1. A

    Lookup formulas in specific columns

    Hi Everyone I have two spreadsheets. Sheets(1) is with unknown number of columns and rows. Sheets(2) is a list of profiles and rates. I need to look up the specific rate in Sheets(2) for the specific profile in Sheets(1). In Sheets(1), there are headings for 'Profile', 'Cost' and 'Rate'...
  2. M

    MSQuery Wizard

    I can't run a Query using the the Query Wizard in my profile on my laptop, which i was doing regularly before. It just opens Msquery in the background and just freezes. If i log in using a different profile on the same laptop it works perfectly Any ideas on how to resolve without re creating...
  3. R

    Extracting Mail from Outlook into Excel

    Hi I have recently moved to a new PC (windows 10 home, Excel 2016) from my old PC ( W10 Pro, Excel 2016) and have found that part of one of my Excel workbooks no longer works as expected. The workbook that includes the following VBA :- Sub get_mail() Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim olNs...
  4. S

    Help indicating if a 1 or 2 is present

    Hi there. I have a helper cell that has 1's attached to a job profile number. If an employee left or was transfered I have a 2 next to that job profile number. What I am looking to do is create a helper column that will determine whether the column to the right (B) job profile has 1's and 2's...
  5. M

    smoothing data

    Hi. Some background. I work on a vessel laying subsea cable on the bottom of the ocean. Usually we need to draw this cable position in XY, and also in Z. For the position in Z, we generate a profile view along the XY position. Giving the orange line in the attached screenshot. However, since...
  6. K

    vlookup and countif

    I'm trying to compare two list. I have two list that have the same type of data, but they are from different sources. Both files have a list of departments and the permissions each department has. I need to lookup a department name and determine if that dept has a permission listed next to...
  7. M

    input construction costs into a development appraisal

    I want to be able to automatically enter the value of monthly construction costs following an s curve spend profile. I want the ability to simply enter the contract value and monthly term to create a spend profile that follows the s curve principle. Anybody cracked this?
  8. K

    How to add profile pic in the top right corner of Excel (/Office)

    Hi fellow Excel-friends, I've seen someone with a tiny profile picture in the top right corner of their Excel application. I'd like that too. I've added my profile picture in 'My account' in but it's not showing in my Office applications. I've done some searches but the...
  9. I

    Cross referencing two User permission tables and presenting as a single table

    I'm analysing some system role based permissions, to understand and display which users have access to which permissions and perform a comparison. The way the data has been presented to me so far is such that I have one table that presents permissions mapped into groups permission profiles...
  10. R

    Need help with formula

    Hello all, I sort of know how to use LEFT and LEN but not in this case. In this particular column (A), data always appears in this format with a number on the left and the number in brackets on the right. The numbers can be either 1 or 2 digit. So I just need to remove any digits to the left of...
  11. J

    Dynamic columns tracking duration of projects i.e. 6 months in one and 10 months for another

    OK so trying to create a "Spend Profile" template to track spend versus budget that I can use for each project that I have and will have in the future. I have created a sheet to capture basic information for the project (name, approved budget, start date, end date, etc.) and a "spend profile"...
  12. W

    Conditional formatting ore?

    Hi there, Greetings from Denmark :) I need help to complete this case/file, I do for my local sports club. So here is what I need. When a new player has to be entered into the sheet. A team is assigned by selecting a team from the drop list in "select team" Column.. So fare so good...
  13. C

    Store and Recall Range as a "Profile" for a Figure

    Hello, I have a range of 72 cells where there values are Visible/Hidden. They control whether a data series is plotted in a figure. The figure contains a lot of general information, and the idea is to allow the user to select what they want to view for a particular application. I would like to...
  14. A

    random numbers based on a "profile"

    Hi, I am trying to think of ways that i can take a block of numbers say 10 col, 10 row. I intend to somehow 'profile' a completed table of numbers and then produce a replica set but slightly different following the same profile (i dont know how else to say it.) You can see there is a trend, how...
  15. C

    Text formula that inserts a text string in front of multiple choice questions

    I need to add two line break symbols ( ) before each multiple choice. Values will range from a. to g. Some questions might have a. , b. and c. while others might have all the way to g. Below are before and after examples. Thank you for your assistance on this. Current Value Example...
  16. T

    Pulling Values within a Range

    Hi guys, I was hopeful someone could help me with a formula that will look up a number (E3) and return an associated profile that is within a certain range (range of 100 bins).... For example I know that on Week 2 I will process 1200 bins (F3), and I know that the Heavy (1) profile should be...
  17. GopherKing

    Excel VBA to get metrics from Outlook Emails is slow in existing Email Profile, but 2-3 times faster in New Email Profile ... WHY?!?

    Ok, so this being my first post, I figured I would try to give you guys a good one!! :) I'll start of by noting that I am using MS Office 2010 for all my applications, with the exception of SharePoint 2013. This is all installed on Windows 7 (yeah, we are a little behind the times on our...
  18. M

    Convert monthy sales numbers to weekly sales numbers and applly a profile

    Hello, My problem is as follows: I have a monthly sales forecasts per customer which I need to convert to a weekly sales forecast per customer taking into account the following elements: 1) Monthly Sales forecast per Customer: <tbody> August September October November December Customer X...
  19. D

    Excel VBA Objects corrupted by Windows 7 Profile

    I have an Excel VBA program I wrote 3 years ago that interfaces to Oracle through OO4O. It has worked great since. In the last few days, when I open the spreadsheet, all the buttons appear as 8 tiny circles (in dev mode) and in executable mode they are just invisible. I can make them visible...

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