1. D

    VBA If Else Help

    Hello everyone! I have a "problem" in a spreadsheet that I believe through VBA I could solve. But I never programmed in VBA, so I have no idea where to start. I have a table with the following information: Project Name, Type, Stage, Value, Adjusted Value. The adjusted value depends on the...
  2. C

    Power BI Return Max Date

    I have rummaged through posts but cannot get any formulas to work I have a project table that has Project ID's (only one occurrence of each ID) then I have a schedule table that has the same project id's but multiple occurrences for each task that a project has. Each task has what is called a...
  3. B

    Sumproduct Array

    Hey Guys, I have a set of data with data and projects, in the format below: [Row 4, starting column F] Jan Feb Mar etc. [Column B, starting row 6] Project A, Project B I'm trying to sum all the forecast for for a project, based on the previous month's forecast - so i can compare with what's...
  4. S

    Conditional Format only certain Rows in Pivot

    I have a simple Pivot: Jan Feb Employee 1 100 100 Project 1 60 70 Project 2 40 30 Employee 2 90 100 Project 5 90 10 Project 8 0 90 Where employees are assigned a % of their time each month to a...
  5. G

    Index Match picking the smallest value

    Hey all, I am cracking my head without finding a logical solution for this problem. This is a small picture of my database (on the left) and I created a pivot table (on the right) to summarize this information. I would like excel to get the lowest number from the column G (date) and insert it...
  6. E

    Array + Transpose + Table

    Excel Champs, Looking for creative solves for the below problem. I have a project sheet that looks something likes below in a table. I need a button function that can transfer in a separate sheet all the values in that row for that project transposed in a column. Master file (Sheet 1)...
  7. S

    Can I use VBA to Lock VBA where Password already exists?

    I made a careless mistake and left the 'Lock project for viewing' box unchecked and sent out copies of one of my models. A project password already exists. I had just unchecked the 'Lock' box for my convenience while I did some annual updates, but then forgot to check it again before sending...
  8. M

    cannot find library

    Hi, I believe (but am not sure) that there is a problem with the compatability of the 64 bit vs. 32 bit settings. I am trying to run a macro and am getting the error "Cannot find library" ... then I am prompted to choose the "references - VBA project". How do I fix this? I don't care if the...
  9. A

    Return list of header values based upon cell text entry

    Hello, First, I cannot use VBA for this; I need the spreadsheet to function within a sharepoint environment that doesn’t accept macro enabled worksheets. I am also very new to excel, but trying to progress rapidly. I am trying to create a single sheet within my dataset to return individual...
  10. J

    cant find project or library

    can some one help me with this?
  11. T

    Help Countinting the number of sheets that have a value in a cell

    Hello, I have a workbook with 25 sheets (tabs), each representing a different project with data reporting the number of people reached by that project for a range of different activities. Not all projects did all activities. I have a consolidated sheet in which I need to count the total number...
  12. B

    VBA Code Conditional Formatting in Project

    Does anyone have a string of code to highlight late tasks in MS Project?
  13. T

    vlookup/search/find values within a text cell

    Hi, Newbie tothe forum and basic Excel user. From a text cell (Column A) I am struggling to extract the Cost Centre(Column B) and report the Project Name (Column C). In the table below, I need to see if the values in column B "CostCentre" exist in any part of the cells in column A "Cost...
  14. D

    Vlookup to return the nth value.

    This is my formula that returns the 1st value but I need to return the data from the 2nd and so on. My project is to pull data to populate invoices based on the invoice number. =VLOOKUP(value(rngInvoice),Received_Process, 2,false)
  15. L

    VBA to copy data from multiple workbooks into one sheet if condition met

    I may have seriously gotten in over my head with a project when it's been a while since I coded. Basically I have a workbook that has a sheet for each month (12) January 2019 to December 2019, I need certain information (Column A B C D E F G H I) to compile to one main sheet in the next...
  16. S

    Sort a worksheet by Colour

    Morning all I have a worksheet "Project Summary" Columns A to L which is a summary of another worksheet "Project Master" Columns A to BW. ONce the data is pulled through from "Project Master" I am using the following code to sort the "Project Summary" sheet: Sub SortMultipleColumns() With...
  17. M

    Comparing updates of a register presented in colums

    Hi there, First my apologies if there is an answer to this already in the forum, but the amount of info is a little overwhelming and I'm taking the quick route; hope you don't mind. There is a register related to my work that I have to check every week to see whether there are new entries or if...
  18. Y

    List all subs into listbox

    how can i list all the subs in my project into a listbox and then run the subs from the listbox?
  19. D

    Search function + results based on results of search

    Hi Excel Masters! I have a situation here. I've created a search function where I can search a data set by typing in a client name (or partial name), and my table will return all entries with at least a partial match. I.e. search "Ohio" and it returns Ohio State, Ohio State University, Ohio...
  20. H

    LEFT and IF to make up to 10 characters

    Hi in Column A, I have a mixture of 7 and 10 character long project numbers. In Column B I want to reference all project numbers to a uniform 10 character format. With the 7 characters ones I want to add “/04” to them. Can this be achieved with a LEFT and IF formula? Thanks

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