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    Help needed with VBA for printer settings popup

    Hi guys long time user 1st time poster. I am hoping someone will be able to give me a hand or at least point me in the right direction. we are looking at a number of ways to curb paper use (currently 25,000 a week). I found that often people printed multiple copies due to the settings not...
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    Printing macro

    I'm using a multi-dimensional model (underlying Access Database) with an Excel (2003) user interface. From Excel I can easily choose from various members within the dimensions i.e the version dimension (Actual, Budget...), the entitiy dimension (businesses) and the time dimension (i.e. annual...
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    Print Dialog Box pre-select choices

    I am looking to have the print dialog box pop up for the users of my spreadsheet and I need the "selection" radio button under "Print What" to be selected instead of "Active Sheet(s)". I've already got everything selected I just don't think the users will remember to choose "selection" when...

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