printing worksheet select

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    Print Sheets Based on User

    I would like to create a macro that would print certain worksheets based on the user name that is selected. I have a very large workbook, but the 20 different people in the company that view this document each desire different pages. Ideally, I would like to give each the option to either...
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    Variable paper size for printing

    I'm trying to set the paper size of a worksheet by using a variable from a cell. (see code below) The variable for how many copies works but the paper size does not. If I use the following code (in green) instead on the code in red it works. HELP! Worksheets("RAG Summary").PageSetup.PaperSize...
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    Printing Selected Sheets macro

    I have been trying to solve an issue i have with a macro, which i am a complete noob, could someone solve this for me i need a button on a main worksheet to search all 80 worksheets within the same workbook and print each worksheet that (a1)= "Client" sheets can be printed as single print...

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