1. M

    Count Formulaes x 5

    Good Morning Can you help. I have a skills matrix which I have designed which is completed by users. They have options they can select 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 and what I want is to count the number skills that we have with the team in a total by these values. To count from B1 to K1 the formulated...
  2. HomeTek

    Finding the highest total value

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet in which I want to find out which sport has accumulated the most playing time (example below). The answer is of course cricket, but I am having trouble with what formula I need to enter into cell J2 to provide this answer, if anyone can help at all please? I have...
  3. V

    Combination And Permutation with no repeat

    Thanks in advance in column "A", i have the numbers, suppose it is 0 to 99 (1) Now i want the list of generated numbers through combination with no repeats in the set of 5, please provide any vba code (2) I want the list of generated numbers through permutation with no repeats in the set of...
  4. M

    Working backwards to find initial starting value

    Hello forum, I have a question that I'm unable to correctly search for a solution since I'm unable to word it correctly for a search. Initially I had been looking at some kind of reverse CAGR solution, but what I found wasn't related to my problem. What I'm trying to do is take a Year End...
  5. H

    Excel online Training or Books

    I am looking for good Excel online training or Books on : 1) Budgets & forecasts 2) Financial Modelling It would be appreciated if someone could provide me with recommendations
  6. S

    Charting Empty Cells

    Hello I provide some numbers via my excel userform to a sheet. then I use that sheet to provide data to my charts. Value of zero is a great problem. It makes my graphs meaningless. how to solve this problem? (userform pastes numbers to sheet)
  7. M

    Multiple Update Query in Access

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to combine multiple update queries that are updating one table into a single query and I'm unsure of how to create it...Is there a way to do this and if so can you provide an example please...Thanks for your support...
  8. H

    No Remittance Advice - assistance with allocation

    Good Afternoon. Working in a finance department, we quite often get issuesthat payments are received, but we have no idea what invoice numbers have beenpaid in that particular payment. This is because the client has not provided aremittance advice (list of invoices they have paid). I am...
  9. M

    Disable Refresh in Power Query workbook to create backup?

    Hello and thank you in advance if you can help, I have put together a Power Query workbook with Pivot tables. All my data is through links, so I will, hopefully, then be able to have everything refresh to provide the new output as I get new data on a monthly basis. I would like to know if I...
  10. T

    PDF to Excel file

    How can I convert a PDF file to workable Excel file.If anyone knows of a good plug-in, please provide a link. THANK YOU!!
  11. S

    Issue with MATCH

    Hey all, FormR kindly helped with combining two formulas together: =IF(AND(INDEX(T:T,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=G5,INDEX(BJ:BJ,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=H5),"Yes","No") This formula is replicated in Rows until 1500 i.e...
  12. S

    Combining Formulas

    Hey all, Hopefully a simple question for you lot but unfortunately not for me! =IF(INDEX(T:T,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=H5,"Yes","") =IF(INDEX(S:S,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=G5,"Yes","") I have the above formulas in two different cells but I'm wanting to combine them both together. So that if both are...
  13. K

    Using variable as Integer or Long

    I have read that it is useful to define a variable taking on integer values as "Long". Yet most examples I see define such a variable as "Integer" which, of course, it is. Can you provide clarification or the thinking behind an integer being defined as "Long"? Thanks, Kerry
  14. F

    Need to lookup with multiple criteria and not duplicate results

    Example File link : I need to use vlookup with 2 criteria and 3 conditions. Criteria: Cell A2 : *AC* Cell B2 : Location Code for ex: 3324 Lookup A2 in clolumn B of sheet2 Lookup B2 in column F of sheet3 I will use this to get 4 values : 1) Asset...
  15. P

    Seleting and delting blank rows on multiple WS

    Hi guys. I am trying to run a macro to delete blank rows within a range on all the worksheets in a workbook. Here is what i got so far and is not working. thanks for any help you can provide. Sub SheetTest() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets MsgBox ws.Name...
  16. B

    Count data

    Hello All, I'm trying to get a formula to count with sequence number of "0" and "1" from data row #2 . The result should be looked like in the row #4 and row #5 . If there is an "A", then I just need to copy it to the same row as number/Letter in the front of it. I appreciate any help that...
  17. syedbokhari

    Delete Row Based on Row Position

    Hi Guys, I have the row number of some values in a sheet (column E) see picture. I need to delete the row where the corresponding value sits. I have used match to give me this as you can see from the picture. The issue is that the value sometimes can be present in the look up column...
  18. countryfan_nt

    Text to Date.

    Hello friends, hope all is well! the cell A1 has this: 9/18/2018 12:00:00 AM the Cell is not recognized as a date. Can you please help provide me with a formula that will convert this to date i.e. 18-Sep-2018 ? Thank you very much in advance!
  19. L

    Remove * character

    I hope that this is is not too dopey a question. I receive a sheet of 1000 plus records frequently where in column A each record is part of an English post code with an asterisk at the end like AB1• or KT32*. However many characters there is always a * character. I would like to be able to...
  20. S

    Email Notification through VBA

    Hai, still study on this. Is it possible to send multiple email to same user based on cell value in excel through looping process. Pleasure if anyone can share your knowledge with me about it. In one sheets(combination all department listing that need to loop to send email as per department...

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