primary key

  1. E

    Relationships using multi-field compound keys setup & Possible Redundant Indexes setup

    Hello, So I have not built, managed, or even worked in a database for at least 3 years. I am building a Microsoft DB to do the following. Regularly, our company receives current/updated parts pricing & parts details lists from hundreds of different suppliers. Every time we receive these lists...
  2. M

    VBA to display record ID in Textbox within a Form

    Hello! Hoping this is a simple question. Is there a way to display the ID (primary key, just the default autonumber) of a Record entry on a form in a textbox? I am currently able to display the Record Number with the following code which works great but i'm looking for the Primary ID also...
  3. C

    Import Excel Data to Access Table - Retain Primary Keys

    I am working on an inventory database in Access. I have a build of materials list in Excel. The part numbers have prefixes, bases and suffixes. Some of the part numbers are on the build of materials multiple times. Some of the part numbers change occasionally (suffix only; prefix and base...
  4. M

    Append Query duplicate primary key

    If I run an append query will it give me an error message if duplicates primary key field? I have an append query in my database and when I run nothing happens and it doesn't append but it doesn't give me a warning. I gotta figure this out before I start embedding it into macros because if it...
  5. K

    Advanced Sorting Question

    I have two sheets (costing and recipes) that share the same data in column A (Ingredient)(functions as primary key and always initially entered in the costing sheet). When I add a new Ingredient to the costing sheeting and sort that column it sorts correctly in the costing sheet and all the...
  6. R

    Material reporting - interchangeability - product line versus product depth

    Dear all, I am trying to generate a material report for different product lines. Unfortunately, when creating the references in our system (different suppliers giving the same product specification on a different part number), the links between specific products was not made in a simple...
  7. J

    Percentiles in Dynamic Array via Primary Keys

    Hi, Summary: I need help calculating the 50th percentile of a given array where the array is determined by using a reference to a primary key. Table 1 contains base salary values based on various positions associated with various companies. This table is structured so that the table header is...
  8. B

    No unique index found for the referenced field of the primary table

    I have an assignment where I need to design a database with special instructions. Within the db design are 2 tables: one table (Purchase Orders) with 2 primary fields identified (Purchase number and Computer Part #), the second Table is the Cash Disbursements Table that has Purchase number as a...
  9. A

    Multiple SUMIFS criteria with multiple criteria in a column

    Dear all, I am confused about array in Sumifs formula and after browsing several thread about sumifs, i know we cannot use formula such as =SUM(SUMIFS(E3:E10;B3:B10;B14;C3:C10;{"dog";"cat"};D3:D10;{"male";"female"})) and should replace with sumproduct formula, but what if i still need the first...
  10. K

    Intricate Primary Key Generation

    Good day all I have looked for this subject under previous posts, but have not found it, please do direct me to it if I have indeed missed it. I am in the process of creating concurrent timelines for different countries of dates - BC and AD in Excel. (Column Headings are countries, rows are...
  11. Darren Bartrup

    Combination of two fields must be unique.

    I know if I set two fields as Primary Keys then the combination of those two fields cannot be duplicated within the table. Is there a way of achieving this without setting the fields as Primary Keys? I have a table with four fields: <tbody> ID AutoNumber and PK sPostalSector Text lBranchID...
  12. S

    Creating a Primary Key in PowerPivot

    I've imported data to PowerPivot from Excel. The data is split between three worksheets, 65k rows a piece. There is no primary key on the data. The tables (3) are identical. In order to establish a relationship between the tables, I understand that I need a key. Is there a way to create the key...
  13. K

    Report Showing Primary Keys instead of Names!

    I have a report based on a Query. The Query, when run, displays the Project Names and Task Names. When creating the report (report wizard), Access reverts all the Project and Task Names back to thier primary keys. The report is broken down as such: Project Task Activity Sum...
  14. E

    How to link two tables so they update each other?

    Hello, I have this table that I currently use that's now grown to over 300 columns wide, and I want to split it up into two (and in the future, multiple) smaller tables. Basically, each record represents an account number, and the columns contain information about the account. I would like to...
  15. T

    PowerPivot Linked Table and Key Values

    Hi- new to the forum. I have a table in Excel that is dynamic-changes based on parameters. We'll call this table "ExcelDynamicTable." I have linked this table to a table in Powerpivot. We will call this "PPTable." Column A in PPTable has my primary key and I want to use it to create...
  16. S

    Creating column from select data in multiple columns

    I have some data that is populated every two weeks. Each employee who falls into this catagory needs to have a specific ID assigned to them. The ID must state the location they work, the year of the transaction, the first 3 letters of the last name, and the last four of their SSN. See the data...
  17. S

    Automatically add a value to a table using a macro

    Hi I really need some help either writing a macro or finding another way to have my database automatically fill data in a row when new values are added. I am working with excel 2007, I have a database where I add information pulled offline. I copy/paste the values into a new row under the...
  18. S

    Primary Key Identifier

    is there a way that let system selects the field combination to generate Primary key for that data base. I have 50-60 fields and each has a repeating value at some point. So I want the system to check a combination of fields which can give me primary key for that data base.

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