1. M

    Open list of links then save as pdf

    Hi, please help me make a correct code. I have a list of links in column A, and I need to open all links then save each webpages to pdf. I am using the below code but I can only open 1 link using it by changing the Range to A2 and it doesn't print to pdf. Unfortunately, I cannot download...
  2. P

    Add text at the last row printed

    Hello, I have a worksheet that collect data from various worksheets and insert them at a worksheet. I need when I press print , a text that is in another sheet to be placed at the last printed page. i.e. if the print is 3 pages then then text wil be placed at the bottom of the 3rd page. If 2...
  3. V

    Macro for printing same form multiple times in pdf

    Hello! I am working in a tool to generate reports. I have created a form in one worksheet "Report" and when a change a cell values related to the tag, this form is be populated with the information related to that tag number. I created the following code, but after the macro finish running, the...
  4. X

    Export multiple ranges as PDF file

    Hey, I have a problem with exporting a range of data to an PDF file. I looked around this website but none seems to give me the solution. I am using this code to export a PDF file, which than will be attached to an email, this works perfect. ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF...
  5. T

    Print the same excel files from folder

    Hi guys, I need print a lot of same documents from my working folder. And those excel files has only 2 pages and I need only second page from those documents. How I can do that with VBA ? Thank you !!! Files plece in C:\Users\User\Desktop\WQT CER
  6. C

    Print based on sheet names (dates)

    Hello looking for some support and not even sure if it is possible Am looking for a way to use macro to ask the user to enter 2 dates and it will print the sheets between these dates sounds simple but am guessing not as easy to do background Am using A single workbook with each sheet named...
  7. mehidy1437

    Printing file to default printer, not to Application ActivePrinter in VBA

    Hi, I'm using the below code to print files to a different printer than the default printer. But my file is always printing to the default printer, but not to the application.activeprinter Please help me to sort out the issue. Declare PtrSafe Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias _...
  8. D

    Printing Issue

    I am trying to print ranges based on the last row number and the Listbox selection. It gets down to this line then it says the compile error wrong number of arguments??? Set Rng = ws.Range("A1:AA61", "A62:AA122", "A123:AA183") Full code: Private Sub Print_Job_Card_Click() Dim i As...
  9. M

    Auto Increment Cell Value By 2 After Each Print

    I know its a boring question and i found many questions like this one. But im unable to edit code to suit my needs... I found code here with similar problem. My situation: I have a template on first page...
  10. dss28

    Printing from very hidden excel sheets

    In my workbook, I have several sheets which contain different forms and where the data is populated through vba program. I am able to print these forms only when the sheets are made visible, if very hidden the printing is not possible. I am adding thisworkbook.sheets("sheetname").activate...
  11. C

    VBA Create PDF with pages spilling onto one PDF page

    I have a pivot table taking up a single column on a worksheet. The table contains a name and a date in the row field of the pivot table. The purpose is to summarise dates allocated to a person. When I print the table to a PDF it puts on column on each page. Is there way to spill it into 3...
  12. M

    Page Layout Margin

    Error rows going onto next page when space left on page, only seems to happen for this workbook, all others seem to fill ok. But there is a fair amount of invested time in layouts formula, and macros that would be a pain to switch to a new workbook (so i'm leaving that as last resort) Workbook...
  13. Z

    Upgrade Macro to populate cell and then print on loop

    I would like to upgrade an already answered question in a thread: Macro to populate cell and then print on loop I want to upgrade in a way that in addition to increasing a number in a cell and printing to take a value from a cell and save it with the name in the cell and also to the same time...
  14. O

    Print to Single PDF from Data Validation List on Mac

    Hey Everyone, So I've been looking online for this, but nothing seems to work. I have a dropdown list in cell B21 in sheet named CERTDELEGATES that pulls data form another sheet, Delegates. What I need is a macro that will print all the names in that list to a single PDF in the same folder as...
  15. V

    Loop code through Range

    Greetings Recently I have been working on a VBA that does the following while launched in a separate macro-enabled Excel file: 1. Open Workbook1 in a separate process and choses a unit in validation list (drop-down menu list, what changes data on the Sheet1) 2. Copy Sheet1 to a new workbook (in...
  16. U

    Copy selection range and paste in a specific sheet

    Hi guys i want when i select a range, after that with run a macro, doing this 3 steps Paste in a sheet that named Sheet from cell A3 after that print from a sheet that named Print after that clear contents from A3 until rows of sheet that named Sheet be ended...
  17. M

    Excel VBA to open a PDF and print as PDF

    I'm using this code that I found in another thread. It opens a pdf file in Adobe Reader and prints it to a PDF. It works great, however, when I run the code, it triggers a dialog window in Adobe Acrobat, where you are suppose to enter the file name and hit save. I would need it to have the file...
  18. M

    VBA code to prevent printing based on conditions

    Hi everyone. I have a multipage (single sheet) Excel file that is used as an application form. Blocks that needs to be filled in are filled with yellow color. Once the person fills it in, the block's fill becomes blank. Furthermore, there is a dropdown list that has a few options. If the option...
  19. R

    Remove cell color when print

    Hello, I need help. I wanted to remove the some cell color before printing. Some cell I have put the color (Green) for the user to know where to enter input. When the user enter "Ctrl+P", the Green cell will be removed. Below is the table :- Before Print Print Preview Info :- 1)...
  20. U

    Create Print button that print another sheet

    Hi guys how to create a vba button for print preview or quick print from another sheet?
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