protect cell

  1. B

    Issue about Protected workbook and cell editing function

    :giggle:Would like to ask for your suggestion for this case: Once the sheet is protected, the cell cannot be edited when I come back to it Let me input text: test1 When I try to edit again, the original text would be deleted and the cell is blank Anyway I can fix that? Even the workbook...
  2. O

    Lock single cells after data entry

    Hi, I've searched around and tried different scripts online but none worked in my case. I'm making a break list for the team at my new job. The purpose is for employees to double-click on 1 cell, have the current time input, go on break, come back, double-click on a 2nd cell, have the current...
  3. L

    Lock and Hide a Cell

    Hi! I have a cell (J2) and I only want people with a password to be able to unhide and edit this cell. I can't seem to figure out a way without having to "protect", "unprotect" (to make edits) and "re-protect" again. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice on how to best achieve this...
  4. mdfahiem

    Run-time error '1004' for a scroll bar (form control)

    Hi Gurus, I have a scroll bar (form control). There are cells which are updated based on the scroll bar value. I want to protect the work sheet and I have selected the cells to be protected and have them Locked in format cells --> Protection. When I scroll to next level, below message is...
  5. P

    Lock/protect cells based on conditional formatting

    Hello everyone, I need some help for VBA code to be able to un-lock/allow selection and editing of cells in range E3:CG106 on 5 different worksheets in my workbook only when those cells are conditionally formatted to green (color index = 14), the conditional formatting on these 5 sheets is...
  6. T

    Protrcting multiple sheets at once

    Hello, I have a document that has 100 sheets (all the same). Each of the sheets has cells that are protected and unprotected cells for folks to enter data. My questions. Is there a way to protect all of the sheets at once, instead of going to each one and protecting it individually. Thanks,
  7. T

    Check if a Cell's Value can be changed without error

    I would like to be able to check (without use of Exception Handling) to see if a single cell's Value/Value2 Property can be changed or not. For example I will not be able to change a cell's value if the cell is Locked and its parent worksheet is Protected. I also won't be able to change a...
  8. P

    VB - Protect Cells if Date in column A is less than this month

    Hi all. long time reader, first time poster. I am looking for help on this one. I have an excel sheet where data is entered on a monthly basis. I want the rows to be locked if the date entered in column A for each row is older than the current month. Therefore users will be able to enter...
  9. L

    Select & Copy from a range but not edit

    Hello Everyone Wondering if anyone has come across this before. I have a Excel sheet which I want to protect except the a certain range in this range I want the user to be able to select the range & copy the data but I don't want to give them the option to edit. I have tried playing around...
  10. V

    Enabling custom restrictions in worksheet

    In my excel worksheet there is a table containing 5 columns say Column A- Column E. I want to do apply following restrictions to it - 1. User should not be able to edit one column i.e. Column A and the rest of the columns he can input the data. 2. User should not be able to delete or insert new...
  11. V

    Format columns when cells are protected

    I need to protect a worksheet to limit the cells that users can input values into. However, I want to enable them to hide/unhide columns if the wish to see more details. Is there a way that you can have a protected worksheet but allow users to hide/unhide columns in Excel 2007? Thanks!
  12. U

    Why can't I select any cell, even unlocked cells, after my program runs unless I unprotect it?

    I am creating a form that the first person only needs a little access to but they need to see some fields but no rights to them. The next person needs to see what they entered but should not be allowed to change it. The last person needs full access. To protect the cells I am only using three...
  13. U

    Allow cell to be clickable but not editable

    I am using Excel 2003. I have a 6 sheet workbook with a MAIN sheet, being used as a Menu. The MAIN sheet has hyperlinks to each of the other sheets, and each sheet has a cell labelled "Return to MAIN", which is hyperlinked back to the MAIN sheet. My problem is that I have protected each sheet...

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