1. ibmy

    Sequence of Up->Down->Up-> repeat until....

    Hi, Is this possible to detect this kind of sequence in 250k-750k row data. 1) Count start at least the sequence of up-down 2) Stop the count if next value is not in squence of, increasing(up)-decreasing(down)-increasing(up)-decreasing(down),.... , example: i- up-down->down ii-...
  2. 5

    Find previous quarter and display as Q3 or Q4

    ​Hi, I would like to be able to determine the previous quarter from the current date and display as Q2 or Q3 or Q4 etc.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I have the code to find and display the previous month (see below) but am unable to find a similar one for quarter. Thanks in advance.<o:p></o:p>...
  3. J

    Power Pivot/DAX: Problem with Like for Like Sales Figure

    I am trying to build a DAX measure in a Power Pivot to show the Like for Like sales figure (LFL). LFL is simply a measure to show the sales if the customer also had sales during the same period last year. I can not get any figures at all for this, and this is due to the previous year not...
  4. D

    Conditional copy and paste, then delete row

    Hello all, Bit of an amateur trying to learn more on the use of Macros. Hoping for some assistance with this issue: I want to be able to search through my data to find rows where Column D displays "Negative".If it doesn't display "Negative", just move on to the next row. If it does display...
  5. N

    Macro for column of formulas

    Have column of formulas from FE7 to FE26. It starts with =CD31 and ends with =CD202. Each =CD is 9 apart from the previous cell. Need a macro to run these formulas and convert them to values
  6. willow1985

    Current Month minus 2 months

    Hello, I know the formula to find the previous month name: =TEXT(TODAY()-DAY(TODAY()),"mmmm") But how could you modify this to give you minus 2 months or 3 months? I am looking to reference another column to maybe minus number sequences from 0 - 6 subtracting a month at a time but I need it...
  7. M

    Strange Clipboard behavior After Macro Ends

    After I run an Excel macro that I have created, if I go to do another task, like copy data from a program like Showcase Query to a new Excel workbook, instead of pasting the data as individual columns into individual cells, the data pastes as non-delimited data. I am assuming that this has...
  8. H

    Pivot table (% different from previous pivot table (negative % when supposed to be positive)

    Hi I'm having this issue whereby I'm trying to calculate the growth % between days in terms of revenue. But when I choose the option of pivot table (% different from previous day) I notice the formula is =(A2-A1) /A1. My issue is that when the A1 figure is positive the % growth shows is...
  9. W

    How to use nested IF statement with a running total?

    I am trying to use a nested IF statement but I can't get it to work. <tbody> Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Amount 0 15 34 54 67 88 Running total 0 0 2 3 4 </tbody> In cell H34 (running total for 2013 = 0): =IF(G34<>0;0; IF(G33+H33>50;1; IF(H33+G33>70;2; IF(H33+G33>150;3...
  10. R

    Year to Date Totals - Automatic formula adjusting

    I've got a spreadsheet containing customer counts for each period of various years. As part of our periodic review process, we look at the year to date counts for a given period, compared to the same time frame for previous years. Currently, I adjust nine rows to include only the desired...
  11. I

    Don't understand this range reference

    From this post: The OP's question was this: Why does the lookup range start with "1/"? What does it do? All I can think is that it really is meant to be a reciprocal, because the OP wants the previous non-blank cell - ? I experimented with removing "1/" and got an #N/A error. Also, if...
  12. K

    STUCK! read cell from previous page (s)

    Morning from Scotland, Intermediate level excel user. I use excel to organise my staff and to give them their rotas weekly. So I have a workbook with 58 tabs. The problem I am having is that I would like to have a cell from 1 week read from a cell in the previous week. I can obviously use the...
  13. willow1985

    Sum one column for all cells that have the previous day/current month/previous month in another column

    Hello, I am looking for 3 sumif formulas but am unsure how to write them. What I am trying to do is Sum all of column F based on the corresponding date in column G. So Sum all cells in F that have the previous day (TODAY()-1)) in G: (formula one), current month (formula 2) and previous...
  14. willow1985

    Countif for entire current month and previous month

    I am looking for a formula that counts all the dates in a list of the current month and of the previous month. I have this formula but I am getting no results when I should be receiving: 210 results =COUNTIF(G2:G1000000,MONTH(TODAY())) Any help would be appreciated Thank you Carla
  15. M

    Change Cell Contents if Cell Date is in Previous Month / 4 Months

    Good morning! I have a layout that looks like this: For one criteria, I would like to: Display QUAL if the date is in the current or previous month. Display NC/QUAL if the date is before the previous month. Display UNQUAL if the date is blank. For a different criteria, I would like to...
  16. G

    Can anyone help on amending a formula

    Hi I have this formula and I need to amend it a bit if poss but dont know where to start. =IF(E66=IFNA(VLOOKUP(A66,'TABLEAU '!A:E,5,FALSE),0),"OK",IF(E66=IFNA(VLOOKUP(A66,'Shere Previous Rec'!A:E,5,FALSE),0),"Previous","NO_MATCH")) What im trying to do is delete where it looks in Shere...
  17. D

    Help with IF Formula

    Hi All, Noob here :) Need help with IF function. I have Data from Cell A2 - K2 Cell's B2 to K2 displayes "Yes" or "No" it compares previous week roster to current week roster I wan't to display Data in A2 using IF if there was changes from previous week to current week. I was thinking of...
  18. A

    Offset previous row

    How can include offset the previous row in the Red Color code? For i = 3 To LRow Range("I" & i) = WorksheetFunction.Average("I" & i, "L" & i) Next i
  19. K

    Conditional formatting date formula

    formula needs to: compare date in one cell to that of another, and if that date is greater by 30 days than that date, then true. My previous formula was similar to this, but it just looked at today's date and if that was greater than 30 days, then it was true. But now I need that same formula...
  20. K

    Rolling Filter for Table

    I have a table that is filtered by monday dates to pick up the current monday date and the previous 10 mondays to create a rolling summary. I am wondering is there any way I can setup a dynamic filter so it always picks up the previous 10 weeks each monday rather than manually removing one date...

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