1. A

    File Tags

    Hi. I need to: - Import all files and file properties including but not limited to path and tags for a specific directory (including subdirectories) - Then I need to add tags to files manually on the tags column - And then add those tags back to the files.(excel or batch for csv file created...
  2. R

    Excel 2007 Command button Properties

    Hello, I have managed to create a command button in excel 2007 that performs a macro upon a click. But, after re-opening the workbook, I am unable to right click on the button to recall the properties window. Any ideas?
  3. dmars

    Can't get Formula property value from within the Range.Find method

    What I'm trying to do is very simple - find all the formulas in a workbook that contain references for cells on sheets other than the current sheet and write the list of them to a sheet named "data". The basic logic of the code is also simple: find all the formulas containing "!" in the...
  4. R

    Get all cell properties

    I have a table that I sort in a specific matter then "paste" it sorted just below the unsorted one. ... for i = 1 to lastRowfor j = 1 to 10 Set oldCell = Cells(sortedArr(i), j) Cells(i + lastRow, j) = oldCellnext j next i This works fine, but only transfers the .value from...
  5. strive4peace

    video: Learn Access -4- Tables and Relationships

    Learning Access or know somebody that wants to? This lesson focuses on building Tables and Relationships in Microsoft Access. Learn Access -4- Tables and Relationships (cc) 36:04 (music: JD Live) Learn Access -4- Tables and Relationships (cc -- coming!) 36:04 ~music: JD Live - YouTube The...
  6. D

    Macro to Show or Export Pivot Table Properties in a Report

    Hi there, Is it possible to create a macro that when run will show or export pivot table properties in a report? For example, if you right click on a pivot table cell then select 'Show Properties in Report' you can select items indiviudally. This can take a long time if you have a lot of...
  7. S

    Accessing name property of ActiveWorksheet

    Hi All Possibly a very simple question. In VB when I select a worksheet, I can amend the (Name) of the worksheet in the properties window. There is also the .Name property which is the same as the sheet tag name. I can use the (Name) in vb code to identify the sheet e.g...
  8. G

    Macro Print Setup - To condense lengthy prep steps.

    Hi Mr. Excel, I'm using Excel 2007 and Windows XP. 1. General Question: How to create a madro to perform common "print set up" procedures. (Every time we print a "Checklist" we have to follow a series of steps... is it possible to have a macro do this?) 2. Background Info: a. To update...
  9. R

    Excel properties on worksheet

    Hi, Is there any way to get an excel workbook's updated properties information (that is, author, last date modified, file size etc) to appear on the first sheet in the workbook every time you open it up? Does anyone have a macro that can do this? Thanks for your help.
  10. T

    Accessing HTML controls in Excel

    Hi, I cut and pasted an online survey from my website into an excel spreasheet. The page has a number of checkbox options which when one is selected, the others in the group are deselected, as expected. I can 'see' the checkboxes as "Control 1" to "Control 19" using the code below. What I...
  11. Grizlore

    How secure are VBA project passwords?

    Hi, Thoughts please... Note: To keep to forum rules, i am not asking how to crack passwords, nor specifics of methods on how to. I was wondering how strong the passwords which protect VBA projects are. I know things like protected sheets can be broken easily by running a piece of code...
  12. K

    VBA code to access OptionButton properties on a sheet

    Hey Mr/Mrs Excel guros: I have placed several OptionButtons on a worksheet, and am trying to write some VBA that will tell me which button is selected (the status or control value). I know on forms you use the “me.” format. Can anyone tell me how I can get VBA to recognize and access these...
  13. M

    Update Properties values in Explorer

    Hi: I need to figure out the VBA---either run by a Word or Excel macro, it doesn't matter---that cycles through all PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents in a folder and then updates the following property fields: Title, Subject, Author, Category, and Keywords. I can use Application.InputBox to...
  14. J

    Embedded Object Disk Location

    How can I programatically find the path and file name for an embedded object? I know I can right click on the object and select Packager Shell Object and then Properties to find the information manually.
  15. S

    Obtaining original creation date from imported .txt file

    Hi, I have a very straight forward spreadsheet, which performs a currency conversion on the first sheet, with user defined currency codes and value. The Exchange rates are obtained through a macro button, which opens a text file, chosen by the user, named ***EXR.txt as a temporary workbook...
  16. P

    Add Property Fields to Excel Header/Footer

    I've been asked to create a template for documents created in the company I work for. I was hoping to prompt the user when he/she uses the template to enter some of the document properties and then to use these in the Header & Footer. I have seen that I could use a built in Macro that uses the...
  17. T

    Cannot change cell properties???

    In my excelfile with macros, some cells cannot be changed by right-clicking on the mouse. When i select this cell, right click, and select cell-properties, NOTHING happens, the menu disappears and the cell remains selected. Only 5 cells in my entire worksheet do this, but now my macro's are...
  18. N

    Directory List & Folder Properties using VB

    I've been tasked by my very kind manager to look at our Network Folders and list all of them, along with the properties (Date Created, Accessed etc). Is there a way in VB to output this to an Excel Worksheet, I'm a VB novice so any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in Advance. Noz.:nya:
  19. D

    Command Button properties from VBA

    I want to insert command button using VBA. That’s the easy part. I tried to record macro while changing command button properties but the macro recorded nothing (except “select”). How can I change command button properties (e.g. PritnObject, Shadow, ForeColor, etc) using VBA? <?xml:namespace...
  20. M

    Filename Properties

    I have a question and it's probably a long shot, but maybe someone will have a suggestion I can use. What I am trying to do, is get the Modified & Creation Date of all files in a series of folders. For instance, the files can be .pdf, .xls, .doc, .rtf and would be located: in "This Folder" and...

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