fx rate is obtained via a parameter). Is it possible to multiple several columns at once in power query by a value? I know I can create new columns for each month and multiply...
  3. D

    Power Query 2016 - Missing Options - Merge dropdown - Joins

    Hi Everyone, I am using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and Inoticed I am missing some features inside of Power Query. I came across some ofthe missing features while attempting to merge two tables. The merge button inthe queries button does not have the drop down feature to allow the...

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