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    Purchase Order Generator

    Afternoon... I have created a Purchase Order Generator, and now I need to log the entries on the purchase order to another sheet before I clear the purchase order for new data. I can get it to update and copy to the log, but it keeps over writing what I did rather than creating a new row and new...
  2. N

    First in first out (FIFO) subtraction

    Hello there, I have an excel sheet which contains an inventory purchase & sell details of a stock. In first column I have date in ascending order In second column I have purchased stock quantity. In last column I have sold stock quantity. So what I want is that whenever there is a sell it...
  3. S

    6 month anniversary purchase dates

    Hi guys, I was looking to create a formula which based on a fixed purchase date gives me the next future 6 month anniversary date of that purchase date. So if the purchase date was 31/03/2018 I would (today) want my formula to return the date 31/09/2019 The original formula I had was ...
  4. L

    Data Table - 3 row input cells

    Hello All, I have a scenario I want to run where I am doing three different improvements to a property, each of which are increasing returns. I want to show the returns assuming none of the improvements are done. I have figured out how to show it given one variable {=TABLE(#UnitsReno...
  5. S

    New PC purchase

    Hi all, looking for advice on a purchase. I currently have a Dell 8930 with 64gb ram, I7, m2 ssd. Looking to gain speed. I was thinking of getting an i9, with the same specs above. My budget is $2500-3000. And I live inside power pivot and power query pulling data from our on site sql server...
  6. M

    Excel template to send a standardised mail

    Hi all, I like to experiment in excel to learn new things (as I am still relatively unexperienced), but sometimes I feel I am trying to reinvent the wheel. This is also the case for what I am trying to accomplish right now. See, I want to create an excel template with “fill-in-the-blanks”...
  7. G

    Sequential number printed on each purchase order printed?

    I have a worksheet that I created that is a blank purchase order for my organization. Someone prints multiple copies of the purchase order worksheet. Then the person has to write in a sequential number on each purchase order. Is there a way to have Excel number each purchase order?
  8. M

    Can a data validation look for values against another column?

    Hi everyone, I am updating a Purchase Order register and would like the Purchase Order column to show only PO's that are on the master PO list with the same Supplier as in a separate column. Is this feasible? Thanks!
  9. T

    Add 2 values that's criteria match.

    <ytd-expander id="expander" class="style-scope ytd-comment-renderer" style="display: block; --ytd-expander-collapsed-height:80px;"><yt-formatted-string id="content-text" slot="content" split-lines="" class="style-scope ytd-comment-renderer" style="white-space: pre-wrap...
  10. B

    Purchase Frequency Worksheet

    Hello all, Would anyone have a Purchase Frequency Worksheet they wouldn't mind sharing. I am able to extract the data from our system, I just want to put it in a spreadsheet and make any changes for our needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob
  11. S

    separating 2 dates from a same cell into 2 different cells

    Hi All, Please find the below descriptions which are 3 different cells (A1,A2,A3) Now i need to separate the dates which are highlighted below in BOLD into 2 different cells(B1 and C1) NOTE: All date format are in different format like (mm/dd/yyyy, mm-yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy etc) and also there was no...
  12. M

    [VBA] Import CSV and split text based on custom delimiters or words

    I am trying to import a CSV file into excel via VBA and have it split the text into several columns based on "standard"-delimiters such as "," and also split it at certain words appearing in the text. Below is an (edited) excerpt of the csv file: (The current file is about 700 lines, but will...
  13. P

    FIFO matching sale qty to purchase qty

    I have a worksheet with columns as follows : A B C D E F item batch date qty rate amount berries p-1 11/11/2010 2300 39.59 91065.97 berries p-2 24/12/2013...
  14. D

    VBA Inputbox issue with values higher than 1

    After multiple searches using different keywords, I've yet to find anyone having even a similar problem, so I'm not sure what to think here. I have an inputbox that requests a value (building it now so no code written for invalid value types yet). I've written code that adds the value input to...
  15. K

    Autoincrement a Single Cell on a Purchase Order form in Excel

    I am struggling to get an Excel macro to function as I need it to. I may have created one macro in the past; however it has been a number of year. I will need step by step guidance as well as the macro in order to execute. We have created a blank purchase order form that we will print out...
  16. C

    Average calcs

    Hi there, ive got 4 dimensions to my dataset e.g. below <tbody> <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> Apples Pears Oranges 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018 Manchester % people browse 50% 52% 40% 42% 35% 38% % people purchase 26% 30% 22% 21%...
  17. L

    Calculate the saving made on historic purchased items

    Hello everyone :), I would like to get your help for the following: This table shows the items that have been purchased during the year. My objective is calculate how many we saved when we purchased each item (I'm trying to compare each time the price of the last purchase with the current...
  18. K

    Excel codes

    Hello! I would like to know about personalized codes or whatever it is called hehe... for example, If I introduce "600" in the cell, automatically there will be a text saying "purchase". What should I do to make like a legend of numbers/personalized codes which correspond to a specific text...
  19. N

    Calculated field in Pivot Table

    Hi ya, I have been searching all through the forum but cannot get my head around Pivot Table calculated field, will be very appreciate of any help. I have raw data as following. I buy stock from different suppliers. Every item has a code. If I buy same stock from different suppliers, my code...
  20. D

    Sumif Array with Index

    I have two sheets in the same workbook. One has "Data" and the other is a "Summary". For the sake of simplicity, lets assume the "Data" sheet looks like this: <tbody> A B C D 1 JAN FEB MAR 2 Purchase 100.00 150.00 225.00 3 Insurance 500.00 500.00 500.00 4 Ads 1,000.00 750.00 250.00...

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