1. D

    Multiple categories based on keywords and values

    Hey folks, Kinda new to this excel thingy so excuse me for being dumb I have about 40,000 products and over 60 categories (or more based on how things are going) is it possible to use a set of defined texts as keywords and show them as categories with , between them? ex: if this cell have these...
  2. A

    Transposing and clearing cells to tidy up data

    I’m hoping someone can help – I have used text to columns to split out products that had been entered into one cell and were separated by a comma. I then ran a macro to duplicate the rows based on the number of products to give each product its own row of data. But now I’m stuck as I don’t know...
  3. S

    INDEX + MATCH + MAX Question

    Hello, I am doing analysis on products and seeing what the best performing week was for them. I'm doing this for the year 2018 and 2019. On the "Best Week" sheet, which is a Pivot Table (it pulls from a data tab with the raw sales info): Product #'s are listed in column B. Years are listed in...
  4. F

    How to take last data entry of previous product and substract from current product?

    Hello to all, I have the below macros IncomingProducts and RunAgain. - IncomingProducts: This macro simulates the input coming from users of StoreA and StoreB. For example purposes I've show the data entries from both stores with arrays. - RunAgain: This macro only calls IncomingProducts to...
  5. M

    Find Missing Values

    What i am trying to do is we have multiple accounts and products, would like to find the missing products for each account. I saw solutions for matching one set but not multiples Account Product 1 Apple 1 Orange 1 Tomato 2 Orange 2...
  6. P

    Index match or find the maximum matching value

    Hi All, I am trying to design a formular, I have a list of products with its descriptions. Also I developed a function called similarity which determine two cells similartity %. So Now I have a list of new products and old products list with its functions. Is it possible in B15 and B16 to use...
  7. D

    Transfer Multiple Rows Data in Single Row Excluding Blanks

    Hi All, I have the data of Product in Row A and its price in row B. Similarly Product in Row C and its price in row D. in Total having 3 list of products and prices. Maximum 10 entries user can enter in each row. I want all the products from those 3 rows in single row G and its price in H...
  8. E

    Company name list

    Hey guys, so basically I have a list on the left of companys (company a, company b as example) and list of products for each company (P1, P2, P3) and the revenue Now I need something like the right hand side where all the products for each company are in a single cell (or even how to have...
  9. Nelson78

    Dictionaries and vba: when to use

    Hello everybody. I've been studying some of the solutions found in about dictionaries. Having applied them "blindly" to my issues with success, I've decided to understand better their dynamic. Suppose I've a table like this: How can I build a dictionaries...
  10. C

    showing the total number of products not just if they have it

    HI All I regret that In my job I don’t get to do as much work with reports as I would like as I just keep forgetting some of the basic stuff never mind the more complex formula’s and strategies. I have a sheet called raw data that shows the company name and products that our customers have...
  11. J

    How do I get a total count?

    I have two products and I need to know how many passed. Is there a way without doing a macro? If so, how? Thanks ahead for any help and suggestions.
  12. J

    Restructure of data using array formulas

    Hello, I have the following data...
  13. D

    Do While/ Loop

    Good day all, I have a command button titled "LOW STOCK" on my userform, I want the back color of this button to switch between yellow and salmon when Cell G3 > 0 (Cell G3 contains number of products below stock minimum limit). The blinking will prompt the user to click the button inorder to...
  14. S

    Condition query

    If I have a filter in a pivot showing top 5 products - is there a way to see what other top 5 products were sold when those top 5 were sold also?
  15. S

    Data loss when deleting filtered rows

    Hi all, I've got a macro which appeared to be working perfectly, however when I ran the data without any of the products to be excluded I found that I was losing EVERYTHING :confused: I've narrowed the culprit down to this: 'Remove excluded products Sheets("Consolidated").Select...
  16. M

    count duplicate rows

    <tbody> Product Lot Exp A 1 X A 1 X A 2 Y A 2 Y </tbody> need function that will allow me to count different products with different lots from a list.
  17. T

    Ifs & and

    Hello. First of all, thank you very much for taking time to review the below case. So I have a data set and I'm attempting to build a formula with IFS and AND to determine the following; New Customers: customers who have never purchased any of the selected products. Returning Customers...
  18. P

    What have the clients NOT purchased?

    Hi Guys, Been a while. Got one that I cant quite get right in my head how to do it. I have a list of clients and the products they have purchased. Client table: <tbody> Client Name Products Users Fee Mr PROD1 5 100 Mr PROD2 1 100 Mr PROD3 3 100 Excel PROD1 5 100 </tbody>...
  19. 1

    Using OFFSET, SUMPRODUCT & LEFT in a formula

    I have created this formula to look at data that is coming from an AS400, to sum up, production hours. I am getting a value error when I start using the if statement in the formula. Without IF in ReportB4...
  20. A

    Sorting an excel datasheet

    I can't seem to sort the excel datasheet in the right way. It needs to be in a particular way so the products can be merged while uploading. In the screenshot, I show you how it is now and how it needs to be. There are around 65k rows, sorting one by one isn't an option. I also provide a sample...

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