1. S

    DAX last date Prior to a specific date

    Hi I'm trying to figure out what the last discount was on a Prior date. I have the following: tblInvPriceDisc that has a list of all the dates and discounts for all sku's tblInvSkuMaster that has a list of all sku's in the company ConfigurationTable that has the date i'm looking up. I would...
  2. S

    Get Count of Unique Items Within A Designated Area

    So the easiest way to explain what I am trying to do is with an example. See the sample Data below: <tbody> <tbody> Investment </tbody> <tbody> Current/Prior </tbody> <tbody> Routine/NonRoutine </tbody> <tbody> AA </tbody> <tbody> FHLMC GOLD PL V84191 </tbody>...
  3. O

    Calculated Column Circular Error need alternative solution

    Hello, I unfortunately/fortunately learned the hard way yesterday that using the calculate function in calculated columns doesn't always work out so well and have since spent entirely too much time spinning my wheels trying to figure out an alternative solution to my report requirement. Hoping...
  4. T

    Finding row number of the last date in a given month

    Hi, I have the below table Line # Date Amount 2 15/1/2019 1000 3 28/5/2019 1500 4 28/5/2019 9999 5 28/5/2019 8888 I want to extract the row number of the last date that is after 30/4/2019 and prior to...
  5. E

    VBA Code for Vlookup between two open workbooks

    I am looking for VBA code to enter vlookupformulas in columns AS through AX (lookup data in column A - varying rowlengths each month). The lookup data will be in another open workbook (prior month (different filename each month: YYYY-MM Project Level (QuickCheck)in columns X through AC. There...
  6. S

    Curious: One works, the other doesn't ---- why????

    I have a workbook with multiple sheets. I have some simple code that I thought would work, but for some reason it doesn't. Here is the code in a module: Sub GoHome() Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Set wb = ThisWorkbook For Each ws In wb.Worksheets ws.Range("A1").Select Next...
  7. Geo1126

    SUMIF Prior 3 months

    Greetings Excel Wizards. I'm trying to figure out how to make a SUMIF formula work based on the prior 3 months of the current month (excluding the current month). I have hundreds of parts with hundreds of shipments on my source data sheet (a shipping log). on a separate table I have a...
  8. D

    VBA filter for removing prior month data

    Hello all! I've been engaging in a crash course of Excel macros ever since I was reassigned to help my department streamline data processing. I've done fairly well, but at this point, there are two steps in the process that I haven't figured out how to code. For the purposes of the example...
  9. A

    Popup warning when swithcing sheets in workbook

    Hi all, I am generally pretty good with Excel but I havenever worked with visual basic or writing macros. In my current role I ambuilding a template for project managers to use to forecast. One of the itemsis to check the number of people forecasted against the prior month peopleworked. I did a...
  10. R

    Seems like it should be easy?? How to format the referenced cell in this formula??

    Hi all, I have this line in a waiver: ="That the total amount of the contract including extras is $ "&D35&" prior to this payment on which he has received payment of $"&F35&" prior to this payment. " Which produces this: "That the total amount of the contract including extras is $ 91855223...
  11. B

    sum 12 columns prior

    I have the following formula =GETPIVOTATA("Revenue",$A$4, "ClientName","Johnson Market","LOB","CL") . It happens to reference cell Z25 in my pivot table. Is there a formula that I could use that would return the result of the sum of the 12 columns prior (N25:Y25)? I need to keep the...
  12. B

    using getpivotdata as reference point to sum range

    I have a pivot table where my rows are client names an the columns are dates. Is there a way that I can use the getpivotdata function to identify a reference starting point and then sum the prior twelve dates/columns. If there aren't 12 prior dates/column, it would just return zero? I am...
  13. theboyscout

    Unique Random Between

    I'm creating a unique number for new users of a list of 3000. What I would like to do is create random numbers which do not already exist in the list of prior users. Something like: randombetween(100000, 999999) <> A3 Thanks in advance
  14. T

    How to Count unique values in a single column

    Hello, What formula can I use to count unique values in a single column located on a worksheet named "Prior"? Example: Worksheet name ""prior" column D has the following information which is in text format 11111 22222 11111 33333 33333 44444 55555 11111 55555 I need a formula that will count...
  15. A

    Putting similiar records from different table underneath each other in a pivot table

    Good morning all. I have 2 tables in XL. One table has prior year information and the other year has current year info. Both table have the following simple structure: Month / Major Descr / Units My pivot table has the months as rows and the item code as column. I want my data to look like...
  16. D

    Capture of Prior Information

    Hello, As a team, we use an excel to document accomplishments for each project we are working on. We make updates to the accomplishment section in the excel document every 2 weeks. We are looking for an automatic way to roll-up accomplishments from prior weeks into one column. Our initial...
  17. B

    find replace * not wildcard

    I am trying to do a find replace on formulas that include * for multiplication. A lot of cells that have *12, *11, *10, etc. and I want to replace all of these to be *1. When I try to do a find replace of '*12' it replaces everything prior to the *12 since the * is flagged as the wildcard...
  18. R

    Looping and conditions - VBA

    Hello! I get some workbooks on a weekly basis from a supplier. The data is split across 4/5 worksheets and I pick up certain data from the last worksheet (anything that has a 0 as the 1st charachter in the string in column B) and add it to the prior sheet under the last cell in column B with a...
  19. M

    eomonth vs edate

    I have months in columns from a table called dates_d. I want the revenue of the prior month, so I did calculate([rev],filter(all(dates_d),dates_d[date]>=edate(mina(dates_d),-1)&&dates_d[date]<edate(mina(dates_d),0))) Which works fine But then I do...
  20. B

    Conditional Format Current Month and Those Prior

    Greetings! First I would like to say thank you for taking the time to look at my issue and offer a solution, your help is greatly appreciated. I am looking for help in creating a formula or direction on how to highlight dates in a cell(s) using Conditional Formatting for which are in the...

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