1. K

    Won´t stop prompt when deleting sheet

    Hi I´m basicly using a code like this: Sub SheetEraser() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Sheets("Sheet7").Delete Application.DisplayAlerts = True End Sub But it still prompt when deleting the sheet. Even as a single sub. Almost gives up now. Hope somone can help.
  2. B

    How to remove "?" from input box

    I have below code where code asks for date from user but there is help (?) in the prompt box. can someone hep to find out how to remove it. strdate = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Enter the weekending date (mm/dd/yyyy)", Title:="WEEKENDING DATE", Default:=Format(Date, "Short Date"), Type:=1)...
  3. F

    Prompt user to change a value at new month

    I have a database where I need to prompt the user to change a specific code number when a new month begins. I have tried using the following (C is the assigned date column and F is the code # column)): =C18<=EOMONTH(TODAY(),-1). This does highlight the code column cell but I want it to apply...
  4. D

    Opening and Repairing Excel file using VBA

    I'm trying to automate the processing of several files, and several of the files throw up the message: "We found a problem with some content in 'ThisFile.xlsx'. Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click yes." In order to get around this...
  5. J

    Expanding a working code in Workbook_BeforeSave to more sheets with small alterations? VBA

    Hi experts! I'm fairly new to VBA to say the least, but I have managed to piece together a code that works and does exactly what I want it to. The code looks as follows: Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean) Dim Rng1 As Range Dim Rng2 As Range...
  6. D

    Deselect value in inputbox

    Hi, Is there a way of deselecting the value that is in my input box when it opens? If so I'd like the prompt to be after the value. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  7. D

    Save changes prompt upon closing file

    Why does Excel prompt to save changes when closing a file if no changes have been made? In fact, it doesn't do so consistently with all files, but I do have one file that even if I open it and them immediately close it without doing a thing, it still prompts me that changes have been made...
  8. drom

    Prompt to select certain files within a folder

    Hi and thanks in advance! Imagine I have a Path and a String: wPath = "C:\Users\MrExcel\Desktop\Works" wName= "France" I would like to prompt the user to select any Excel file within the Path = wPath containing the Name = wName I know How to prompt the user to select within the Folder wPath...
  9. sharky12345

    Prompt user if file save is cancelled

    I have a routine which prompts the user to choose a folder to save an embedded Word document as PDF; FilePath = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:=File121, FileFilter:="PDF Files (*.pdf), *.pdf", Title:="Select Folder to save") It works fine, except if the user clicks cancel in...
  10. S

    Resume macro to next line when get Prompt

    cross post : Error prompt : Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action I not looking for way to prevent that prompt coming . but i...
  11. M

    Prompt User for Save Location

    Hi The code below takes several sheets in a Workbook and saves each sheets as its own Workbook. It saves the workbooks in the same directory that the source wookbook is saved. But Id like to prompt the user once to select a folder where all the workbooks will be saved. How do I do this ...
  12. D

    VBA Code to prompt a user to print out

    I have some existing code that automatically prints a copy of a worksheet in my book #code Sheets("NMR Form").Select ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True, _ IgnorePrintAreas:=False #endcode Instead of automatically printing, I would like the user to...
  13. E

    User Prompted Macro?

    Hello I am new to excel and VBA coding and have not been able to figure out how to complete what I would like to do. I have been able to make simple macros but this is more in depth I believe. The goal: Create a macro that when the excel file is opened the user will be brought to a specific file...
  14. S

    How to make VBA save, close and re-open a workbook as a new separate Excel instance?

    Hi All, I use the following code (found here) to do the following: - Save - Set up a Windows prompt that will re-open the Excel file in a few seconds - Close the workbook - Prompt triggers a re-opening of the workbook Sub SaveCloseReOpen() Dim strCMD As String strCMD = "CMD /C PING...
  15. S

    How to automatically run a macro upon opening a workbook (using a clickable prompt)?

    Hi All, I would like a macro to start running automatically as soon as I open the Excel file. However, a prompt would ideally appear first, which asks if the user wants to cancel the automatic start of the macro. The user has the option to click on the prompt (or hit a specific key or...
  16. J

    ie.Navigate save file to folder?

    Hi, I managed to login to site then navigate to specific URL which is a JSON After loading the page, a prompt comes up to open/save JSON Is there a way I can save this to a specific folder with VBA?
  17. S

    Search for value, display prompt based on results of search.

    I need somehow to search column B for the word Budget. If the word budget is found, display a prompt that has an OK button, and once selected, macro continues. Just looking at formulas, before creating code, I tried: =SUM(COUNTIF(B:B,"Budget")) Cells in column B might have a value such as...
  18. D

    Anyway to have BeforSave event runs after SaveAs location prompt instead of before?

    So I have some code that I don't want to run until after the user selects save on the SaveAs save location prompt but it appears the BeforeSave event runs the code before the prompt even opens. Is there anyway around this or some other method to define a trigger event for once the user selects...
  19. B

    Enable editing prompt

    Whats the trick to get a spreadsheet to make it show the enable editing prompt. I have a worksheet that i copy some data out but i can only copy before i click enable editing. As when i click it the sheet becomes protected and i cant copy from it without stuffing around unprotecting it and...
  20. S

    Search for value, display prompt based on results of search.

    Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. When macro runs, search column D:J on the GrossNet sheet, and if a value greater than 50 or less than -50, display a prompt "Value greater / less than 50 present, do you want to proceed?". If yes, continue macro, if no, end macro. I have some code below...

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