1. A

    Looking for some assistance in tweaking this code (that another forum user graciously helped me with)

    In a nutshell, the code below takes several picture objects from an Excel workbook (they are charts, but the source system puts them into Excel as pics) and pastes them into a PowerPoint presentation. As it stands, the code works. I just need some modifications to make a bit more dynamic. For...
  2. G

    RunTime Automation Error on copying Excel pictures into PowerPoint

    Hi, I have a macro that generates PowerPoint slides which a bunch of different things from Excel. I have a total of about 50 Slides to generate, often at around 20 slides the code will crash and give a runtime error. When it crashes its always got something to do with this section of the code...
  3. F

    Excel VBA creates PowerPoint Table - how to control bullet points?

    Right now I have code that creates a table in PowerPoint 3 rows x 2 columns. This is created from a worksheet in Excel, by copying a 2x3 range of cells. Within each cell are multiple lines of text. The problem I face is that the text in PowerPoint needs to be bulleted. I used the following...
  4. M

    Excel Waterfall Chart cant embed in PowerPoint???

    Hello all, I'm trying to paste a Excel 2016 built-in 'waterfall' chart into PowerPoint 2016 (Paste Special > Paste Link > Microsoft Excel Chart Object) and the option to 'Paste Link' is grayed out and unavailable. Other charts work (i.e. Bar/Column/Pie) but not 'Waterfall' - does anyone know...
  5. S

    powerpoint table to have color scales similar to excel

    In excel under conditional formatting, there is a color scale option where if I highlight a table and choose a color scale, Excel will automatically highlight my cells with different shades of green, yellow and red, depending on my value. I have a VBA code that currently copies each value in my...
  6. O

    Select certain worksheets via UserForm to be exported to PowerPoint

    Hello! This is my first time posting in this forum, I have already received help multiple times, as my VBA skills are as novice as they can get. I thank you in advance, if anyone is willing to take their time and help me out. I can assume that this isn't a small request, but due to my limited...
  7. M

    VBA code - set print area in excel paste it as EMF in Powerpoint

    Hello, I have the code of a macro from "TheSpreadsheetGuru.com" (good macro for me) I would like to modify the part below. I want to use the print areas in several Excel sheets instead of the areas as per the code below as a source for the copy and past as an Enhance metafile powerpoint...
  8. J

    Excel VBA to create/duplicate powerpoint slides and replace text/photos

    Hi All, I have to produce a large power point presentation for our Xmas party with all of our compliments for the year. I have over 1200 entries on an excel spreadsheet and have been trying to write/research the code to convert this in to a powerpoint presentation but I'm struggling so far...
  9. J

    create a PowerPoint with VBA

    hi, how to create a powerpoint document wit vba any link, any advice. thanks
  10. F

    Change values in powerpoint chart, according to excel sheet

    Good Morning Sir, My name is Ben I have two file one is excel sheet ( mastersheet) and other is power point. I made a chart in excel sheet according to table . I copied this excel chart and paste in the powerpoint. My question is : when I am changing the value in excel sheet table , I want...
  11. charlesstricklin

    PowerPoint: Is it possible to have a 5 minute presentation where slides count down the time left, but displays the same text field on all 300+ slides?

    I am a school teacher, and each class I open up with a focus question displayed on the SmartBoard where students are supposed to answer the question in their notebook. They have 5 minutes after the Tardy Bell to complete their answers. I'd like to create a presentation that counts down in text...
  12. K

    VBA Code Run Time Error on Excel to Powerpoint

    Okay. i have been using the attached code for some time without issues in my files. However, within the past few days, I have been getting a run time error that is very random in its appearance. The code below is simplified to create two slides in PowerPoint, where one Excel table becomes one...
  13. S

    how to use VBA to adjust the data selection range in a powerpoint chart.

    I have a vba code that copies some data from Excel, and then pastes the data into powerpoint to create a bar chart. It does this this by pasting the data into the bar chart excel sheet. The issue I'm running into is that I the data that gets pasted to the powerpoint chart will differ in size...
  14. S

    vba to shade cell of powerpoint table

    I have a code that loops through a worksheet and copies data to a powerpoint table. I'm trying to also make it where it will highlight the cell with a color if it is a certain value. I can't seem to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. j = 1 With ppslide.Shapes("table1") For k = 3...
  15. R

    Make VBA create linked pictures and move to power point

    Im trying to create a VBA code that will take several ranges from excel, and turn them into linked pictures in a powerpoint presentation, however i cannot get the pictures to become linked. So far, i have managed to combine pieces of code which now makes unlinked pictures and sends those to...
  16. R

    Creating linked pictures in powerpoint from excel ranges

    Im looking for a way to take ranges in excel turn them into linked pictures in a power point presentation. I currently got most of it down, by combining a few diffrent codes i found, except i cannot get the pictures to link to the ranges, which sadly is a must. My current code: Sub...
  17. M

    change Excel without stopping powerpoint presentation

    Hi I use excel to do calculations use paste link to link to powerpoint presentations which are view on a large TV monitor. I have a number of slides which rotate. At the minute when I make a change in Excel I have to come out of the powerpoint, make the change in Excel then restart the...
  18. N

    VBA Help required

    I have this below code and it is WORKING FINE. I have a dropdown list in column A1 and its data validation range is H1:H4. i have applied loop so its changing the drop down value automatically then below code is copying excel range A1:E9 and pasting as image in PowerPoint slide. what I...
  19. M

    VBA Copy Pictures from Excel and Paste them in PowerPoint

    Hi Guys, how is everything? I have excel sheet contains 3 pictures, Picture1, Picture2 and Picture3. How to write VBA code to open specific existing PowerPoint file, delete any pictures in this PowerPoint file first, and then to copy Picture1 and paste in slide 2, Picture2 in slide 5 and...
  20. F

    NEEDED: Excel macro to export HTML markup cells to PowerPoint and retain styling

    I am involved in converting ASP e-elearning courses to Storyline. These ASP courses are defined by Excel documents. The Excel documents are broken down to three worksheets: Training, Question and Exam. (I'm focusing today on the Training worksheet.) Storyline allows for the importation of...

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