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  1. F

    print chart to pdf problem

    Hi I'm using Excel in Office 365 and using a spreadsheet in .xlsx format. I need to print a chart to a pdf (which I then convert to a jpg for a website). I select the chart, then try to print to Adobe pdf and I get an error "The number must be between 10 and 400. Try again by entering a...
  2. A

    Charts missing information on printout (look fine on screen)

    I have a spreadsheet in Excel 2007 which crunches a large amount of data into 71 charts. The 71 charts are on a single worksheet, formatted to print four charts per page. Back on December 12, I was able to print the worksheet and everything appeared as I would expect. Now, I go back into the...
  3. Grizlore

    Print every tab which is a chart (or everything but 'data')

    Dear All, Would someone have such a code? I am try to print just the charts in a workbooks using VBA I have a spreadsheet with >28 charts in it, and one data worksheet (called "data). So either need to print everything apart from the tab called "Data". Or print every tab which is a chart...
  4. J

    Only half of the chart will print

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with 10 worksheets. I created a new chart in a separate worksheet and I copy the picture of a chart along the side of the new chart. The problem is when I go to print, it will only print the "chart" and NOT the picture of the chart which is located on the same...

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