1. B

    Creating MS Project Predecessors in MS Excel

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible in MS Excel, but are we able to create MS Project 'Predecessor' function in MS Excel? I have seen a project plan in excel with a 'Predecessor' functionality but could not figure out how that was done. When selecting the cell to view if there is a formula...
  2. S

    Unable to Fix "Can't Find Project or Library" Error

    Hi I have an Excel file that contains multiple of worksheets that connect to different data sources. In addition it is macro enabled workbook that has several modules. all of a sudden, the file shows the subject error (Can't Find Project or Library) !! I searched a lot of forums and most of them...
  3. R

    Automatically shift columns based on start/end date

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project employee capacity-sheet, with several projects and the capacity for each month. I want the percentages (D2:M4) shifted automatically when I, let's say, change the end date to 2023-05. How do I achieve this? Thank you so much in advance! :-)...
  4. M

    Data gathering for Power Pivot/Power BI analysis

    I'm using Power Pivot (and starting with Power BI Desktop) to analyse client activity at work. I'm working offline with periodically exported data (no hope of setting things up on our CRM/a SaaS service since it's run by a HQ team that never gets back to me). What I'd like to do is to ask our...
  5. M

    Help needed taking my Excel project prioritization tool to the next level. Novice needing advice.

    Hello there, I am attempting to create a project planning and management tool for our workplace. What this entails is obtaining "work hours", an "in date", and an "out date" for each project. The program will divide the number of working hours over each business day that a project may be worked...
  6. J

    Forecasting resourcing using S-Curve and Polynomials

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a worksheet that will allow me to dynamically forecast resource requirements for projects. The idea is that the sheet requires data relating to project start and end dates, as well as the estimated resource effort at the project's maximum. Using a 'standard'...
  7. N

    VBA Copy, Find and Paste Values to Different Sheet

    Hi All, I have a file which is essentially a record of projects (+150) e.g. project title, leader, start date etc., and there is a second sheet containing some formulas to calculate project value. I'd like to be able to copy the calculations from sheet 2, and paste them as values on a specific...
  8. J

    Create stacked column showing hours spent per week

    I want to create a chart that takes the amount of hours per project and spreads it over the time period it lasts. The chart should show a stacked column per week with hours for all projects. X-axis: Week no. Y-axis: Hours.
  9. K

    Bowler Chart for KPI using sorted merged cell

    Hi. I know this is possible bc my intern was able to do it but now that I'm trying to replicate it....I can't seem to figure out how he did it. Before everyone asks about changing the format, etc. it is not an option. We use a "bowler" chart which tracks the plan vs actual for key metrics...
  10. S

    Countifs, Sumproduct...?

    Hi, Sorry if there is another thread about this, but I can't find any, or I don't know the right search criteria :-) Please see below table. Do you know a formula to calculate how many times two specific companies, has been working on the same project? In below example the results should be...
  11. A

    VBA Select the excel file for your Vlookup Link

    Hello Guys. Please help me with my little Project. I have this project where i needed to link a database(Process2.excel) to another database(Process1.excel) so that it can automatically compute the offset adjustment(CNC Machinining) based from the Part ID's data from the previous process. The...
  12. S

    VBA / dll project ideas

    Hi, I have quite a few years experience with VBA and have developed various dashboards and tools using APIs and web scraping etc. I'm looking to further increase my skills and wondered if anyone had any cool project ideas. I really don't mind what it is. I'm particularly interested in getting...
  13. A

    Autofilter for multiple sheets which may/may not have the data

    Hi all Ive been having some errors with this part of my code in bold. as i have this code run for 4 different sheets, each sheet will come back with different data, some sheets even with no data. this code works fine on 1 sheet, and the rest keeps getting stuck at the bolded part even though...
  14. H

    Advanced filter from another workbook

    Fluff very kindly posted the following code to enable the automation of advanced filtering from one worksheet to another in the same workbook for variable criteria without having to reinput the criteria each time. But how would this be done from another workbook? The data is in a workbook...
  15. R

    Project locked???

    I created a file with VBA included. A buddy copied it to use on his network. He needed some fixes so I opened the file and the VBA developer but could not edit the code, it said that the project was locked and unviewable. I've never encountered this before...any idea what would cause this...
  16. M

    Which is a better technique, More modules, few routines in each modules

    As I trying to get my coding better, I've been searching for advice regarding which is a better technique. More Modules, each with a unique name referring to the (perhaps) one to five related modules, or fewer modules with more routines in each module. I have figured out it's easier to have a...
  17. C

    Project Overview

    I have an excel document that details the projects we're working on and who the PM is. plus a lot more detail about that project this is one a tab called Team POAP. I want to create a summary overview on a different tab (called Timer Tracker) that shows the PM down column A and then in each...
  18. A

    IF (cell text value) THEN copy & paste from another workbook

    Hi All, Virgin poster here, rookie VBA user...please be gentle... I have a Master workbook which automatically compiles various worksheets drawn from different Project workbooks (no code involved, just links) Besides the linked data, I also need to copy/paste tables and graphs depending on...
  19. C

    Find month when criteria has been met (sum of project cost)

    All, wondering if someone can help me with a formula. I need a formula that will calculate the month when total project cost has been spent (e.g. 500 in the table below). In the table below, the correct month is 5. <tbody> Month 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Project Cost 100...
  20. B

    Macro for Excel Data Consolidation

    Can someone help me with creating excel macro for the following. Data will be entered in the "Main" Worksheet Table. Shown entries for a project with two units - Unit 1 and 2. this could be multiple units. <tbody> Project Name "Enter Project Name Here" Test Date "Enter Test Date here"...

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