1. C

    VBA Create PDF with pages spilling onto one PDF page

    I have a pivot table taking up a single column on a worksheet. The table contains a name and a date in the row field of the pivot table. The purpose is to summarise dates allocated to a person. When I print the table to a PDF it puts on column on each page. Is there way to spill it into 3...
  2. M

    Page Layout Margin

    Error rows going onto next page when space left on page, only seems to happen for this workbook, all others seem to fill ok. But there is a fair amount of invested time in layouts formula, and macros that would be a pain to switch to a new workbook (so i'm leaving that as last resort) Workbook...
  3. Z

    Upgrade Macro to populate cell and then print on loop

    I would like to upgrade an already answered question in a thread: Macro to populate cell and then print on loop I want to upgrade in a way that in addition to increasing a number in a cell and printing to take a value from a cell and save it with the name in the cell and also to the same time...
  4. O

    Print to Single PDF from Data Validation List on Mac

    Hey Everyone, So I've been looking online for this, but nothing seems to work. I have a dropdown list in cell B21 in sheet named CERTDELEGATES that pulls data form another sheet, Delegates. What I need is a macro that will print all the names in that list to a single PDF in the same folder as...
  5. V

    Loop code through Range

    Greetings Recently I have been working on a VBA that does the following while launched in a separate macro-enabled Excel file: 1. Open Workbook1 in a separate process and choses a unit in validation list (drop-down menu list, what changes data on the Sheet1) 2. Copy Sheet1 to a new workbook (in...
  6. U

    Copy selection range and paste in a specific sheet

    Hi guys i want when i select a range, after that with run a macro, doing this 3 steps Paste in a sheet that named Sheet from cell A3 after that print from a sheet that named Print after that clear contents from A3 until rows of sheet that named Sheet be ended...
  7. M

    Excel VBA to open a PDF and print as PDF

    I'm using this code that I found in another thread. It opens a pdf file in Adobe Reader and prints it to a PDF. It works great, however, when I run the code, it triggers a dialog window in Adobe Acrobat, where you are suppose to enter the file name and hit save. I would need it to have the file...
  8. M

    VBA code to prevent printing based on conditions

    Hi everyone. I have a multipage (single sheet) Excel file that is used as an application form. Blocks that needs to be filled in are filled with yellow color. Once the person fills it in, the block's fill becomes blank. Furthermore, there is a dropdown list that has a few options. If the option...
  9. R

    Remove cell color when print

    Hello, I need help. I wanted to remove the some cell color before printing. Some cell I have put the color (Green) for the user to know where to enter input. When the user enter "Ctrl+P", the Green cell will be removed. Below is the table :- Before Print Print Preview Info :- 1)...
  10. U

    Create Print button that print another sheet

    Hi guys how to create a vba button for print preview or quick print from another sheet?
  11. tycasey17

    VBA Print Page Range

    I have a 75-page spreadsheet that I want to be able to print a page or a range of pages without having to specify the normal way. Is there a way to be able to have a dialog box or have a cell dictate which page(s) I need to be printed?
  12. D

    Print bulk certificates

    I have played around with some VBA options but I’m not able to get what I’m looking for. I need to print individual certificates in PDF format, from the list within the same excel file. Each line in the list should be an individual certificate. The resulting PDF file naming should have the...
  13. J

    Opening Print Dialog Box and Printing to Microsoft PDF successfully

    Hi, I am having some trouble with what should simple VBA code that is producing an error and locking up Excel when I run the macro to where I have to go to my Task Manager to force-close Excel. I am trying to have the macro select the 'Cover' tab in my workbook, then open the Print Dialog Box...
  14. B

    Print function set to Print to PDF

    Hi I have a form that I would like to have the print function defaulted to Print to PDF I also would like the person to be able to preview the print prior this is the code I presently have that allows me to preview but not sure what to add in order for it to default to "Print to PDF"...
  15. D

    Copy & Pasted - Print then Clear on Weekday

    Hi All Simply I want to copy data entered in workbook 1 to workbook 2, after it has printed sheet 1 of workbook 2 on Mondays clear the cells of information. I am stuck mostly with clearing on Mondays. partial help would be as welcomed as a complete solution. In more depth: Workbook "Master...
  16. J

    Macro to cycle through drop-down selection to print to pdf (with loop?)

    Hello, I've got an excel workbook. There's a drop-down menu (validated) on the main worksheet I'd like to print to PDF. It populates data based on the drop-down option and the data is pulled from other worksheets. I'd like to 1) select from the drop down menu, 2) print the main spreadsheet to...
  17. D

    VBA - Print sheets based on Date

    Hi All I currently have 3 sheets that I am required to print every Monday (but forget). I want to add a VBA to automatically print a sheet when the data rows which fall on a Monday are filled in. The print out comes from sheet/tab "KPI's" and the data which is compiled is under tab "Daily Data...
  18. J

    VBA Code to Print Specific Non-Continuous Pages in Excel

    I have a worksheet in a workbook that I have created that, with manually assigned page breaks, has 276 pages in total. I am wondering if there is a VBA code that will allow me to assign what pages from the worksheet I have print out of those 276. There are times the pages I want to print will...
  19. J

    VBA Code to print rows containing a specific value in Column A

    I have read through several posts and cannot find a code that will work correctly. I have a spreadsheet that has 700+ rows and 100+ columns. Column A contains a value of Y or N. I need a code , using a Toggle Button, that will print ONLY the rows that have a Y in column A. I know this can be...
  20. M

    Macro to print different Worksheets in separate printjobs based on user selection

    I have a workbook with different worksheets. As these have different orientations you can't simply select and print them, as the page orientation is the same on all of them as on the first page. Now I would like to create a macro with which I can print the selected pages (which are not always...

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