1. N

    For Each looping through own collection class

    Hello there. Most puzzling. The following worked first time I tried it, now it fails on the highlighted line with Object does not support this property or method Simple test Hotel class: Option Explicit Private pName As String Public Property Get Name() As String Name = pName End...
  2. L

    Why Cells takes Row,Col as arguments

    Hi From Object Oriented point of view, I understand Cells is a property of Range Class and its type is Range. So I understand this code cells.clear but what I do not understand this cells(1,1).value ="hello" Where it says Cells takes Row, and Column as arguments? If you check Range...
  3. D

    Which property of the Textbox makes it resizable for the user?

    I forgot which property of the textbox makes the corner like a "hook" to be able to resize it to the user's discretion. Here is a picture of what I mean: Anyone know? Thanks for your help.
  4. G

    Unable to get the countifs property of the worksheetfunction class

    Hi, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here, I keepgetting the following error “Unable to get the countifs property of theworksheetfunction class Dim lastrowcolumnz As Long lastrowcolumnz = Range("a" &Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row For i = 2 To lastrowcolumnz Cells(i, 20)...
  5. A

    UserForm Initialise

    I'm attempting to Load a UserForm from a Worksheet Double Click I also want to pass a worksheet Range to the Form so using: Public Property Let Dat (inVal as Range) Set MyRow= inVal End Property When this is called from the worksheet BeforeDoubleClick myForm.Dat = Me.Range("A" & Target.Row &...
  6. J

    MultiPage UserForm sees runtime error 380 invalid property value

    Hi All I am trying to get my Excel VBA UserForm to launch at page 3 on initialisation. To accomplish this I inserted the following code into my project:- Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() UserForm1.MultiPage1.Value = 3 End Sub This produced the following error 'Run Time Error '380': Could...
  7. W

    VLookup VBA

    Good evening, I attempting to use a Vlookup as to provide me with a yes-no answer and then use that to lock out a box if the answer is "No". I need to define the sheet as it will be hidden to the user as they input data on a Userform. However, every time I run this code I get a run-time...
  8. S

    Fill Property Let with function

    Hi guys, I am just wondering how I could fill a property let with a function. for example I got following function Function KW_DIN(Datum As Date) As Integer '''geklaut ;o) ''von Christoph Kremer, Aachen 'Berechnt die KW nach DIN 1355...
  9. U

    Compare multiple items across multiple worksheets

    I am attempting to compare multiple items against multiple worksheets, to find out if certain property IDs are interacting with the appropriate item IDs, dependent on a licensing condition. Examples: In Worksheet 1, I have a pivot identifying all the unique property IDs. I use a pivot because...
  10. J

    How to check if two objects have the same property values

    I'm trying to avoid a complicated if statement so, I'm trying to find an easy way to compare the property values of two objects. Not the same reference but the values. There's gotta be a way to do that. Thus far, I haven't found anything but Is and IsNot operators.
  11. Vintage79

    Stuck on Percentage Calculation

    Hello all! I am trying to make a simple calculation to work out a property value. If a bank is willing to loan 360k with the understanding that you must put down a 10% deposit on a house, then you can buy a house up to 400k in value. I want to be able to enter the loan amount, and the deposit...
  12. C

    Use of worksheet function

    Hi I want to use the min method of the WorksheetFunction on a range in a workbook in sheet 1, and assing the value to a variable called lastrow, like the following: LowestScore = Excel.Application.Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1).WorksheetFunction.Min(Range("B1:B5")) but i get an error 438 that says...
  13. A

    Using the OnAction Property to Disable A Macro From A Shape

    I have a macro embedded shape ("Group 12") on my worksheet that I wish to code to disable the macro associated to it. I know I have to use the Shape.OnAction property, but I'm unsure on the code to apply it to the shape. With Activesheet 12.onaction = "" End With The line in...
  14. H

    new issue- trouble with "Load frmFormName"

    So has there been a recent Excel update that would cause the vba code saying "Load frmFormName" to now cause this error: "Run-time error '380': Could not set the List property. Invalid property value." Using this same command worked for 2 years, and now all of the sudden it fails... any help...
  15. U

    Creating a search across multiple worksheets using checkbox criteria

    Hello all. First post and an excel novice so sorry in advance if my questions are daft! I have tried to educate myself but starting from a point of zero knowledge I can only get so far, and now I'm lost in a world of terms I don't really understand ! Apologies if I have used incorrect...
  16. A

    Error In Assigning A Combobox Value To A Variable value

    This I'm sure is a simple problem to resolve, but it's eluding me. UserForm1.uf1cbx1_operatorini.Value = sgini uf1cbx1_operatorini is a combobox with a series of 6 selectable values. If the value does not exist in the list, the user can select "other" from the list prompting them with an...
  17. C

    Question about the Excel object model

    Hi everyone I am trying to learn about the Excel object model and i am bit confused the following code line: Excel.Application.Selection.CurrentRegion.Select In the object browser i can see that application is an child class and a property of Excel. I can also see the selection is a property...
  18. S

    unable to get the match property of the worksheet function class

    I am receiving the error "unable to get the match property of the worksheet function class". I suspect my data as input into the function is not allowing for the smooth operation of the function. Below is the code. C = TS.Cells(A, "A").value D = TS.Cells(A, "B").value E = TS.Cells(A...
  19. J

    Hide/unhide columns macro

    I am working on an analysis spreadsheet which allows for multiple properties to be analysed or for a single property to be analysed and as part of this I have several areas where there is the option to open up additional columns for properties if needed by the user. I have a macro to unhide...
  20. T

    With statement

    Can someone please tell me why this works: Sheet1.Shapes("Button").Select With Selection .ShapeRange.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = 12345 End With but this doesn't: With Sheet1.Shapes("Button") .ShapeRange.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = 12345...

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