1. D

    Picture Styles

    My understanding is that the preset Picture Styles (e.g., 'Bevel Perspective') is not available in VBA, but I was wondering if someone had gone to the effort of reverse engineering what values would need to be set to which settings in order to recreate an identical effect? I've tried this in the...
  2. M

    Matchmatical Formula in Cell based on a selection from a dropdown

    Hi all, I have an excel sheet that has a dropdown with different selections (Products) in it and based on that selection a certain cell generates a preset number from a table. I have then another cell before that where I can enter a number manually. finally I have a cell with a formula in it...
  3. T

    Selecting a preset format

    Hello, Working in Office 365 I am looking for how to format a table area in my worksheet without having to convert to a table. There used to be options that would allow you to pick preset formatting for your worksheet, but can't locate. I like a format in the Format as a Table, but don't want...
  4. J

    Timer non-VBA solution

    Hello everyone, Using Excel 2010 - Is a formula possible to place in a cell and countdown time from another preset cell as would be used in a timed event - like NBL? The process being: Preset cell A4 at say 50:00 (mm:ss format) Cell B4 (mm:ss format) to have a formula which counts down from...
  5. D

    How to save a file with unique name, export specific range to pdf and email to specific addresses with specific heading and body text.

    Hello, I have taken on a new role and have never used VBA before. I can absolutely see that using VBA to automate some of the more repetitive tasks my new team do would be a great thing for me to do. There is so much information on these and other boards and sites that putting together what I...
  6. L

    more than one preset printing style for one worksheet

    is there a way to make more than one preset printing style for one worksheet? ex: style 1 = print 'landscape' style 2 = print 'portrait' (that is - to arrange the styles, save the presets...then just select which style to print - without re-arranging them again each time) many thanks

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