1. I

    VBA Loop: Enter Value in a Cell then Save a Subset of Sheets as pdf

    Hi guys. This is my first post. I created an eternal calendar in Excel. I need to come up with a loop that would feed one of the cells with a specific starting year, let Excel do its thing, and then print the results as pdf file for each year. Leap years and common years would print from...
  2. IIII

    [VBA]: Delete empty rows from multiple tables and then print the range to pdf

    Hi All, I have this worksheet (see below) that has multiple formatted tables. Users are able to add or remove table rows as needed. What I'm wishing for it to do via VBA is the following: Remove any empty rows from any of the tables Print the whole thing from A2 down to F...the row just after...
  3. L

    Print Userform on Mac

    Good Morning, It's possible to print a Userform on Mac? I try Userform1.PrintForm but it doesn't work Thanks
  4. A

    Printing data from pivot table

    Hi, Good day, I am currently working with a large dataset and am utilizing a Pivot Table to better organize the information. I was wondering if there is any way for the summarized data from the Pivot Table to be sent to a new sheet and then printed with the formatting and other adjustments...
  5. J

    Printing same sheet with multiple values from other tab

    I have a main sheet named "EntryData" that changes based on the value selected in a dropdown box named "DropDown1" located on "EntryData". I am needing to be able to print the "EntryData" sheet for each value presented in "Dropdown1" with out any user interaction other than pushing a button. Is...
  6. W

    Save all versions of data validation to one PDF

    I have a worksheet named 'RAG' that creates individual sheets for each student. currently I have the code below that prints each validation. However, I'm looking at a way to have option to save it as one PDF document. I will want to be able to choose file path and name at point of save. Any...
  7. A

    Ask VBA how to Print separate PDF

    Hi All, I made a print worksheet design with checkboxes in vba excel, but I don't know how to print out a separate pdf. maybe someone can help me. Thank You Option Explicit Private Sub CheckBoxAll_Click() Dim formControl As MSForms.Control Dim cb As MSForms.CheckBox...
  8. L

    Print to PDF VBA

    Hi All, I have a sheet where I would like to be able to print to PDF using a control button however it seems to bug out after the End With. I can post the original document due to workplace security unfortunately. Heres the code, any suggestions? Sub MakePDF() Dim strFilename As String Dim...
  9. S

    How to Print multiple Hyperlink pdf file using VBA?

    Hello Everyone . I want to print my hyperlinked all pdf file by 1 Click by using VBA.
  10. S

    Disable manual printing just only done by macro-vba in excel

    I want to disable print for all users manually, Just print only from the macro assign button (want to use for small office billing invoices) Sub PostToRegister() Dim WS1 As worksheet Dim WS2 As worksheet Set WS1 = Worksheets("INVOICE") Set WS2 = Worksheets("DATABASE") WS2.Unprotect...
  11. T

    Print PDF files from folder.

    Hi guys, I need a VBA formula which can help me with PDF files PRINTING. How I thing it should be ? : 1) Excel with button ( Print ) Which print all cells with numbered files. 2) Folder include reports names : 12763-12764_AZF-CS-4004 and in excel I write only AZF-CS-4004. Is it possible to...
  12. C

    Dont Print Certain Rows (if they're blank)

    Hi guys, is there a way to avoid printing rows if there is no text in it? I make purchase orders that sometimes range in the hundreds of lines which would fit over multiple sheets of paper, but I would like to have just one page print my rows 18 to 35 specifically every time, and if there is...
  13. D

    specific print report

    Hello I would like to ask if and in what way it is possible to create a specific print report in excel. I need to print data from Excel in a specific format, where each cell in the column has a designated specific place in the document - from one line in Excel, make 3 on A4 in the printed...
  14. T

    VBA macro for Replace cell value from a list THEN Print Multiple Tabs with Value

    Sub PrintAll() Dim i As Long, LastRow As Long LastRow = Worksheets("Names").Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row For i = 1 To LastRow Worksheets("Form").Range("A1").Value = Worksheets("Names").Range("A" & i).Value Worksheets("Form").Range("Print_Me").PrintOut Next i End Sub I have...
  15. Z

    ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut outputs a PostScript file instead of a PDF file

    Can someone please help me understand why the macro below outputs a PostScript file instead of a PDF file and if there is a way to tweak it such that it does what I expect it to do which is to print a PDF file, not a PostScript file. I would immensenly appreciate any help. Thank you...
  16. P

    VBA Code to Remove Blanks and Print the sheet?

    I'm working on a project currently that requires me to sort a dataset into individual departments and print a list of products off for the department to check physical stock. Currently my sheet splits into 7 different sheets, each with a separate department list This works by sorting the "Dept...
  17. D

    Export only one sheet as PDF

    Hello Thanks for the help in advance! I wanted to have a button on a landing page of a workbook to print a specific sheet named "leather letter" on the excel file. So basically I would like that when someone clicks that button a prompt shows up to select the location to print only that sheet...
  18. D

    Printing Workbook as PDF

    Hi there. I've searched everywhere and couldn't find a solution for this :cry: I'm trying to export an excel workbook as a single file with the following conditions: - The first sheet shouldn't be exported - The second sheet should be in duplicated - The last sheet should be included or...
  19. M

    VBA to create printable Barcode sticker labels from Excel

    I am trying to generate printable stickers from Data I have in Excel. I currently have 4 columns of Data, Columns A and F are the values and C and H Barcodes were generated from Columns A and H: The problem I have is trying to format and mass generate printable Barcode sticker labels from...
  20. C


    Hi guys, I am currently working on a tool to efficiently print the logs of our production process. However, sad to say I am really stucked. Initially, my idea was to be able to select the desired .xlsx file from a directory - which I was able to do using a macro. Then...

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