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    Is it possible to save the history of a progress chart that shows the current state of a project, but it gets updated over time?

    I have a PivotChart that shows the target date of certain action items as well as the % completion of those action items. I've also included a progress bar showing the current date, and all of this information gets updated with a refresh click. What I want to be able to do is cycle through the...
  2. T

    Auto Calculate Progress Bar

    Morning All I've looked through mr excel and various forums and can find various code relating to progress bars on vba forms but not what I need the workbook to do. I have a large workbook which takes around 3 mins to auto calculate as a drop down box with date rolls all the figures along by a...
  3. C

    Chart Number of Classes remaining by manager, against a goal of zero overdue

    Hi All, I track the number of training classes due for my group at my company. In this industry, there are periodic trainings to be completed. Right now, I have a basic excel grid, which shows how many classes are due for each manager, each week (it is the total due from their direct...
  4. K

    Displaying a Progress Message

    Hello, I am looking for a way to display a message box in VBA that will not provide any options (i.e. Ok, Cancel), but will just display a message to "Please Wait" while another process is running. I would like the message box to be cleared when the process is complete. Any good way to do...
  5. A

    How to enter progress bar

    Sub UpdatePurchase() Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.ScreenUpdating = False With Sheets("Main") .Range("I4:I4203").Formula = "=SUMIFS(Entry!$I$4:$I$65557,Entry!$F$4:$F$65557,Main!E4,Entry!$H$4:$H$65557,Heads!$B$4)" .Range("J4:J4203").Formula =...
  6. H

    Progress Bar for a slow macro

    Hello People, I have a macro which takes a looong time to execute - opening 20+ files and copying information from each into one master file. I have used the application.screenupdates = false command to stop the screen jumping all over the place while this happens, which is a greaet improvement...
  7. J

    Conditional Formatting progress tracker.

    Hi I have to produce an excel spreadsheet with conditional formatting: The spreadsheet is a progress monitor on various stages of projects. Each project has a target completion date and three stages. Stage 1 is meant to be completed 30 days before the target completion, stage 2 is meant to be 20...
  8. M

    Progress Indicator - Simple!!

    Afternoon all, I've managed to come up with a very very simple progress indicator, it's that basic I have simply entered values throughout the code for the %'age of progress which gets called into the "updateprogress" procedure. Anyway, the way I've got it set up is as follows: User...

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