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    VBA - When Union is used IF sentence does not work..?

    Hi, Im trying to look at multiple ranges and check each cells with an if sentence in order to replace letters with words e.g. If the cells reads "AR" replace it with "Night"..This works perfectly if I say Range("D10:D40") but not if i say Union(Range("D10:D40"), Range("L10:L40")...
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    VBA userforms(Combobox - saving - editing of data)

    Hello my name is sebastiaan and i am doing an internship in an company fort hat company i am trying to make an excel file that works with userforms to keep track of the maintance of the UV machines that are installed in section 1-8 and in 9-12 and in 13-16. Each section has 4 userforms: Main...
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    VBA Code Working Incorrectly, Loops

    I have a list of values which I want to be part of my Header names. The problems is the code cycles through all the names for each worksheet, rather than matching worksheet 3 to d8 and 4 to d9 etc. Sub RenameRows() Dim Wkb As Workbook Dim ws As Sheets Set Wkb = ThisWorkbook...
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    Move to next cell if the statement is false return value if true. -- PROBLEM

    <tbody> A B C 1 20166-78 #N/A 2 20166-110 #N/A 3 20166-134 #N/A 4 20166-135 #N/A 5 20166-78 6 #N/A 7 #N/A 8 #N/A 9 #N/A 10 #N/A 11 20166-110 12 20166-134 13 20166-135 14 20167-13 15 #N/A 16 #N/A 17 12357-9 18 563263-8...
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    Problem disabling Form Control Button during macro

    Hi, I'm trying to disable a Form Control button if a certain Form Control Option Button is checked. The only problem is that the button won't disable, hence, allowing me to continue running the macro. My code is as follows: Dim optBtn66 As Excel.OptionButton Set optBtn66 =...
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    Hello gang! I've got two question on how to 'find' some values in a specific data file, namely: - the '52-Week High' of the share price (highest valu

    Hello gang! I've got two question on how to 'find' some values in a specific data file, namely: - the '52-Week High' of the share price (highest value of the share in that specific year) - the value of the share price of the last trading day of that specific year (this isn't always 12/31/20..)...
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    vba macro defining a filter based on a array of cells with numbers and text values not working - please, help me

    Hi all, I'm stuck at the moment with the following problem. I have researching and googling for a solution without luck... Working with vba excel 2010 I have a workbook with two main tabs: PurchaseReport and CeCos_Tab The PurchaseReport contains a range of cells where the first column have...
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    Kindly do Coding for problem telling below

    Sir, I am not familiar with VB code of excel. So Kindly make coding for me. I have No. of Rows Like A,B,C,D,E...... and row A have unique data. I want to replace the data in in all column with the help of Row A. do coding just that a user form find data by row A and ask for replacing. And...

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