1. D

    VBA to prevent workbook from opening at a set time of day

    Hi all I’m looking for a way to prevent people from opening a workbook between 2-2:30pm every day. So it can be updated on the server. I have set a Application.OnTime vba to close at a set time 1:59 and then repeated it every min until 2:29. But people are still able to open the work book...
  2. R

    Prevent first row to be deleted

    Hi, This is part of my code: .Range(.Cells(2, 1), .Cells(2, 1).End(xlDown)).AutoFilter Field:=1, _ Criteria1:="xxxx" .Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).EntireRow.Delete This code will also delete the first row (header) in my sheet. Is there a way to exclude the...
  3. A

    redo and undo in worksheet.change macro

    Hello How to prevent Redo and undo from being disabled in worksheet.change vba?
  4. J

    Prevent user interrupting Macro ?

    Hi, i have a macro which depending on data size, can take up to 2 minutes to complete. Now ive found if whilst this is running the user gets impatient and clicks the mouse / keyboard etc.. then i get "excel not responding" -- Is there any way to prevent this? Was thinking maybe a userform box...
  5. J

    Gnatt Chart work Planne

    Hi There I have created the attached planner/job board and require help in doing the following. 1. Under the days of the week. if a date range is entered i want it to auto colour the cells under days of the week. 2. in the engineer list section if i set and engineer to on holiday or sick, i...
  6. G

    Prevent "Backwards" Tab in Userform

    I have a userform with a bunch of text boxes, and on the bottom a Submit and Cancel Button. I want to be able to tab through these, but because the Cancel button is the last in the TabIndex, if a user is holding Shift and presses tab, it will go "backwards" to select the cancel button. Is there...
  7. B

    Prevent anything but a Sunday date from being selected

    Hi so I am wondering if there is any feature or other that I can utilize in an excel sheet that will make it so that employees when filling out a particular field in the excel form, have to put a Sunday date in a particular cell. I want it to prevent them from putting any other date in that week...
  8. M

    Prevent Selection Change

    Hi I want to prevent the SelectionChange procedure from running if the user pressed the TAB or RETURN key to get to the cell. How do I check for the last key pressed ? Thank you in advance. Al
  9. apgmin

    Prevent filing of cells

    In column say column A If have put a drop down list from which the values may be selected If anyone types some thing the entry gets rejected, but if some one simply drags the value from above sells it works. How do I prevent this and force the person to select from the drop down list
  10. E

    Prevent sheet from recalculating RAND(),

    I need to prevent my sheet from constantly recalculating the RAND() function on the sheet any time I do something. I tried to change the Calculation Options to manual, but that was for Excel and not my specific sheet. My Sheet, Cases (2), has multiple RAND() functions but once I generate the...
  11. I

    Prevent to insert new columns into excel sheet

    I need to prevent or restrict to add new columns into excel sheet.
  12. JackDanIce

    Worksheet_Change to prevent area change

    Hi, I have a dynamic area under B14:H14, which I only want to add rows to via macro input and not limit via cell protection. Is there a way to use Worksheet_Change to detect if a user enters a value in a defined area and prevent cell value edit? Tried to search for answer, but must typing...
  13. M

    Prevent duplicates from a range of cells

    Hi, This probably has a really simple solution, but I can't seem to figure it out... I'm trying to use Data Validation to prevent duplicates in some cells. It's easy enough to do this when it only has to look for the value in one spesific cell, but I need it to look in several. I've tried many...
  14. W

    Prevent saving workbook

    So I thought if I placed this code into the Workbook Module it would prevent the workbook from being saved or saved as. What did I miss? Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean) Application.DisplayAlerts = False ThisWorkbook.Saved = True...
  15. Z

    To prevent Duplicates file uploafing by using VBA

    I need code which prevent me to upload duplicate file. plz help me as I a new user of vba.
  16. R

    Prevent deleting value in drop down list

    Hi everyone, I have a cell with data validation allowing for 5 possible choices. I am trying to find out if it is possible (once a value has been selected and without using the sheet's events) to prevent the user from selecting the cell and typing Delete which empties the cell? Thanks Randy
  17. Z

    To prevent Duplicates file uploafing by using VBA

    hi dear I am new user I need code for VBA to prevent me for uploafing duplicate file.
  18. A

    Prevent Named Range Reference From Changing

    I have two named ranges I use as sources for their respective combobox lists. Since the ranges are dynamic, I use a formula as reference ... =OFFSET(ROSTER!$A$2,0,0,COUNTA(ROSTER!$E:$E)-2,1) WHat is happening though, from within my VBA application, the worksheet will many times get altered...
  19. N

    Prevent duplicate IF left string is repeating

    <tbody> C1-a C1-b C1 prevent C2 C2-a prevent </tbody> Hi, I found many posts that have solution to prevent entering duplicate values in a column's cell. I am trying to solve the same problem which has little different flavor. In above table I want to stop users if they try...
  20. G

    prevent user entering data in time format

    I am creating a timesheet in excel and need to restrict the format users can enter data. I need them to enter the hours worked in a decimal format. i.e seven and a half hours to be entered as 7.5 This seemed quite straight forward using data validation by restricting entries to numeric...

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