1. A

    Presentation in an excel worksheet

    I have put a 37 page powerpoint presentation into an excel worksheet. What I would like it to do is read like a book from within excel (ie, not open up the presentation itself). Is there VBA to do this? :confused: Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. S

    64 Bit Excel 2013 Macro to Make PPT Slide

    Hey, everyone! New to the boards, but used them for a while - thanks for all the great help! I create a lot of charts in my job, and I've been using a macro that copies the print area from each sheet into our company's PPT template while also copying the title from A42, subtitle from A43, file...
  3. M

    Issue with linked Microsoft Excel tables automatically resized in PowerPoint

    Dear all, The tables that I have created in Microsoft Excel and then pasted as Pasted Link as Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object in Powerpoint get automatically resized (width and height increased) as soon as I press Updated Link in Powerpoint. As I am working with a Powerpoint...
  4. I

    Excel Charts to Powerpoint

    I have this VBA that works beautifully as far as copying my two charts from Excel and placing them in a single Powerpoint slide. Except for one small thing that is driving me bonkers. The first chart resizes and is placed exactly where I want it on the slide. However, I cannot figure out how to...
  5. P

    Load Images from Filepath 9In excel) Into an existing Shape in PowerPoint 2010

    Hi Hope someone can help on this. I am creating a powerpoint presentation from Excel. I have a template that I am following (Powerpoint 2010). On it, It has several Shapes. Text and Image containers. When Pasting the Text from Excel into a Shape, I use this code in Excel VBA...
  6. G

    Lack of Memory posting Excel object to PowerPoint

    When copying and pasting MS Excel (Mac 2011) into PowerPoint, receive error "Not enough memory available to read worksheet". I saw a similar post in 2010 with no responses. Thanks for any advice
  7. J

    Form Field

    Hi guys I'm wanting to insert "v." into the textbox supporting "Version", I'd like to keep it editable but have it come up every time with the form field, any suggestions? :) Note this is for PPT not excel, but there's no VBA for PPT forum Private Sub txtVersion_Change() End Sub Private...
  8. Z

    Pasting chart into PowerPoint distorts the borders

    I have an Excel chart that fits exactly into a particular (large) cell. The chart area has a black border. When I copy that cell and Paste Special (enhanced metafile) into a PowerPoint slide, the left part of the border becomes thin and gray, while the right side remains black. Does anyone know...
  9. C

    Colorize Nightmare

    I have a presentation filled with shapes that are the "wrong" kind of red (thanks Marketing) and need to make them the "right" kind of red. A few problems: 1) I don't know what the red value "3747998" means when, with the first shape for re-coloring selected debug.print...
  10. E

    Import data from excel to a powerpoint label

    I have this excel file that works as a data base, there i fill everyday 5 tables in 5 different worksheets, each table grows along with the day, so each row is linked to an specific date. Then i need to make a daily report in a powerpoint presentation. I've done the presentation as a template...
  11. S

    Pasting and Resizing an Excel Range into Powerpoint using VBA

    Hello, I've searched several forums and have been unable to come up with a solution this problem. Typically when I bring Excel data (charts or cell ranges) I use Enhanced MetaFiles. They seem to keep the powerpoint file small in size, and maintains formatting. I can also adjust the size...
  12. J

    VBA and PowerPoint Issue

    Hi All I'm having a problem running a macro I had made, it was initially made for a different PowerPoint Document but I've dropped new content in and I'm getting this error, if anyone could shed some light with a resolution I'd be eternally grateful :) Option Explicit Private Sub...
  13. R

    Smart Text for Power point?

    Hi, I was wondering whether there is a smart text option in powerpoint (or named something else) where you can link a heading in one slide to auto-update to text in another slide, liek in excel when you can set a cell to =a1 etc. Thanks
  14. J

    "Compile Error method data not found"

    Help! I've had a Macro made in PowerPoint (I'm aware VBA in PowerPoint is different to Excel but hoping someone speaks the language), sending it to my client and him (and his team) are getting a dialog box come up saying "Compile Error method data not found" when filling in the form. I am not...
  15. E

    copy and tweak cells to Powerpoint by macro

    I want to copy I2:J3 to Powerpoint, centre-align it, and set the table's height and width. The Excel cells are formatted as is required, so I would prefer copying the entire thing and paste as Table in PPT (instead of an source-linked image as PasteSpecial would result in). I am using Office...
  16. J

    PPT Chart data to excel

    Hello all, I am currently working with a large PPT file sent over from a co-worker. There is about 40 charts in this PPT that he built within PPT. My question, is there anyway to extract the data from all of these charts into excel so that I can add data and create new charts? :confused...
  17. M

    PasteSpecial - Keep Source Format, but do not embed

    Hello and thank you for your expertise. I am creating a macro that moves charts/ data from Excel to Powerpoint. I have been given the feedback that the created PowerPoint is too large. When I paste excel data into powerpoint, it is embedding the entire spreadsheet. If I (outside of vba...
  18. B

    Change Shape color

    Good day, In Powerpoint i added a shape and on click i need it to change color. when i go to a new slide i need it to return to the original color set. the macro i have set up is Sub changecol(oshp As Shape) On Error GoTo errhandler oshp.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(25, 200, 0) Exit Sub...

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