1. D

    how do I make a macro run on any key press

    How do I get vba code to run if any key if pressed?
  2. S

    F8 not working as it should?

    Hi While using excel today i noticed that when i use F8 to select cells, it selects the first two as i press the down down arrow key and if i press it a third it disengages and then only highlights the 3rd cell. I can still do it using a mouse but not using the keyboard. This is a normal...
  3. T

    Drop Down List not working

    Hello, I know that I can open a drop down list with Alt-Down arrow, but I can't navigate the list by pressing a the first letter of an item in my list when it is open -- When the list is open and I press S, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong or a parameter to add? Thanks in advance for...
  4. M

    Code sometimes not working on Workbook_SheetChange

    I am trying to make it so if the user copies & pastes anything in my workbook, it will only do a Paste Values. I found an answer to a post on Stack Exchange from a few ago that recommending putting the following code in the Workbook_SheetChange sub. Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh...
  5. T

    Auto vbyes in Inputbox?

    Hey. Iam wondering if its possible to to code or do something with inputbox. The thing i need. my costumer is going to put in a value of 7 numbers/letters, and then press Yes. Is it possible to do the "yes" button automatic when 7 numbers/letters is filled in? Ex: inputbox is appearing...
  6. A

    excel buttons 1,2

    hi guys, i would like to make two buttons, one at B1 and the second at C1. if you press B1 button must show number 1 at A1 or if you press C1 button should show 2 at A1. The second issue is that i would like to have these buttons in columns because am interesting to have data in A1:A30. thanks...
  7. A

    Button of 0 and 1

    hi guys i would like to make a 2 buttons.The one will result 0 and the other one 1 at when i press the zero button for examplle will result a zero at A7,then when i press again any of both will result at A8..then A9 and so on.can you help me on that?thank you!
  8. T

    Reducing a Selection by one cell.

    Hello, Today is just one of those days that Excel just keeps beating my butt. After an hour of trying to write a simple three line code and getting nowhere I have come to the experts. The background is that I have a string in cell A10, ten blank cells (going down the column), and then a...
  9. M

    VBA Code to stack values even if no value is in above row

    Hi can anyone tell me if there is a VBA Code to do this. I have a VBA Code that insert values onto rows on my spreadsheet each time I press a command button on my userform and each time I press command button it put that values underneath one another. But sometimes if one of my text boxes...
  10. M

    Pressing A Button In Internet Explorer 11

    Hi all I was hoping someone could help me. I am trying to press a button on a web page in Internet Explorer 11. I have searched the forum and youtube and i have been able to find various bits of code however i am still unable to find code that allows me to press a button on a web page. When...
  11. G

    Stepping through code

    Hello, is there an easy way to establish which element of the code is formating down to row 50000, when on max of 8000 rows are used. the code is very long, so not suitable to add here, I have been through and changed all column references to ranges, and every calculation uses the lastrow so i...
  12. R

    how to shift the cells to left to fill blank cells

    Hi, I would like to fill the blank cells by shifting cells to right. I found the solution "Make sure you only have a single cell selected. Press F5 Click the "Special..." button Select "Blanks" and click OK Right click and select "Delete..." Select the "Shift cells left" option and press OK...
  13. F

    VBA to create time entry into Worksheet

    Hey all, Ive created a button that will do a web scrape to gather estimated values of various video games that I have, and then adds together their estimated values (simple SUM formula)a to give me the total value of my collection. Every time I press the button, it does the necessary web...
  14. J

    Drop down box

    I'll try and explain this the best I can I'm using a spreadsheet at work where I have created a drop down list of suburbs. It's not really what I want I want to be able to start typing a suburb and the name comes up and then just press enter when it's the correct suburb Is there a name for...
  15. D

    TAB not working

    When I press Tab, the selected cell won't move. What do I need to do?
  16. M

    A NEXT and PREVIOUS command button to cycle through a list

    I've created a UserForm that is intended to operate similarly to what happens when you press Ctrl+F, as far as it needs to have the functionality to display 1 row's worth of items from a list that matches the criteria of the IF function. It should start at the first row that matches the...
  17. R

    Date format changing and preventing a match, when "Reformatting" code is ran

    I have a spreadsheet that a group of people in the business use, they're not very computer savvy or... dare I say... common-sense savvy either so I have to do a fair amount of literal foolproofing. On this sheet they have times, dates, flight codes etc per customer per line. I have a macro that...
  18. I

    Open user form upon enter key press

    Hi, On my worksheet i have in column A customers names & in column P of that row is the receipt number for that customer. What i would like to happen is when a certain customers name in cell A is selected when i press the enter key have it open my userform called Database & if possible to then...
  19. I

    Are there any differences between these two ways of typing a shortcut?

    Hi guys, If I want to paste something as value, I can press Alt + ESV. That is, hold Alt and press and release e, press and release s, press and release v. It did the trick. However, I just found I can also press Alt and release it, press and release e, press and release s, press and release v...
  20. J

    new to macros

    hey all I'm completely new to macros in excel. I'm trying to make a button on my sheet that takes the number in one cell (will be formatted as a currency and is being calculated using a formula.) and puts it in the next available cell in a column. <tbody> A Date B $100.00 1/12 2/12...

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