1. A

    Sum of profit for a user using lookup

    Hey, Say I have 2 sheets, one with accounts containing user account number and name and I wish to find the total sum of profit/loss made by all users. the second sheet contains the account number I use for the lookup and the profit which can be negative and positive. how would I find the actual...
  2. J

    Complicated ISBLANK Cell Formatting Question

    Hello, Typically I would grind away for hours trying to solve the problem myself, that way I will never forget how to do it again, but this time, I don't even know where to start! Little confusing to explain, but here is my best shot: In order to keep my table neat, I have the following...
  3. B

    How to Find Total revenue and Profit using circular reference with only profit margin

    I have a Profit Margin in mind and want that to be the only number that can be imputed into that equation. My example is Revenue =586,120 Cost of Goods= 31% or .31*586,120 Bakery Labor= 22% or .22*586,120 The Delivery labor can be changed but its 86,881, Total Vehicle Cost can be...

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