1. D

    Copy & Pasted - Print then Clear on Weekday

    Hi All Simply I want to copy data entered in workbook 1 to workbook 2, after it has printed sheet 1 of workbook 2 on Mondays clear the cells of information. I am stuck mostly with clearing on Mondays. partial help would be as welcomed as a complete solution. In more depth: Workbook "Master...
  2. J

    Macro to cycle through drop-down selection to print to pdf (with loop?)

    Hello, I've got an excel workbook. There's a drop-down menu (validated) on the main worksheet I'd like to print to PDF. It populates data based on the drop-down option and the data is pulled from other worksheets. I'd like to 1) select from the drop down menu, 2) print the main spreadsheet to...
  3. D

    VBA - Print sheets based on Date

    Hi All I currently have 3 sheets that I am required to print every Monday (but forget). I want to add a VBA to automatically print a sheet when the data rows which fall on a Monday are filled in. The print out comes from sheet/tab "KPI's" and the data which is compiled is under tab "Daily Data...
  4. J

    VBA Code to Print Specific Non-Continuous Pages in Excel

    I have a worksheet in a workbook that I have created that, with manually assigned page breaks, has 276 pages in total. I am wondering if there is a VBA code that will allow me to assign what pages from the worksheet I have print out of those 276. There are times the pages I want to print will...
  5. J

    VBA Code to print rows containing a specific value in Column A

    I have read through several posts and cannot find a code that will work correctly. I have a spreadsheet that has 700+ rows and 100+ columns. Column A contains a value of Y or N. I need a code , using a Toggle Button, that will print ONLY the rows that have a Y in column A. I know this can be...
  6. M

    Macro to print different Worksheets in separate printjobs based on user selection

    I have a workbook with different worksheets. As these have different orientations you can't simply select and print them, as the page orientation is the same on all of them as on the first page. Now I would like to create a macro with which I can print the selected pages (which are not always...
  7. G

    Print hidden sheets -

    I used the following code to print a hidden sheet and my first sheet disappeared .......can anyone tell me what the problem was, please TIA GT Sub PrintOnlyHiddenWorksheets() Dim CurVis As Long Dim sh As Worksheet For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets With sh...
  8. A

    Printing only rows with data?

    Hi all! I'm pretty sure this may have been answered before, but I'm self-taught in excel and know about 100% of nothing as far as coding goes, so I need to try an get this explained super simply if possible. The post I think I found before talked a lot about coding and something like VBA and I...
  9. A

    Select and Print Only Cells with Values

    Hi, newbie to VBA here. I have been researching and trying many ways to select and print a range, and I cannot find a way to print cells with values only. In my case, I create a list of entries through the day. I am creating a button so I can print all of these entries at the end of the day...
  10. L

    How to print every pages double sided in excel?

    Hi, For now, I go to print, select entire workbook, choose double sided, next page, rinse and repeat. The problem is I have 50 pages to do, is there a way to print the entire workbook double sided automatically? Thanks.
  11. K

    Programable Print Area?

    Is it possible to adjust the print area program-ably? I have a print area of say Cell A1 to Cell E50. This will do for 80% of my needs. Occasionally the table may extend another 15 rows or so. For this I would like to add a column F and use an "If" statement like If(E51 <>"", Set print area A1...
  12. H

    Macro to print and sort range

    Hello all not sure if what im needing is quite possible. Im needing a Macro to Sort a range and Print it without haveing to Sort the actual excel. Just need the Sorting to occur for print purposes not to effect the actual excel.
  13. C

    Multiple print job in one sheet

    Hi, Is there anyway to do a multiple print job in a single sheet quickly? For example, in this sheet call 'Shop Ticket', there are 100 pages. Sometimes, I need to print page 1-10, or 1-50 or 1-100. Sometimes, I need to print page 1-10 and 11-20 and 21-30 and 31-40 etc etc.... BUT all in...
  14. F

    Extract text from URL

    I have over 40,000 url similar to this one below What I want to do is create a listing title automatically from the above link so it reads: ANNE HATHAWAY A4 GLOSSY PHOTO PRINT #10 *FREE P&P* So basically I am taking the name and number...
  15. K

    Print area using table/range of cells

    I have a sheet with about 20 tables of data (one table per tenant), and I would like it to print as many of these tables as can fit on one sheet, but I don't want it to split any of the tables across two sheets. For example, if page 1 could feasibly fit 2.5 tables of data, I would want page 1 to...
  16. S

    Print selection code doesn

    Hello, I am trying to create a code to automatically select the range (that can vary horizontally) and print it. I tried to use this code, but it prints only 1 page regardless the amount of pages needed to print all data in range. And I don't even understand why it limits it to 1 page. Sub...
  17. L

    printing all workbooks names in one shot

    Hi The code below is to print each workbook's name. If I have 5 then it will msgbox these 5 files names. I want to improve this code so it can print all the name in one shot (not 5 msgboxs or whatever the number of the files). Is that possible? Thank you so much. Sub wb_names() 'to find...
  18. A

    Auto Print after scanning in 7 digit barcode

    Hey guys, I am wanting to print a label automatically after user scans in barcode in A1. The code I am using is If Intersect(Target, Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A1")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub Else Application.EnableEvents = False If Len(Target.Value) = 7 Then...
  19. willow1985

    VBA move print area down 1 row from active cell

    Hello, I was just wondering what would be the code to adjust a print area down 1 row without using specific ranges? I currently have a macro that finds the end of a table and adds a row for new data however I would like to expand the print area after I add the row by 1 row. the only code I...
  20. I

    Specific print output - page with frozen panes

    Hello, I would like to print attached sheet with frozen panes (two rows + five columns) on one A4 as follows. I have set print titles according to instructions on this page. Afterthat I select range F3:AC10 and then print...

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