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  1. R

    Power view office 365

    I used powerview in excel 2013 and excel 2016, but I dicided to upgrade to office 365 rather than office 2019. Has Microsoft dumed down office 365 and remove power view? To installe office 365 I had to remove office 2016. Is there a way to ***** about this. Richard
  2. A

    Power View: Adding Image over aerial

    Hello! I hope this is the correct forum to post this question in, I apologize if it should be in the Excel forum. I am using Power View via Excel(2016) to display a bubble chart on an aerial photograph. I would like to add an image (.jpeg) that I can adjust the transparency to display on top...
  3. G

    Help my PowerView dates, dear God please.

    I've never found an Excel problem that I couldn't solve by googling... until today. I've googled this problem for 2 hours, and I DID search this forum before posting. I'm using power pivot with power query, and I have a workbook with more than 30 queries, more than 5 million lines of data. In...
  4. P

    Power View activated but no tab on ribbon

    I am using Excel 2013 and have Power Pivot, Power Query and Power View activated. There is a tab on the ribbon for both Power Pivot and Power Query, but none for Power View. When I go into File > Options > Customize Ribbon, there is a tab in the list of Main Tabs under 'Customize the Ribbon'...
  5. V

    Scaling a Power View sheet to fit

    I've created a Power View sheet and I would like to print it, but I can't figure out where to set the scale so it will fit on one page. I'm a Pivot* and Power* newbie - any help is truly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. S

    Help! Excel Add Ins Not Working

    Hello, I am trying to use Power View so I went to activate it by going to the COM Add Ins but I don't see it listed. How do I get it to show up so I can turn it on? Thanks!
  7. F

    Power Maps Radius Circles

    Hi, I am using power view (power maps) to plot plants and supplier location. I was successfully able to do so using city and state. Next, I would like to create radius circles based on distance (miles) around each supplier to identify what the closest plant is based off a 50 mile radius. Does...
  8. M

    Unable to aggregate numeric or currency fields

    Hi All, I have a large spreadsheet and am just learning Power View and PowerPivot - I have a load of numeric and currency fields in my spreadsheet, but only one (the unique identifier) is coming up with the sigma sign next to it meaning that I can aggregate the data. I want to be able to...
  9. I

    Help with Power View tab!!

    I finshed one assignment using the Powerview tab and I exited out of Excel. When I reopened Excel, my Power View tab was visible (enabled through Add-Ons), but when I try to click on the tab..nothing happens. I unchecked the box and re-enabling the tab but I still am unable to use the tab.
  10. S

    wondered on seing power view function with map generation :)

    Hi All, I was astonished on seing the power view function in Excel. On using Map functionality in power view the geographical map of whole world is into our sheet .... Its Marvellous. Now i want to make it using Macro as it fits with my requirement. Is it possible to generate the map related...
  11. F

    Can I customize field display names in Power View charts?

    I'm looking to customize how months are displayed on a power view chart. Is there any way to override the data labels on a chart/graph to display something different? The background is that my months are labeled as numbers, but the numbers are based on a fiscal year, so in this case 1 does...
  12. F

    Apply text to first row of every group of rows

    I am looking for a formula to apply text (in a new custom column) if it is the first row of a group of rows. Take a look at this example. I pull Column 1 and Column 2 from a SQL server, and I want to build the custom, third column, myself. Data: [Column 1] [Column 2] [Custom Column] A 10,000...
  13. M

    Power View Formatting

    Hi, I have created a map view of my metrics. Now I would like to format the colour of dots on the map. Example : for "ALL" make it green, "Connected Users" Amber and "Paying users" Red. Is there any way to do this on the PowerView (Maps)? I have uploaded a screenshot in the URL below...
  14. C

    Power View: Material Recipe / Product Hierarchy

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2013, and windows 7. I've spent a good 4 or 5 hours Googling this and can't figure it out so I thought I'd try MrExcel! I'm new to Power Pivot / View and am trying to figure out how I can "teach" excel the relationship that exists between my data tables as it relates to...
  15. B

    stacked bar vs. legend order in power view

    I have a stacked bar chart in Power View with 3 elements. The challenge that I am having is that the bars are stacking opposite the legend and I would like them to match. This is how it looks now - <tbody> Bar Legend Point A Point C Point B Point B Point C Point A </tbody> I have...
  16. A

    Power View - Reorder items on X axis of chart

    Hi. I'm trying to setup a dashboard for a school showing student result distribution. The marks are provided as "A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-" yet when creating a bar chart with a summary count of these results it orders them as "A, A-, A+, B, B-, B+, C, C-, C+, D, D-, D+" on the...
  17. MrExcel

    What is Power BI

    If you are looking for a good introduction to the tools in the Power BI stack, start here: What is Power BI? « PowerPivotPro
  18. X

    Power View chart types

    Does current release of Power View have Bullet Chart/Heat Maps/Tree Maps?
  19. L

    Multiple lookup-tables different for Pivot Table vs. Power View

    Hi I have a model with multiple many-to-many relationships between table columns. I've managed to solve this and get the wanted result when using Power View, but it's different when using conventional Pivot Tables. However, if applying a Calculated field (product -> Calculated field 1) it...

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