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  1. L

    non printable theme color for cell; marking cell requires mandatory updates

    I have a spreadsheet which needs to be updated on regular basis. I wanna mark the cell requires mandatory updates with colors but I don't want those to be print. How to add non printable theme color for cell in excel? What is the best way to do it? Please help
  2. A

    Macro to set print format for workbook

    I have a workbook with multiple worksheets set to show/hide. I've created the below macro as a start to set the printing format so that it doesn't change for the users. I have two questions: 1) will the print settings apply when the users save the document in pdf format, and 2) how do I get the...
  3. C

    Print Rows based on value of cell B13:B53

    Hello everyone:rolleyes: I have an order form with multiple options listed. In cells B13:B53 I have checkboxes (linked to those cells). Some rows instead of checkboxes, I have a quantity set to "0" by default. This sheet is protected. I would like it to print only the rows that have TRUE in...
  4. Grizlore

    Print every tab which is a chart (or everything but 'data')

    Dear All, Would someone have such a code? I am try to print just the charts in a workbooks using VBA I have a spreadsheet with >28 charts in it, and one data worksheet (called "data). So either need to print everything apart from the tab called "Data". Or print every tab which is a chart...

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