1. A

    Proper User of Turning DoCmd.SetWarnings

    Hi all, Just a question, no real specific issue (at the moment). What are the best practices for turning DoCmd.SetWarnings to True vs. False? I've seen some programmers set it to false, run a couple lines of code, then set it back to true, and do that repeatedly throughout a program. My...
  2. J

    Halting Program

    I need a way to halt the program until the user enters info into a textbox on a user form 'Check if Date Entered is Empty If Me.txtDateEnt.Value = "" Then MsgBox "Date Entered is Missing", vbExclamation, "Date format error" Me.txtDateEnt.SetFocus Exit Sub...
  3. B

    How do I make it so my formula's are hidden throughout the entire workbook

    Hi, Is there a way of hiding my formula's within the program I put together?:confused::confused: Warmest Regards, Rob
  4. G

    Formula for larger numbered mode if 2 modes are equal

    Hi all - new here but have been searching out answers for a grading program I'm using at school. For this program, we calculate the most common number but also the 2nd most common number. If those are equal, it typically spits out the first number in the sequence - when I'd like it to spit out...
  5. L

    running macro/vba code at a certain time?

    Hi Cab macros or VBA code run at a certain time? I mean to program them to run at a specific time? Thank you.
  6. S

    second grader homework

    Hi I am trying to work on a puzzle for my second grader to learn math. I am trying to dupelicate it in excel with rand number generator. Its a subtraction problem and sometimes the second number or third # is bigger than the first. Is there a way to program excel to hit F9 if the result is...
  7. P

    Creating an EXCEL Graph with lines and bars

    I want to create a graph which contains the following fields: - Program Name - Volume of Program Members - Sales Volume Data Point for each program The bars are across the X axis and need to be in order from lowest number of program members. It needs display volume on each bar. The y axis...
  8. M

    Help with changing an existing VBA program

    I have been using the VBA program on Excel 2010, Windows 7 below but I would like to change it from searching one number to one set of numbers (see my notes below) entered in cell C17. Can this program be used for that purpose? Wondering if someone could look at it and provide any feedback...
  9. C

    Termination issue

    I have a termination issue. This is a spreadsheet the grow to a have UserForms for the front end, tons of VBA and about 50 spreadsheets. I'm not an OO guy so I'm sure the way it was done would make an experience coder cry. However for the most part it works. By my standards this is a huge...
  10. M

    Countifs formula

    Hi I want program for below formula =SUM(COUNTIFS(Data!A:A,{"Assigned","Pending","Pending - Not Assigned"},S:S,"="&TODAY()))
  11. T

    If AND Index Match? formulas

    Hi All I am trying to figure an easy way to determine if a date that the user enters falls within a specific date range. There are 2 criteria that must be met. The final result would be an indicator or simple Yes or No. User Enters in information in Worksheet 1. 1. Program Name 2. County 3...
  12. L

    How to move cell contents using VBA

    I’m using a program that I’m trying to add to. I need to move the contents down one cell but I’m not sure how does the program move contents down from one cell to the next if the next cell is full without overwriting it and then move that one down. I’ve included a jpeg of my excel sheet. I hope...
  13. M

    how to covert formula cell in general

    Hi I need Program for convert formula into general value But for other sheet . I having the below program but its working only for same sheet . But i want run the below program for Sheet2 from Sheet1 Sub Convert_To_General() Dim vData As Variant vData = Columns(9)...
  14. M

    COUNTA & COUNTIF Formula

    Can you please help me to create the program below 2 formula . =COUNTA((AD!A:A)) =COUNTIF(ADvsAV!I:I,"Present in AV")
  15. M

    Reset public arrays

    Hi, I have a vba program with publicly declared variable arrays. My program loops around and when it does I need to clear the array and reset all the values to zero. What is the best way to do this? I notice that even when the program ends, the arrays still hold the values. Shouldn't the...
  16. J

    Excel 2010 lost it’s ribbon program line when I run It from other Application. WHY?

    Hello! I have a program, which consists of two parts. First part is my Delphi program “logo”, which runs an Excel file. This is the Delphi code: procedure TForm1.Timer2Timer(Sender: TObject); begin timer2.Enabled :=false; XL.Visible := true...
  17. S

    excel spreadsheet that sends email if a person doesn't add thier name to a field?

    Hello friends. I need your help. I would like to create a spreadsheet that will send an email out to specific people at a certain time if a person does not add their name to a field on the spreadsheet. Is this possible without VBA? If so, how? The situation is that a person needs to login a...
  18. W

    Windows 10 has screwed my Excel 2003

    Until recently, I have been using Excel 2003 on a Windows 10 platform, but after a Windows 10 update the program Excel program shuts down whenever I try to enter data, notably when the cell contains a formula. I have unintstalled and then reinstalled the Excel 2003 but that didn't cure the...
  19. M

    linear interpolation

    Hi, I have a vba program, and need to do linear interpolation. There is are x and y values, but the values are not always the same so I need to have some function or Sub routine. I looked on the internet but couldn't find anything. It would be nice to use a custom program rather than a...
  20. T

    Sumproduct dates

    Hi All, I work for a non profit organization and helping them setup a budget workbook and getting totals for . Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to sum of the totals based on dates that have a criteria which is the Employee ID. My goal is to get a formula for the total of Employee #20012...

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