1. C

    Preview access report without printing

    Hi, I have set the report to only open in preview but it always opens the print dialog box instead. What am I doing wrong? Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim objAcc As Object Dim strWhere As String strWhere = "IDnNo = " & Me.txtBrNo & "" Set objAcc =...
  2. V

    Open native (not Sheet.PrintPreview) print preview window for non-active sheet?

    Hello. I'm trying open "native" print preview window (the same window that opens when clicked print button in toolbar) for a specific sheet. The only command I know that can do this is Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso "PrintPreviewAndPrint" But I'm having problem open it for a specific sheet...
  3. S

    Font size in drop down list changes in print preview - error

    Hi All The font size in a drop down list changes to become unreadable when I choose to print preview. The result prints in the smaller size too. It is the same whatever pc or printer we use. There are posts about changing font size but, nothing I can see that describes this issue. Any...
  4. L

    print view vs print - none printable chars

    Hi I have this formula in a cell =CHAR(127)&CHAR(127)&CHAR(127)&"testing" so I got [][][]testing When I print preview (I do not have a printer), I can see all these characters and testing in print view window? Does that mean even when I view them in Print Preview that means they still will not...
  5. D

    Warning message while doing Ctrl +c

    It's been a while I have been getting a warning message that pops up on excel when I do Ctrl +c or right click + copy The message says: "There's a problem with the clipboard, but you can still paste your content within this workbook" This issue doesn't happen every time I do Ctrl + c I have...
  6. R

    Getting a shape to contain a cell's value with not much success

    I'm having trouble getting a shape to contain text via a formula. My users are entering values in a number of cells on a worksheet. On another worksheet, I'm concatenating those values (really, variables) along with pre-determined text. The result will be a paragraph of text that's properly...
  7. N

    VBA to edit only in selected Range and disable increase /Decrease of Column/Row width in Page Break Preview

    Hi All, I have a workbook having 10 sheets. Out of 10 , in 3 sheets I have set a range(i.e.A1 to K30) in page break preview. Now I want user can only type in that particular range but not able to increase decrease the column/row size. Also he/she not able to drag the blue line(showing in page...
  8. M

    Print Preview only showing 1st page

    Hello. I have the following bit of code and the print preview (10 total pages) works wonderfully on my laptop, Excel 2010, Windows 7. I have sent the workbook to people running Excel 2013, Windows 7 and also Excel 2016/Windows 10. Oddly, on their computers, the print preview only shows the first...
  9. H

    Page Preview Dotted Line Cannnot Adjust

    I am trying to drag the dotted line on page preview down a few rows, but the dotted line remains in the same row i.e it won't adjust it would be appreciated if someone could assist me
  10. F

    An error of the slicer print preview

    Hi, I have a question about Pivot table and slicer. The slicer looks fine under normal view, but when I go to the print preview section, the slicer text doesn't look right because the font size is too large. I have tried different ways to change the size of the preview, but it still doesn't...
  11. R

    Excel Bug after Printpreview by vba? anyone exp this before?

    Hi All, I use excel 2016 in Windows 10 i managed to use some vba code here to do this routine : 1. Hide formula bar & Display heading ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False 2. Hide ribbons CommandBars.ExecuteMso "HideRibbon" 3. Hide Sheet tabs...
  12. V

    Export to pdf different from Print preview for access report

    Hi I am struggling since few hours in figuring out why when I export an access report to PDF, it looks different (table expands too much and thus not fully displayed) than the print preview. In print preview ,I see it look perfect but it looks only partly when in PDF. Please help !
  13. P

    VBA to Loop through Links on Website Or click Next Button

    Hi All I'm relatively new to VBA and been struggling with the following for 2 days without much progress. If anyone can help then you will make someone today really happy!! I have written a web scrape and got quite far but stuck with an area where I need to loop through multiple links on a...
  14. T

    Upgraded Excel 365, new Data --> Queries/Connections system

    I really dislike the new SQL/Query menu systems in this latest version. Is this an addon? I don't suppose there's a way to use the old style? I'm not even sure how to save my connections.. I don't like how it loads a preview of the data, I just want to see a list of available columns in the...
  15. J

    Adding column to search area causes blank page to be printed

    I select a print area and Print Preview shows everything fine with lots of free space. I want to add a border round the table, so I add a column to the left in Select Print Area. Print preview insists on making this a separate page, so I can't get a neat box. Does anyone have an idea why...
  16. T

    macro to PrintPreview active page only

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me with the following. This code shows the print preview, but always starts from the first page: Sub PrintPreview() ActiveSheet.PrintPreview End Sub This one shows the selected cells only: Sub PrintPreview() Selection.PrintPreview...
  17. H

    Print preview script halts

    Friends, I got this code to enable Print Preview of selected range. However, if pressing 'Close Preview' or even finishing printing I obtain an error. So apparently code contains a missing link. I do need Print Preview dialogs because user should be able to modify printing options. Sub...
  18. A

    Print Preview Specific Hidden Worksheet

    Hi, Would any one know the vba code to Print Preview Specific Hidden Worksheet? Thanks!
  19. Y

    page break preview says 2 pages, print preview says 3

    I have this file which, in page break preview, shows only two pages, page 1 and page 2, enclosed by blue lines. Page 2 isn't a full page, only about half a page. Nowhere can page 3 be seen. However, when printing, it gives 3 pages, the last page being blank. In print preview, it shows in the...
  20. L

    Web Query Highlighting Issue

    Working with Excel 2016 from Office 365. I have a workbook that I created in a previous version of Excel (2013). I have multiple web queries pointing to an internal company website that I have selective data being pulled into Excel that I can refresh daily to get bandwidth statistics. I am...

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