1. S

    No Margins

    Hi All, Is it possible, to have printout in Excel with NO margins (maybe with macro) ? Thank you in advance.
  2. S

    code to printout 2 copies not 1

    Hello, I use this line in my code to printout copies of sheet3, I need it to print 2 copies, not just 1? any help would be greatly appreciated. I am sure it is very easy change to this line, but I cant get it to work. Sheet3.Range("A1:I20").PrintOut Next Next End With
  3. M

    Print sheet with tab showing on printout

    How do I print a sheet and have the tab show up in the document?
  4. P

    VBA Userform with Multiselection Listbox for one print job

    I've been trying to create an UserForm for printing from a dinamically generated ListBox of available Sheets on my workbook. It looks like this: I set 1 - fmMultiSelectMulti in the ListBox properties to allow multiselection. Usually, I need the sheets printed in color, as well as a copy...
  5. P

    Userform with Multiselection Listbox for one print job

    Dear all, I've been trying to create an UserForm for printing from a dinamically generated ListBox of available Sheets on my workbook. It looks like this: I set 1 - fmMultiSelectMulti in the ListBox properties to allow multiselection. Usually, I need the sheets printed in color, as well as a...
  6. G

    Pull data from one sheet to another sheet

    Dear All, Please find below mentioned VBA code.I tried to take printout of the employees name in certificate.Name are mentioned in workers sheet and certificate format is in Worker_Certificate sheet. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() x = 2 Sheets("Workers").Range("B" & x).Copy...
  7. W

    Non printing cels

    Hi Guys! Is there a way to have a certain cell that is inside a print range to not print? For example... my print range is A1 thru F10. But I have data in cell C5 and that should never be shown on the printout. Is there any way to make that one cell always be non printable? Thanks in...
  8. M

    Printout in a loop, keep getting same

    Hi,I have used below code to fill certain OLEObjects in a loop:Dim rng As RangeDim wsS As WorksheetDim wsD As WorksheetActiveSheet.Copy after:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)Sheets(Sheets.Count).Name = "Sourcebook"Set wsS = Sheets("Sourcebook")Set wsD = Sheets("CMR")Set rng = wsS.Range("A3"...
  9. W

    Printout Command Question

    I want to print 3 copies but what do I enter for the From and To varients? expression .PrintOut(From, To, Copies, Preview, ActivePrinter, PrintToFile, Collate, PrToFileName, IgnorePrintAreas)
  10. K

    Print non blanks

    This is my first thread over here, I hope I'll have some luck with it :) I have a sheet, with 132 pages (all with page breaks). Not all those pages have values. So, some of these pages are just blank. I need a code that activates the sheet, selects all the non blanks, and prints them out. The...
  11. F

    Error when printing an Excel sheet with .PrintOut: "the object invoked has disconnected from its clients"

    Hi folks, I'm new to this forum and an intermediate level user of Excel and VBA. I have made a rather simple code in my Excel 2010 workbook/VBA project to print one sheet and at the moment I continuingly run into this nasty problem: Excel occasionally gives me (only sometimes!) the error...
  12. iouu2

    Code not working for .PrintOut

    Hi. I made a command button that will print off tabs within a workbook. However, I am trying to make it so that this excel file can be print-ready, meaning everything is easy to read and doesn't flow into 3 pages when it can be condensed into one? The problem I am having is I want to make it so...
  13. C

    Access Forms Checkbox checked print out weirdly

    I have a form in Access which I need to print a hard copy. The checkboxes on this form look terrible on the printout if they are checked. Is there any fix for this? In other words, is there a way to make them acutally look like checkmarks? I'd take completely filled in over what's actually...
  14. E

    Update Page Number in cell for Print Area

    Hello all, I would like to be able to update the page number in a repeating print area and have a single printout command to produce a single pdf file. The print area is fixed and I know the number of pages (3). There is a cell where the user can input the first page number to be used. Here...
  15. N

    Printing to PDF

    I've got a macro that loops through the charts on a sheet and exports them to jpg. That works, but for my purposes jpg quality probably won't cut it. So I've set it up to print to PDF. I've got it working so I have one chart on a page. That's what I want, but the issue is that the chart only...
  16. N

    Add to PrintOut function to specify layout, paper size, etc.

    I need to print out several tables based on some user input (I have the code for that bit and it works great). My problem is that I am not familiar with the PrintOut function. Here is that I have so far: If Sheet2.Range("P14").Value = True Then Sheet5.Range("A1:O25").PrintOut...
  17. C

    PrintOut & xlDialogPrint skipped

    I have a workbook that by default shows 1 sheet where the user makes selections from a listbox. Once the selections are made, new sheets are created for each of them in this workbook. I have created a button that should both create and print by clicking on it. The code for this is: Sub...

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