1. KBBersch

    Find maximum number pith alpha prefix

    I have a column that contains asset numbers in the form of PDL-xxxx and PTF-xxxx. I need to display the maximum number for each prefix, or better yet the next available number for each prefix. More entries will be added and the cells need to update as that happens. I tried...
  2. T

    Create a sorted list of similar items from a table

    I'm working with a large list of departments and divisions, and need to extract only the items that have a matching prefix. For instance, my list looks like this: <tbody> D01 001 Testing Equipment D02B 001 Maintenance Supplies D02B 003 Hand Tools D02B 004 Power Tools D02B 010 Power...
  3. S

    Format Cells: Create custom prefix that will work on both number and text

    I need to create a custom prefix that will work with cells that contain both number only and number and text data. I've used "000-0"#### but that only works with number only cells. I've also tried "000-0"@ but it only displays the text. There must be a simple solution I can't think of! Many thanks
  4. F

    Sum of numbers with different prefix

    Hello, New to the forum and have read thru the tips before posting and hope my chart was loaded correctly. I also search for an answer to my question but found nothing. Well I work out of Autocad but my tables are imported data from excel spreadsheets. So what I am trying to do is get the my...
  5. H

    Add Leading 0's to FileName Based on Variable Length

    I have a piece of code that is used to generate PDF files. The problem however is that the file names need a 3 digit prefix, based on the variable District. So for example, it will generate a file named: 1_PM.pdf Whereas I need it to generate a file named: 001_PM.pdf This is not a problem for...
  6. J

    Prefix/Suffix Data Validation List

    I'm finding it really difficult to understand how to prefix or suffix a set of words based on a what I have chosen in a 'Data Validation List'. CLICK HERE TO SEE/DOWNLOAD AN EXAMPLE SPREADSHEET I have a list of words in column A and a list of words in column B. In Cell C1 i have a data...
  7. F

    Generate series with suffix and prefix but middle change

    Hello i want to make a list of my products in this way upto 600: Fbtr-1-s fbtr-1-m fbtr-1-l fbtr-1-xl fbtr-2-s fbtr-2-m fbtr-2-l fbtr-2-xl now here fbtr- is prefix and there are four suffix i.e. s,m,l,xl... i want to change only numeric part 1 to 600. please guide me. Regards
  8. R

    VBA - Copy Worksheets with same Prefix in Name to new Workbook

    Hello all, I have a task at hand and am completely unsure on how to proceed. I was able to find a Macro online from "" which is as below. Here is my scenario. I have a workbook...
  9. H

    Prefix 2 cells

    How to prefix cell B1 with cell C1. C1 is a 3 digit numerical +ve integer. Ex: B1=PPP-00 C1=185 D1=PPP-00185 Ex: B2=PPP-00 C2=9 D2=PPP-00009
  10. B

    Macro to Add Prefix or Suffix to Column

    Hi, I recorded the following macro to add a thorn symbol before and after each record in a table. I can't figure out how to edit the macro so that it will work with a different set a data where there is a different amount of records. Help is much appreciated. Thanks. Sub Macro6()...
  11. H

    Prefix i cell value with another cell value

    In cell D5:D9999 i get numerical values. I want to prefix it with column E5:E9999. Results in F5:F9999. How to accomplish? Ex: D5=190 E5=GGG-87 F5=GGG-87190 D6=19999 E5=gG-+5555 F5=gG-+555519999
  12. J

    Need Excel 2k to auto-number using a prefix of my choosing

    Hi Mr. Excel Community, I am working on a spreadsheet to track the results of manual software testing. Each spreadsheet contains many test cases, and each test case has a unique ID. The test case ID is used by formulas in the spreadsheet to generate statistical information. I would like to...

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