1. E

    Screenshot a range of cells and paste picture into PowerPoint.

    Hi there, I have seen posts on how to screenshot a full page from Excel into a PowerPoint presentation. Which works as expected. I am very new to VBA and cannot figure out how to select a range and paste the range into PPT. Any pointers? Thanks ESEM
  2. J

    How can I get the displayed range of an embedded Excel worksheet in a PowerPoint slide via VBA?

    Hi, as the title explains, how do I gather the displayed range of an Excel OLE Object embedded in a PowerPoint slide via VBA? I've looked through the zipped files but I couldn't find anything in the .xlm files. I've noticed when you 'Edit' the OLE Object, the displayed range is captured by...
  3. Jyggalag

    Weird power point formatting removing borders?

    Hi all, I am currently facing a weird issue in PowerPoint. When I type text, the border disappears underneath it: It is specifically happening in the cell where it says "test" in bold. Any idea why this is happening? I've looked at my formatting, but cant quite figure out why. Kind...
  4. Jyggalag

    How to remove borders in PowerPoint without merging cells?

    Hi all, I have a table that looks like this: Whenever I try to remove the borders, I am left with 2 possibilities: Either the border is removed and I am left with a white border (rather than a full green box) where the old border was, or (most common) the cells are merged into one big green...
  5. Jyggalag

    PowerPoint questions?

    Hi all, Does anybody know if it's allowed to ask questions regarding PowerPoint here (@Fluff)? If not, can anybody redirect me to a good forum? :)
  6. A

    Links from Excel to PowerPoint break

    Hi everyone, I am having some trouble regarding linked charts copied from Excel into PowerPoint. I am working on a powerpoint template, with several charts created in a separate excel file (located in the same folder). I want to be able to update the excel file, and for the powerpoint to...
  7. J

    Excel to Powerpoint Automation

    Hi, I have been stuck trying to find a way to do this, but not able to find anything. So, I have an excel file with columns and multiple rows. So each column is for represents a particular data and each row is for a different client with a different client name. I have a PowerPoint file...
  8. L

    Cannot Paste link "Excel Chart Object" Office 365 (Greyed out)

    Hello, I am trying to copy some charts from one Excel file to another workbooks and to PowerPoint, for some types of charts I can paste special then paste link as Excel Chart Object in PowerPoint, But for charts like Waterfall the option is greyed out and disabled. I cannot paste as Excel...
  9. Martin_H

    Function to Update chart in PowerPoint file [VBA]

    Hi, I am using a macro (see below) to update multiple charts in multiple PowerPoint files (macro is stored in .xlm file). The macro is calling multiple functions (SV1, SV2, SV3, SV4, SV5, SV6). Each function is dedicated to update specific PowerPoint file. The question is: Do I need 6...
  10. N

    How to copy a graph from Excel to PowerPoint

    I need to copy chart1 and chart2 from excel to powerpoint. I have multiple sheets and I am doing this: Sub ppt() Dim r As Range Dim app As PowerPoint.Application Dim currentSlide As PowerPoint.slide Dim Xchart As Excel.ChartObject Dim WS_Count As Integer On Error Resume Next Set app =...
  11. S

    Equivalent forum for PowerPoint questions?

    Hi, Does anyone know of an equivalent / similar forum to MrExcel but for PowerPoint? By equivalent / similar I just mean a community group of really knowledgeable, helpful folks as I have found at MrExcel. :-) The PowerPoint forum on Microsoft Community does not quite hit the spot. Many thanks...
  12. N

    Find/Replace in PPT via Excel VBA

    I found this bit of code on the forums, and it does a great job of replacing the first instance of a tag, but does not replace the second. For instance if I have <<customername>> in the PPT, I have a cell with John Doe in Excel that overwrites that tag. But if I have a second instance of...
  13. B

    Error on Closing PowerPoint Presentation from Excel-VBA

    Hey Everyone, so i have the following code in order to open a powerpoint presentation which i have embedded into excel, save that powerpoint under a new name to a filepath and then open that powerpoint (so that the new saved powerpoint copy is edited and not the embedded object) Sub...
  14. S

    VBA to paste to an existing table in PowerPoint

    I am trying to copy a range from Excel and paste it to an existing table in PowerPoint. I am able to paste one range but when the try to populate multiple tables, it will only populate the last one requested. Sub Transfer() Dim PPT As PowerPoint.Application Dim PPTPres As PowerPoint.Presentation...
  15. Jyggalag

    Embed fonts in the file - PowerPoint (automatic function available?9

    Hello everybody, Whenever I open a PowerPoint document, the function "Embed fonts in the file" is turned off: Is there any way in which I can make it so this is automatically turned on? Thank you! :) Best regards, Jyggalag
  16. Jyggalag

    Neutralize/reset "info", "properties", "related dates & people" in Excel/PowerPoint

    Hello everybody, I am currently looking at excel/PowerPoint, where you have the following when you open a document: In the cases above, I have simply opened a blank document. However, what annoys me is that if I use a template from any prior documents, it will say the names of the authors...
  17. A

    Saving all open PPT within Excel

    Hi all - thank you so much with my previous question (literally saved me hours each month!) Question I have an Excel Workbook that exports standardised reports each month directly in to a fresh PowerPoint file. This works great, but the problem I have is that I suddenly have 20 open PowerPoint...
  18. O

    Code to delete unused cropped region

    Hi there, My goal is to delete the cropped space of images that is currently unused. That is, after an image has been cropped, I want to use "compress picture" function in excel/word/powerpoint to batch process this over multiple files. My problem is that I can do this just fine in excel...
  19. J

    Copy contents of an Excel cell into a powerpoint shape

    Hi all, first time posting, thanks a lot in advance! I'm building a powerpoint to demonstrate a concept for a quiz show. As part of this I need to have shapes within powerpoint that can animate in, appear/dissapear etc, to demonstrate the money values that are in the game. These money amounts...
  20. C

    Copy and Replace Excel Table to PowerPoint Table data

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel Sheet which contains a range of values as Table, I want to copy those values and replace them in the PowerPoint table(which is the same range as source table). My slide may contain one or more tables so I will identify them using table name, Below is the code which...
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