1. S

    Return lowest date across two tables

    Hello- I am new to Power BI & DAX. I am struggling to work out how to return lowest date across two tables. I want the following rules applied If deceased date blank then end date If deceased date before end date- deceased date All else end date Format Looks like Below...
  2. M

    RLS Sharepoint embedded report

    Hi Guys, I've got a question about RLS in PowerBI. My problem: When i give someone access to my reports without a role, they see all data. Is it possible to set my dataset to like a RLS only? So when someone without a specific role opens the report, they see nothing. I ask this because of...
  3. W

    Does scheduled refresh works properly for someone?

    Hi guys, I am really struggling to use PowerBI in the following setup: I have a PowerBI desktop. I Created a project where I import data from an excel file on my PC and I installed personal gateway and setup a scheduled refresh, so it will be published online also. I get to endless problems...
  4. M

    Can PowerBI refresh the PowerQuery on my Excel data

    I have PowerBI connected to Excel data source (ie not imported but "linked"). This Excel (either can be on OneDrive business or desktop) contains a powerquery to do data transformation. The data in Excel data itself is stored in "Data" tab that resides within this Excel and does not further...
  5. M

    PowerBI Dataflows (cant see it in the service)

    Hi all, I work at a school and got a (probably educational) powerbi pro license. I want to experiment with powerbi dataflows but cannot see the functionality in the powerbi online service. Anyone knows why? Kind regards, MrJoosten
  6. R

    powerbi e-mail 60k records how to update

    Hi all need some help with powerbi and power query. I have an group e-mailbox with 60k+ e-mails and grows every day. I tried to import all emails to powerbi desktop, it works but its very slow 20 minutes or more for reading the box to pbi.. Every update of the query pbi runs again for 20...
  7. M

    PowerBI and sharepoint authorization

    Hi all, I've got an authorization issue with publishing PowerBI reports to sharepoint. As soon as i publish a PowerBI report on my sharepoint page, everyone with acces to my "report" sharepoint page and with a powerbi license has acces to that report. I want the authorization based on my...
  8. T

    Data Source Excel Sheet

    Unfortunately I cannot connect PowerBI to Salesforce and I will need to generate reporting in PowerBI from the exports in Salesforce which are in Excel. Do you recommend creating an Excel template for which you copy and paste the data into so automatically generate in PowerBI? Or can you load...
  9. M

    Cumulative Measure with Dynamic Time Variable

    Hi I am yet again stumped by a DAX measure. I am trying to create a measure of forecast over leadtime i.e. The cumulative forecast over the leadtime of the Product (which varies by product). The calculation works at the Product level but fails during aggregation. I cannot resolve how I use...
  10. S

    Filtering backwards through many-to-many relationship

    I have been really struggling with this for the past week. Let me explain what is it that I'm trying to do and maybe you can help: A forecast is made for 1 product only. It has a date and volume to be ordered A product can have many forecasts Each product is made out of many intermediates...
  11. M

    HELP Transferring a basic Excel formula into a new column in Power BI

    I'm trying to create a new column in Power BI Desktop which replicates a basic Excel formula which seems simple enough. The Excel formula which I am trying to replicate is in column D: =IF(B2=B1, 0, C2) So that the returned column should look like column D. I have the same data structure...
  12. V

    Learn PowerBI

    Hi All, very very new to power Bi. Can you guys help me from where I can learn easily power bi..
  13. J

    PowerBI Comparison between dynamic daterange.

    Hi Guys, I have "SalesTable" and If I select March 1st 2017 to March 15th 2017, it has to calculate immediate 15 days before data and show the % change. or If a user select 10 days of data it has to compare the immediate 10 days previous data and show the % change. Please help! Thanks &...
  14. T

    Use date picker for all tabs

    I have recently started using PowerBi. I have a question about using a date picker/slicer for all the tabs in PowerBi. I understand how to filter on a visualization and the page with the date slicer but how can I do the whole project? Also, can the date slicer be used on certain visualizations...
  15. L

    Can u Explain Powerbi rest api AddRows?

    Hi, I am taking a shot at a real-time dashboard, I'd get a kick out of the chance to utilize the powerbi Rest API. My inquiry how does the refreshing of columns function. I have 1300 records to stack once and after that refresh 2 sections for each column at regular intervals. The main rest...
  16. M

    Just learning to use PowerBI

    Hey everybody, I am a student at a community college in the United States, and I have just learned the basics of PowerBI by creating PowerPivot tables. This tool is super helpful, and makes Excel much more like a database application in my opinion. I just wanted to create a post to let you...
  17. O

    Numeric data is incorrect after upgrading from 2013 to 2016

    Hi, Up until a week ago my company used Excel 2013 but we have now been upgraded to Office 365 with Excel 2016. Yay! A year ago I built an analysis template with accumulated weekly sales data with the power pivot addin, and had to upgrade the model to be able to use the report with the new...
  18. Y

    Power Pivot/BI Market Research Survey

    Hi everyone, I am conducting a marketing research survey on the needs of individuals who use Microsoft's Power Pivot/BI products. This survey is very brief and completely anonymous. My goal is to better understand what resources people are looking for on excel and Power Pivot/BI, and what...
  19. S

    Need start of week date.

    Hi I need to know the Monday's date of each week. I have a sales table with sales and want to group all the sales by week. And need to know what week each sales fall under. IE: 7/12/17 would return a result of 7/10/17 as it is the monday of the week. Thanks
  20. S

    Last weeks sales

    Hi I’m looking for a way to have sales starting last Monday for the week. Below is what is use for today’s sales. What formula will pull sales starting Monday. = CUBEVALUE("ThisWorkbookDataModel", "[Measures].[SALES TOTAL NET RETAIL]", "[SALES TABLE].[TRANS DATE].&[" &...

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