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    How to: Proportionally Distribute Remainder

    Hi, I have a budgeting app that is missing a feature, so I need to perform this calculation manually. I would like to have excel do it for me if possible. Is there a way to distribute a remainder proportionally across the separate categories? In the sample below I need to divide 1.26 among the...
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    Display range of numbers as horizontal lines

    Hi, I have a list of children names in A1:A20, and their heights in B1:B20 - 0.8, 1.24, 1.3, 1.47, 1.56 etc.. I would like to create a chart (or other visual option) that will draw horizontal lines on Y axes to represent the heights proportionally: 1.56------------------...
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    How can I divide amount in proportionally in two segments? Here you can see an example of what I want to achieve. Please let me know the simplest way to divide the value? Thanks

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