1. S

    Workbook Open

    So I have some code here that is beating my in the head. The code is supposed to open up the workbook, immediately making it not visible. Then, it should go, check the registry. If the user has not made a "name" before, it should show Userform17. Userform17 has a single input box...
  2. A

    How to attach an email on EXCEL?

    I was wondering how to attach an email to an Excel program?
  3. S

    How to count only unique values following a Countifs statement

    Hi I am really stuck with my formula! Any help is much appreciated I have created my countifs statement which is working fine and returning a result of 3 - but i want to take this one step further and do a count only of unique values to show that although there are 3 headcount assigned to tasks...
  4. S

    Excel to Check System settings/requirements

    I have a program that is on a USB drive (iso mounted on usb as .exe from an original CD- no license key needed). I'd like to have a series of macros that do the following but I have no idea how to get Excel to do much outside of the program itself. Macro1: checks system "requirements"-...
  5. C

    Errors when Doing Thousands of Workbook.Save / Workbook.Open

    I have a program that requires a lot of Workbook.Save and Workbook.Open operations through out the day. Most of time the program works ok, but once or twice a week, it stops with "fail to open / save object" errors on the Workbook.Save or Workbook.Open line for no obvious reasons (such as...
  6. D

    people assigned to a project - how to know who to go to for each?

    Hi everyone! I have a list of programs and for each of them, a list of names that worked on the program, anywhere between one and four people. If I want to synthesize this data and know, for example, what programs should i ask "Geoff" about, how do I do this in Excel? <colgroup><col><col><col...
  7. E

    Stop Access from automatically coming to the foreground?

    Greetings all, I wrote a VBA program in MS Access that generates and saves dozens of PDF reports. The program works great but every time a report is saved Access jumps to the foreground, preventing me from working. Is there anyway to stop this? Thanks in advance for any help offered.
  8. P

    How can I check if a cell contains a certain word, than if it does copy the next numbers to another cell?

  9. P

    Loop until ActiveCell is a formula

    Hi again I am doing a Do Loop. I want the cursor to stop when the Cell has a formula in it. The formulas very so it can't be a specif formula that the loop stops at. That I can program myself. Is there such a code? If there is one, just send me the code say starting in Column A1 and I ca...
  10. H

    Importing Data - Excel Locking File?

    I use a charting program called Sierra Chart. I have the program write the data from a chart to a txt file, which I import into Excel. But when I do this I get an error msg in my charting program that the file is no longer accessible. Is Excel somehow locking the file, and if so, is there a way...
  11. C

    Web based program

    Is there a way for excel to auto copy information from a web based program? So we use a program on an interweb and I was wondering if information that is typed into certain areas can be automatically copied and pasted into an excel workbook?
  12. M

    Project Feasibility

    Good Afternoon, I have developed in MS Access in the past, but I had a lot of guidance and I have forgotten most of it now. However, I have a much stronger database knowledge and I believe overall developing knowledge. My question is in regards to the feasibility of a project given the tools...
  13. K

    VBA code to populate text in another column

    Hello, I've asked a similar question, but I keep getting errors and I'm not sure why. I have to use VBA because I'm running a daily report that changes constantly, and I've been asked to automate everything, including things that would be easy with regular Excel formulas. Anyway, I need to...
  14. S

    SUMIFS with nested if within criteria ... or something else?

    I have a report showing the monthly breakout of departmental expenditures with many fields (account, department, project code, program, etc). On another tab, there are mini charts for each account code represented within the report. Each mini chart has a number of criteria it looks for on the...
  15. I

    Create text string from input

    Is there a formula that creates a text string as shown below from the following inputs: Period Start 4 Period End 6 Factor 0.5 Text string 4|0.5;5|0.5;6|0.5 The text string is in a format that a software program requires for an upload file. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  16. Z

    Open a external program and use it from Excel

    Hi, Again tried to search for this without getting a propper answer. Is it possible to make a macro that opens another non-windows program an perform this action Open program Press space+alt down arrow four times Enter Paste Enter Back to same page in excel. Is this possible? Thanks Magne
  17. T

    map marking

    I might be asking to much for excel to do this but is it possible for example i import a picture of a map and i was it to mark on the map locations with dots. so in the cell i'm typing the street name erie st. it marks with a dot or what ever on the map. i'm assuming i will have to program it...
  18. A

    How to retrive any complete row in the data base which my program does.

    Hi, I have a program that once its done it saves a report in a database on the type of a row from "B:AF" and every time that a new report its done it is saved in the next row, however I have not been able to retrieve any of those lines when deemed necessary, my program its done in VBA and macros...
  19. Sigh

    Pivot table Count/Sum

    Whenever I create a Pivot Table I inevitably have to change the calculations in the table from Count to Sum, is there a way to program it so that it defaults to Sum?
  20. S

    Save dialog boxes (doubled)

    hello- I have a button that saves the workbook (code below). Irregardless if I save the workbook using the button (which works), when I go to close the program, it still asks me if I want to save (excel generated, not me). How can I get it so I don't have to save twice. I'd like it so that if...

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