1. N

    Formula to get data from a column based on a date range

    Hello: I've been trying to create a formula to get the following info but have not had much luck. I have 2 files and I need to populate the promo price from one file to another based on matching of the item number and then date range See example below <colgroup><col><col><col><col...
  2. R

    Here's a doozy - lookup against a list, determine number of same names, then apply a different formula to each instance.

    I feel like I'm abusing this forum with the amount of questions I have. On Column A there is a list 300-strong of paper names. You can have things like: <tbody> A B C 1 Paper Template Size Ideal Result 2 Banbury Guardian - Mon 16x9 Promo 3 Banbury Guardian - Tue 17x9 UK 4 Banbury...
  3. K

    Returning Value Based on Various Criteria

    Hi, Wasn't too sure what to name the title so apologies if it is not correct. I need to analyse the frequency that a particular promo for a betting agency pays out on Australian Rules Footy. The promo is if your team gets 24 points up at any stage during the game but looses the game, the bet...
  4. S

    sumifs() across tables

    I have a couple of tables and I need to sum if based on multiple criteria within these tables. Table 1 - Sales History: <tbody> Item ID Order Date Units Sold 40916 4/4/2018 1 41444 5/2/2018 3 </tbody> Table 2 - Promos: <tbody> Item ID Promo Start Date Promo End Date Sales during period...
  5. B

    Combination of IF and VLOOKUP maybe?

    Hi All, I need to report how many times we used Promo Code X, Y, or Z for how many of each product A, B, C... Data-set will contain about 10,000 records each month and whatever solution I find will need to be run on up to 5 Promos per month. Here is my quandry: If the current record's...

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