procedure too large

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    Procedure too large - VBA - Userform

    Hello, new member here! I'm beginning with VBA and I've runned in a new problem with my code. I have a userform with about 610 textboxes which values are copied in a column in a database. If I enter new data the code works well, but if I want to edit I get this error message "Compile Error...
  2. D

    VBA procedure too large

    hi Guys, I have a huge worksheet with a lot of code in it, but everytime i run it, it gives me an error saying the procedure is too large. Is there a work around it? the code is 4000 lines, but most of it is the same thing with the only difference being either the table name, column name, or...
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    Procedure Too Large

    I have simple but long code as below. I am getting error saying that "Procedure too large". Can someone tell me how to make it shorter or split it? Appreciate and thanks in advance. Option Explicit Private Sub cmdCancel_Click() Unload Me End Sub Private Sub cmdOK_Click() Dim LColumn As...
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    Compile error

    When running my macro I received a compile error stating the procedure is too large. Does this error mean there are too many formulas for this macro? How do I fix it?
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    VBA Select Case error: procedure too large

    Hi, I have 30 different cases working well in one module so far. Now I need to add some more cases, but the system doesn’t allow me to start defining any new cases under Select – Case, it shows: compile error: procedure too large. I’m thinking maybe there’s a way to combine multiple cases...
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    Procedure Too Large - I know I should condense it, but I don't know how...

    Hi there Excel Wizards, I wonder if you can help me with a problem I'm having. I'm creating a heat map in Excel, and after many months of struggle I've managed to source the code. When I've put it together in VBA (of which my knowledge is zero), I get a Procedure Too Large message. I've...
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    Macro procedure too large.... how can I shorten?

    My spreadsheet has a specific macro embedded in it that I want to run many times (the command sets several items in the current row on spreadsheet, and then jumps to next row). I set up my own macro to run the command many times in succession (for many rows). It sets calculation to Manual...
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    Excel VBA: Procedure too large - doomed?

    I received a "procedure too large" error which, according to web search result, can be solved by splitting codes into smaller subroutines. In my case, I don't know how to do it. My error occurs in "select case". I have more than 200 cases to process. Any idea how to split cases into smaller unit?
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    Procedure Declarations Equal to Initialize and Activate

    :confused:What is a procedure that acts the same as Userform_Initialize() and Userform_Activate()? I have tried typing my own as Userform_Initialize2() but it does not work. I just need another procedure that will run when the form is opened other than those 2. Please help. imav
  10. N

    Procedure too large - how can I shorten my code?

    I have written a macro to work from an command button to update sales reports. This command button will update the master sheet, then create, rename and save etc individual files to be emailed out to the sales guys. The code is now too long as I am still quite new to using visual basic I do...

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