1. D

    How reference a cell based on the date and another criteria?

    So I am creating a portfolio model for real estate and there is 4 possible ways to purchase a property. Creating 4 different possible cash flows. I need to pull the cash flow based on the way I am purchasing a property and based on which year it was purchased. So for example...
  2. T

    Inheritance in VBA

    We know there is limited inheritance in VBA and in order to use it, you would need to use the word with implements. However, in my example below, is this an example of inheritance? Class1: Private pabc As Integer Public Property Let abc(ByVal vNewValue As Integer) Dim c As...
  3. N

    Object property taken from worksheet cell?

    Hello, feeling my way forward in object oriented approach to structuring my code. Quick question. In the example I'm working on I have a class called clsTeam. I give the team a name using oTeam.Name="Team 1", for example: Option Explicit Private pName As String Public Property Get Name()...
  4. N

    Object in Array Creation Problem

    Hello, I'm experimenting with a more object oriented approach. The code below is supposed to create a set of objects for match fixtures. aoTeam() stores an array of team objects without problem. A game object has two objects attached - .HomeTeam and .AwayTeam. When I come to set the home...
  5. A

    Property Let

    I can pass one variable ok, but I need to pass 2. Doesn't seem to work.. Is there an example with 2 variables? Public Property Let iItem (aa As String, v As Integer) ... do stuff End Property Dim Test as Popup Set Test = New Popup Test.iItem = "Fred", 9 ("Fred", 9) in brackets nogo either.
  6. M

    Trying to create a count query

    I have 2 tables, one-to-many. The main table are properties, each unique, identified by a PROPNUM, which is the link to the many table. The many table has monthly numbers for each property, no duplicates on dates within a property. What I want to do is to be able to create a query that shows...
  7. I

    Textbox with time format and controlsource from spinbutton

    I have a userform with a textbox that is formatted as time. A spinbutton sets the textbox's value by combining the textbox's tag property with the spinbutton's value, and the textbox then works fine displaying different time values from a column of data in a worksheet via changes in the...
  8. velohead

    VB to select object (ie shape or button)

    Hi All, I have a simple test macro that provides a sheet name in a message box. Name just happens to be a property I show. The macro works fine, and is as follows... Sub WS_Name() Dim n As Integer n = InputBox("enter sheet number") x = Worksheets(n).Name MsgBox x End Sub I wish to change the...
  9. B

    Loading Range Text Values to a Variant Array

    Hi All, Hopefully this is an easy one, any help much appreciated. I am trying to save a selected range to a variant array. Because I'm working with date and time formatted cells, I'm more interested in the Text property of these cells rather than Value. The following bit of code works fine but...
  10. A

    Can't get Property to compile

    Going slowly mad... Private pMDFHeader As String 'Assign a value ?? Public Property Let MDFHeader(Value As String) pMDFHeader = Value End Property 'Read the value ?? Public Property Get MDFHeader() MDFHeader = pMDFHeader End Property and the error I get is Compile error...
  11. C

    ScrollArea Property

    Has anyone used the ScrollArea property extensively to limit access to a worksheet? From my limited use, it seems to be flaky, ie if I set it to C:F and say column A is hidden, I have found I cannot unhide it.
  12. T

    hung up at “Unable to get the PivotTables property of the Worksheet class”

    <tbody> I keep getting this error Unable to get the PivotTables property of the Worksheet class from the code below (I used recording button to have these coding from Excel) I'm not sure what is wrong, but any help would be helpful. It hung up at the "<code>With ....End With"</code> part...
  13. Z

    sumifs and offset

    Help!! In a separate sheet I am trying to reference another sheet and sum the previous 7 cells based on two variables. On sheet 1 I have a list of property's in column A starting on line 2. B1:R1 are dates (my second variable). On sheet 2 I want to sum the values in sheet 1 b2:h2 (so 7 cells)...
  14. G

    Help with LOOKUP of MAX value

    HI all, I am having some trouble with grouping / binning type analysis. My data has the following columns of interest. Property ID: = Text string unique for each property Asset ID: = Whole number unique to each asset. Multiple assets belong to each property Value:= The value of each asset...
  15. F

    Algebra: multiplying number and letter; distributive property

    Is there a way in Excel 2010 to multiply a number and a letter like in Algebra? Also, is there a way for Excel to compute distributive property? Example: Multiply number with letter 2 * x is 2x Distributive Property 2(x+3) = 2x+6 Thanks in advance.
  16. J

    error 438 didn't occur yesterday... why today? or even at all?

    Hey all, I'm getting Run-time error 438 "Object doesn't support this property or method" in my code, which i didn't get yesterday and I'm not sure why I'm getting at all... It's occuring on the .Horizontal Alignment = xlRight line in the section of code below... With...
  17. J

    object doesn't support this property or method...??? SUBTOTAL error

    Hey guys, I'm sure this is something simple I'm missing, but I've tried reconfiguring this line as many ways as I can think of and can't get it right... keep getting the Run-time error '438' Object doesn't support this property or method All I'm trying to do is use subtotal, don't care whether...
  18. F

    Form events using set property

    Hi! I'm trying to assign events to the text- and comboboxes in a userform. It works fine as long as I just add one of the control types (TextBox or ComboBox), or assign each control to a different property name.The problem occurs when I'm assigning both Textbox and ComboBox to the same in...
  19. G

    Trouble setting Control Source property in text box

    I'm having trouble with a user form that contains three text boxes. I want to set the control source for each to one of three cells on a worksheet (A1,A2,A3). I'm using the following syntax. Can you please tell me where I'm going wrong? I get the message "Application-defined or object-defined...
  20. J

    Property ThemeColor Type Mismatch

    Hi All, So I'm new to VBA and started out with the For Dummies book. I've got Excel 2010 and I'm struggling with a loop to change tab colors to color 1, 2, 3, ... of a theme. The problem is almost answered here: Colors question [Archive] - Xtreme Visual Basic Talk My problem is I looked in...

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