print area macro help

  1. S

    Print selection code doesn

    Hello, I am trying to create a code to automatically select the range (that can vary horizontally) and print it. I tried to use this code, but it prints only 1 page regardless the amount of pages needed to print all data in range. And I don't even understand why it limits it to 1 page. Sub...
  2. H

    Print Password Protected PDF file from outlook

    Guys, I am New to this forum. Appreciate your any help in my below issue: I am receiving 200+ emails in outlook everyday as PDF attachment. All attachments are protected with known and Same Password. Is it possible to create VBA to Print all these on Daily Basis? Currently I have to open each...
  3. S

    Printing a worksheet in Portrait and Landscape

    Hi, I have a worksheet where I want to print Cells A1:M36 in Portrait orientation but then also print cells A38:A69 in landscape orientation. I cant seem to be able to do this through normal measures so would anyone have some code I can use to do this instead? thanks in advance
  4. R

    set print area for multiple sheet at the same time

    I have a file that contains 25 worksheets w/ all same formatting. Now, I need to set the print area to A1:N58 for sheets("firstone") and set the print area to A1:N40 for sheets("secondone"). I only know how to do this for 1 worksheet (activesheet) at a time. Below is what i used...
  5. J

    Export sheets to PDF macro

    Using this code to export multiple worksheets to PDF, how can I adjust the PDF zoom that the PDF will open up to? Manually creating the PDF does this for you but the macro doesn't. Can anyone help? Sub PDFPages() ThisWorkbook.Sheets(Array("Front Page", "Page", "Last")).Select...
  6. A

    Getting VBA in Excel NOT to print certain ranges where Total is = 0

    Hey Guys/Ladies, My code currently selects a set number of Named Ranges to print.. It prints everything. Even zero totals..aaargh. I need help getting VBA code not to print "Ranges" in worksheets where the "Total" any given table is " 0 ". Sub PrintCDivSum() 'error trap added for...
  7. A

    help getting VBA code not to print "Ranges" in worksheets where the "Total" any given table is " 0 ".

    Hey Guys/Ladies, My code currently selects a set number of Named Ranges to print.. It prints everything. Even zero totals..aaargh. I need help getting VBA code not to print "Ranges" in worksheets where the "Total" any given table is " 0 ". Sub PrintCDivSum() 'error trap added for...
  8. E

    Excel printing

    I have an excel document with 10 tabs. The first two tabs print 11x17 and the remainder print 8.5x11. When I print the entire document, how can I make it so the first two tabs print on 8.5x11 front and back? I want it to print like this every time. Is this a macro?
  9. A

    How to print list of data into two columns on a page

    I have a list of products that I have employees use as a reference sheet to confirm they are picking the correct item # in our shipping department. The sheet is set up as column A - item # column B - Item name column C - Small picture of item column D - how to package the item As I need to...
  10. S

    Set Different Print Areas for Multiple Sheets

    Greetings Lovers of Excel, In making my label printer, I will need to set the print area for multiple sheets based on a range generated in a cell. E.g. Sheet1 might need cells A1:P1200 set as print area, Sheet2 might need cells A1:G694 set as the print area, Sheet3 might not need to be...
  11. ed.ayers315

    Print macro help

    Hi forum goes, Need help on the following code. I pieced this together from other posts. I am trying to get this long print range to only print the sections that have information to print, if the next section does not have printable information, it should move to the next section until it has...
  12. T

    Print Selected Charts on the Same Page

    Hello All, I have a worksheet containig 12 different charts. I have created a print button that brings up a user form that contains a check box for each chart name. Depending on which charts the user wants, they are to check the box next to each desired chart. I am needing a print macro...
  13. K

    Set Printarea in Macro

    The Question: Does the "PrintArea" Property require an A1 style reference? The Problem: I am using a macro to generate a report. I have the report macro handled. It generates a 4 column table that starts at A3 and ends at D42. Once row 42 is reached the macro starts at E3 and continues...
  14. N

    Print "If" Function

    Is there a print "if" function that would recognize text values and print the page instead of manually changing the page break each time. Background : I am creating a generic template for journal entries and trying to include additional notes as needed. I have added an outlined box to include...
  15. B

    Print only 2011 info

    Hi all, First time posting so sorry if I miss out info you require. I am working on some bank ledgers in excel, some of which date back to 2005. These are updated by the bank weekly and forwarded to me. I was wondering whether there was any way in which to automatically sift out the...
  16. L

    Print area. in macro/VBA

    I have a worksheet with billing information. Column A (A6 and down) marks whether an invoice has been entered (= 1) or not (=-1). There are also codes "-2" and "0" (zero) From the beginning there are 2000 rows of "-1" in this column. This is safely over the maximum number of invoices in a...
  17. P

    How to create macro to print all data from drop list

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD align=left>I have a Data Validation Box in Cell E7 Worksheet "Report" that references the employees numbers in I3:I80 in another worksheet "Data". I can select the employee numbers from the Data Validation box & it will...
  18. S

    Problems with Macro's to set print Range

    Hi I have been having a problem trying to create a macro that sets the print area of my document by looking for the text Grand Total in Column A and the text Grand Total in Row 7. The sheet I will be using this on is created by an export from our server. Any Help would be greatly appreciated

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