1. D

    VBA Clear Ribbon Edit Box by Button

    Hi, Is there a way to use a button to clear an Editbox on a Ribbon? Code Below... XML: <group id="TestTab" label="My Testing Tab"> <checkBox id="CB1" label="Check Box Test" onAction="onActionCheck" getPressed="getPressedCheck" /> <editBox id="FBox" label="Find" onChange="onChangeCheck"...
  2. SharmaAntriksh

    Excel Class Modules

    I have tried to create class module that accepts range i want to know if there is a way to expand this and create custom properties for that range object? Code in the Class Module "cRange": Option Explicit Private pRange As Range Public Property Set MyRange(r As Range) Set pRange = r...
  3. R

    Ensuring size of active x list boxes

    I have the following code and it works if the only thing i list is the font size. When i add the height and width i get an error. Run- time error '438': Objest doesnt support this property method. is there anything i can do to get my active x list boxes to stop resizing? I sent the integral...
  4. I

    Go from Detailed Property List to Individual Property Summary

    If I currently have detailed property list that shows address, square footage, location, and other details, how can I extract the data from each property into its own singular property info? I have used index with match to do so but I was wondering if there was a better way. Any tips? Thanks in...
  5. R

    Aggregate and Concatenate

    Hello, I have a dataset of property owners, some of whom own multiple properties. Whenever I add them to my database, I need to group up all of the property each owner has into one cell next to their name. Otherwise, I'll have 4 contacts with the same name just different properties. I have...
  6. L

    End(xlUP) seems to me as a function

    Hi I understand the code below what what I do not really understand is End(xlUp). I read that it is a Property of Range and it is of type of Range itself. It is used to change the direction of a cell. But what I do not understand, why xlUp passed between 2 () to me that suggest it is a...
  7. R

    Passing worksheet to a public property of a userform

    I have a userform which when I click on a label launches another userform. On this second userform I want to pass data from a worksheet through a public property. I have done this before but it does not work in this example and I haven't the foggiest why not? *I click on label named ICPSOLIDS...
  8. R

    Can't Unhide Worksheet

    I wrote a spreadsheet for a chum some 3 years ago. Now it seems there is an anomaly (!) and I need to 'have a look' The workbook has 3 sheets one of which is hidden. I need help to make this sheet visible All sheets are unprotected The workbook is unprotected I have tried Right Click on a...
  9. L

    is Cells collection or class?

    Hi I read under worksheet object, cells is defined as the following Property Cells As Range Ok what I understand from the above statement is that Cells is an object of type Range, in another word Cells=Range. But what I do not understand, what does "property" mean here? Also what "s" in...
  10. J

    Set Text in Embedded TextBox in Chart Embedded in Protected Sheet: 2007 vs 2016

    I have a textbox (VBA shape type 17) embedded in a chart embedded in a worksheet that is protected: Sheet11.ChartObjects(1).Chart.Shapes(1) I want to assign calculated text to the textbox using VBA. With the worksheet protected, I can successfully set the text in Excel 2016 using this (and...
  11. V

    Argument not optional - Dictionary and Classes

    Hello everyone! I'm fairly new to VBA, and I'm currently experimenting with Classes and Dictionaries. However I encountered a problem, that for once, I was not able to solve using the infinite amount of ressources available on the internet. Whenever I run my macro, I get the "argument not...
  12. E

    Help with Macro that generates a tab per unique name in list within a table

    Hello I am looking for some guidance on the below Macro. I have a table (Table1) on a tab named "Arrears Report". The table has a list of property names on it and their arrears. The table has 15 columns. I am looking to generate a tab Per Property Name with the corresponding data for the...
  13. A

    VBA .pageSetup error 1004

    Hi all, I'm working on a macro, and the .pagesetup object started breaking. Getting a run-time error "1004: Unable to return Left Margin Property of the pagesetup class." If I comment out the line, each successive page setup property breaks as well. However, .PrintTitleRows seems to work ok...
  14. B

    VBA Workbook Attributes/Properties

    Hello all, So, I'm trying to gather several properties for a number of workbooks in a folder: Original Author Creation Date File Size File Type i have been using the .BuiltinDocumentProperties property to gather the author and creation date but I'm having difficulty getting the last two...
  15. L

    Word document properties from excel

    Hi all I am trying to populate a word template document property (the title) from the value held in an excel range. My word template has the appropriate document property set up via the quick parts menu, but I can't seem to find how to write to this property from excel vba. I've managed to...
  16. Johnny C

    VBA Copying chartareas

    Greetings. The following code isn't working. All the literature says activate the sheet and select the chart area and copy the selection, and that works. However I don't want to select if I can avoid it. I don't see why this won't work but it doesn't. For Each sht In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets...
  17. S

    Formula to increase a value by % based on two different types of data.

    Hi All, I am having trouble trying to work this one out. I can't figure out the formula that goes in the green cells highlighted below. In the green cells I want to increase the cost base of each property by the % from the data below, based on whether the property is allocated as a house/unit...
  18. S

    Object Variable Not Set - Class Module inside Class Module

    I'm trying to assign a Class Module known as Port to part of another Class Module , here's the code so far: The port class module is as follows Private pName As String ' Properties Public Property Let Name(Value As String) pName = Value End Property Public Property Get Name() As String...
  19. D

    Cells property problems

    Hello Everyone, Can anyone tell me why this errors: Set resSheet = Workbooks("Results.xlsm").Worksheets("Data") pRow = 5 pCol = 68 Set pasteSummary = resSheet.Cells(pRow, pCol) I use the cells property all of the time; but it seems to fail whenever I try to mix it with any other parts of a...
  20. R

    ListBox to repopulate when textbox change

    Hello everyone, I'd like to seek for everyone's assistance why am I getting this error message: "Could not set the list property. Invalid property value error" I have no problem with populating the listbox1 inside a form using the code below but whenever I try to modify the listbox, the said...

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