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    Excel table formatting in A4 printable format

    Hello Folks, I am trying to create a table format where i have setup the page layout to A4 size. I populate the table with data that is received from the server and that is only single column,everything works fine. What i want is when the data is inserted into Col A i want the data to fill the...
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    Setting Print Layout Width with VBA

    Hi All, i'm attempting to automate a print-to-pdf process from within a change-order cost-estimating workbook. i've managed to work it all the way through selecting sheets based on a cell value, hiding blank rows on those sheets and generating the finished document. at issue is the process of...
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    Page Break or Print Issue - Probably Super Easy ... Need Your Help

    This issue is driving me insane, but hopefully an super easy fix ... I'm using Excel for Mac 2008. Each page has only one column (and 26 rows). My goal is to change this to a more normal setting where each page has multiple columns, but I can't figure out how. Does anyone know how to do this in...

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