1. G

    Protect Multiple Sheet at once

    Hello Is it possible to apply a vba protect multiple sheets at once? (I have the VBA already - kindly supplied on this site) Thank you
  2. P

    Protect Sheet

    Is it possible to protect sheet with pivot table or slicer? Because after I protect the sheet I am unable to click the slicers and error promt on pivot tables. If possible how?
  3. C

    Want to unprotect multiple sheets then protect after this code

    Hi All, I made this code using recording. It seems sloppy. I need protect and unprotect BUT.....if you gurus see a better way to write this whole know what...I'll take it! Basically, the macro is this, copying row 7 from sheet 4 pasting row 7 into row 7 into sheet 3 copying info...
  4. R

    Protect vba code

    Is it possible to hide/protect vba code but allow access to a user form properties. I know you can password protect the user form properties which doesn't allow access to the user form or code but can you protect just the VBA code
  5. E

    Worksheet VBA password protect - including autofilter

    Hi All, I have a VBA code i am using to password protect a document with multiple (50+) input worksheets and sensitive formulas The code i have (found online) input as a module is as below however i also need the users to be able to use autofilter where i have a filter bar included and...
  6. R

    VBA to password protect but keep the ability to format of cells

    I have this code below & it works to password protect the sheet, but the cells are still locked to format. Any suggestions what I am missing? Sheets("Cell_Data").Protect Password:="password", AllowFormattingCells:=True
  7. C

    Unrotecting/unlocking form buttons

    Hi there, this sounds so simple and not sure what I am doing wrong. I have a spreadsheet that I want to protect and on the spreadsheet I have 2 form control buttons that allows the use to choose between Headcount or WTE, calculates various sumproducts but by protecting sheet hides formula and...
  8. S

    Adding A Password to a Macro

    Hi, I have two separate macros that work correctly withbuttons in the quick access toolbar to execute each independently. They are 'Protect All Worksheets' & 'Unprotect All Worksheets.' Can someone please help me to add a password just to the code 'Unprotect AllWorksheets' so that when it's...
  9. J

    Locking all sheets with, but first sheet different than rest.

    So I found lots of references to this kinda code for locking all sheets at once. Sub ProtectAll() Dim wSheet As Worksheet Dim Pwd As String Pwd = InputBox("Enter your password to protect all worksheets", "Password Input") For Each wSheet In Worksheets wSheet.Protect...
  10. K

    Protect excel sheet

    Hello, I have an excel sheet and I am trying to find the most secure way to protect it from being modified. I know that sometimes even if you lock the cells if someone save it as then the excel can be modified. Can somebody advise?
  11. T

    How can I use a slicer on a protected page?

    Hi Everyone, I have a pivoit table and a date slicer on a sheet named "Date" they all work great. but I want to protect the page so the only thing someone can do is select a date from the slicer. the problem is I can't work out how to protect the page and use the slicer without unlocking the...
  12. W

    on error

    I am using this script in a macro and it runs fine but if it runs a second time and nothing has changed it geves me an error. How can I protect against that? ' pad Spaces ActiveSheet.UsedRange.SpecialCells(xlBlanks).Value = " " <strike></strike>
  13. G

    Hide a Sheet with password protect

    Hi In Excel 2013 -how to hide a sheet with password. Thanks
  14. R

    How do I protect spreadsheet formatting & formulas?

    Hi guys, Is there a way to protect an excel spreadsheet, so that users can input data in specific columns, but are restricted from changing the formatting of the cells such as size, borders. Also how do I protect the formulas from being deleted? Thanks
  15. N

    Protecting Columns

    Hi, Is it possible to protect certain columns with a password. I would like to password protect some columns in order to allow only a certain number of authorised people to edit them? Thanks,
  16. V

    Can we make password protect o share workbook

    Can we make password protect o share workbook..?? If, yes can anyone guide pls..I need that in code
  17. V

    Protect sheet from View with password

    Hi Guys I found a thread with this same question, however my attempt to use the code failed no doubt it is me not the code. I use version 10 and have a user form populate a data sheet on another sheet (sheet 3) named"Bob" is sensitive information. How can I protect that sheet from view via a...
  18. R

    Protect Workbook Structure Issue

    So, I'm having an issue and from the research I've done, I don't think there is solution but I will pose the question to the experts here! I have a workbook that I have password protected each sheet. I also have the code below integrated on one sheet that triggers a name change and color...
  19. O

    Review tab: Protect workbook structure except for hide/unhide sheets

    Hello, In excel 2016 would it be possible to use all the functionality of a workbook ->protect ->structure yet keep the hide and unhide of sheets unprotected for the end-user. Thank you and will appreciate.
  20. J

    VBA Error 400

    I've assigned a macro to a form button to insert a row. It works great until I protect the sheet. Once I protect the sheet and try to button, it gives me an Error Message 400 with no explanation. I have to protect the sheet, as I don't want end users to be able to modify any cells. How do I get...

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