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    Power Pivot new column or measure - IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Excel",$A2)),"X","")

    Please help.... I have an column which contains combined data, and I am trying to add a new column for each item in the combined column Column B contains a list of SW licenses assigned to individuals (column A) and I am trying to add columns C,D,E & F via Power Pivot as a new column or a...
  2. R

    Material Requirement Planning (MRP) PowerPivot Model

    Hi, I just want to know if anybody have built a MRP model using Power Pivot. Basically the inputs for the MRP model are initial stock, consumption (sales & bill of materials), up coming purchase order and final inventory. Thanks
  3. D

    Cube Formula Help in PowerPivot

    I have an Excel 2016 PowerPivot data model where I'm trying to find a member value based on whether 4 other member values exist. A sort if "if" statement. If Values A, B, C & D exist, bring me back value E. Value E can be 1 of three things based on values A-D being found. I've researched...
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    Custom count on number of days - POWERPIVOT

    Please HELP I am able to count total number of candidates from CANDIDATES TABLE (attached) columns from date applied, Recruiter interview, manager interview, Offer, Start. However i want to see see custom activity for last # days on a particular reqID I want to see custom custom count for last...
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    Allocate 1 or 0 to each unique record(string) in column

    Hi I have been trying for quite some time to find the first unique record in a column and either allocate a "1" if it is or "0" if it is not. I could do this quite easily in excel using a countif but am struggling with powerpivot. I have tried the follwing formula but it allocates a "1" for...
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    PowerPivot Double aggregation. MAX for 2 variables then SUM for 1 variable.

    I need to 1. Find the MAX of students on 2 variables. (course and country), 4 countries x 3 courses, so there are 12 MAX answers. 2. Filter the data to only include dates in say 2015 using a "timeline" slicer (not all) 3. SUM the results of step 1 filtered by step 2, this time...
  7. A

    making TODAY() function take specified dates

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding TODAY() function in Powerpivot or maybe general in excel. My model and most of calculated formulas depend on function TODAY() as I have historic data with column SOURCE DATE and ewhen i am updating every day the values are calculated from the data of...

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